Kentucky Enterprise Fund is a pre-seed and early-stage capital venture fund focused on emerging innovation-driven companies Kentucky Procurement Technical Assistance Center is a coaching and bid service for KY companies seeking federal, state and local contacts Kentucky Aerospace Industry Consortium advances and promotes Kentucky's aerospace industry and strives to make Kentucky aerospace the global standard
Kentucky's Science and Engineering Foundation competitively funds research and development activity
AdvanceKentucky helps students reach new heights in rigorous academic achievement NMSI Laying the Foundation is dedicated to enhancing rigorous instruction through training for teachers in grades 4-12 promotes computer science education for all
Kentucky Space, nonprofit enterprise that centers on talent development, microgravity, R&D, entrepreneurial space solutions and building a high-value space economy Exomedicine Institute develops and supports research and manufacturing of medical solutions in microgravity of space for applications on Earth IdeaFestival ... global innovators and thinkers connecting and exploring imagination and cutting-edge ideas

For-Profit Preferred Partner

Enables R&D bioengineering and manufacturing in microgravity. Its mission is to create significant new industries to improve the lives of people on Earth.

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KentuckyPTAC + GovSpend

Darrall Henderson, KYPTAC State Director on how Kentucky PTAC + GovSpend are helping SMBs Win Government Business. Click to read more.

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KYPTAC, KAIC and KSEF & SBIR Outreach host multiple events around the state.

February 9, 2019

AdvanceKentucky: English Moc Exam Reading - Louisville

February 28, 2019

Kentucky Aerospace Day. Learn more and register.

March 2, 2019

AdvanceKentucky: Computer Science Workshop - Lexington

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What is KSTC

KSTC is an umbrella organization with programs that:

…Help Schools, Teachers and Students in Advancing Math, Science and Entrepreneurship Education

…Fund Programs for R&D, New Product Development and Commercialization

…Assist Early-Stage, High-Growth Oriented Technology Companies with Capital and Resources for Growth

…Provide R&D, Education and Entrepreneurial Space Solutions