Fiberon Decking | A high-performing wood alternative, Fiberon composite decking, railing & fencing offers the warmth and appeal of natural hardwoods without the upkeep. It is more durable, and it has an exclusive limited lifetime warranty. Do you like this awning for above front door. The lines that use capped wood composite are Legacy, Tropical, and Terrain. It was called Care Free at the time but has since been sold. I'll be waiting to see it. Thank you to everyone who has commented. I did mine myself, but had the help of a commercial GC friend, whom guided me and lent me some of his journeymen for framing and the railing. Board profiles: 0.935″ grooved boards, 5.4 inches wide with lengths 12, 16, and 20 feet. I've received such great feedback, we might start a company building them. Create a tranquil outdoor retreat with Fiberon® Concordia decking. That is why, in the following article, we will try to help you choose the right decking between Fiberon and TimberTech. All Products; Manufacturer Website; Exceptional outdoor living for every taste and budget. it's just that there was so much trial, error, heartache, and then ultimately joy; i'd like to have some skin in the game to share what I learned the hard way. We are always happy to answer questions and make sure customers understand and are happy with our products! It is made of a commercial steel frame(Like Trex's New Steel Frame only much much cheaper) and Natural Stone. Fiberon and Timbertech are more closely aligned in price, so the choice largely becomes how they look compared to each other. I've read so many bad things about Trex I would never use them. Here is a link that might be useful: The decking that worked for us. As far as the product itself though, I'm very pleased and would do it again in a heartbeat to avoid all the maintenance that goes along with the alternatives like wood, pavers, etc. 0. My deck has also developed a white stain on it that won't come off. I have more info on this a few years back. No warping, separating, or problem mold/mildew, and the dark color is holding very well. Again, I'm very happy with the product and it is holding up very well. Hope this helps! I now have some interest in the Fiberon Horizon line. Fiberon emailed me months ago about returning the extra material. Firberon’s best-looking option, Symmetry, is wrapped on four sides as well. Makes it impossible to get a nice, clean installation. It wont warp, fade, separate, or anything else. Paint Tools Design & Decor Building Materials Hardware Outdoor Doors & Windows Moulding. The board itself looks ok compared to Trex, but holding the samples in my hand the fiberon seems to be of lesser quality. Its so bad that im debating on taking a loss and just ordering Trex. We live in Utah and we are trying to decide between Fiberon and Elevated steel & Granite. However, my life has taken a different direction and I'm not pursuing a deck business any longer. Performance that endures. Fiberon Horizon Symmetry Collection Decking offers the most natural look, feel and color palette available today in luxury composite decking, all balanced with time-tested durability and performance. Here are my promised photos after we finally gave it a past due cleaning. This is the only "damage" after 5+ years and not visible unless you know where to look. Questions and answers about this product. Multi-tonal streaking echoes elegant hardwoods. 1 stars. In addition, many cladding options can absorb water quite readily, which compounds moisture management challenges. I'll try to post a picture later but it has been great so far, no warping, separating, or problem mold/mildew and the color is holding very well. .The deck is marvelous. You're reviewing: Fiberon Symmetry Decking Your Rating. Already earning rave reviews, this exciting new collection offers the most natural look, feel, and color palette available today, balanced with Fiberon’s time-tested durability and performance. oops, I Tried to follow the link and as it turns out, something called my SSL certificate was not renewed(I'm not much of a website guy); so give me a few days before pressing on the link, as it is pending now. Something that was supposed to last a long time was now going to be torn out in 7 years. We have a lot of pine trees so every couple years it is necessary to clean out the cracks and brush it down with dish soap. Hi, I am so glad we found this thread. I have extensively researched this controversy for over 18 months now and considering both sides, I went with none of the above. Low-gloss formula and micro-texturing create unique matte finish; Subtle multi-chromatic streaking looks rich and elegant; Random grain patterns eliminate discernible repeats; Stain and fade resistant; easy to maintain $ 72 82 /each. TimberTech was less slippy, Trex Transcend was the least slippy. PRODUCTS. It took me a year to research and plan, and another year to build; mostly because I did it myself and on my off time. I thought about getting a patent, but it's just too expensive. The wood composite is made from plastic and wood fibers. But Fiberon’s good-looking and better-looking boards are wrapped on only three sides, while all of Timertech’s boards are wrapped on all four sides. FIBERON COMPOSITE CLADDING Exterior cladding provides aesthetic appeal as well as protection against the weather. This what I found years ago, Mike. Your question * Name Email Send me a notification for each new answer. Available in Tranquil White, Serene Black or Simply Brown - Previously called Symmetry Signature Railings: Looks that impress. It is Evergrain from Tamko. The Symmetry Collection offers the most natural look, feel, and color palette available today in luxury composite decking. The warping issues make me nervous, and our contractor has seen the gamut of good and bad in this regard. Besides, my biggest problem here in Colorado is the strong sun and UV rays, along with temperature changes of 60 degrees+ in 24hrs. The low-gloss formulation and unique micro-texturing process create a beautiful matte finish. Would never have bought their decking had I known the fastener system was so clunky and unrefined. May lower the deck and go stamped concrete. . I'll likely go with Trex Transcend, and make sure I have at least 12" of vertical air gap between grade and the bottom of the beams. We're rebuilding and enlarging a deck and I must say, I'm overwhelmed by the product choices that are available. Called their customer service 10 minutes before they closed and got put on hold until they were officially closed and the phone was disconnected. Copyright © 2021 ), it looks like you did a side-by-side test. Yes this is kind of a bump. A high-performance, eco-friendly wood alternative, Fiberon decking offers the warmth and appeal of natural hardwoods without … If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our corporate office at 1-800-573-8841 or [email protected] I have met with Brian, our Florida rep who has done an outstanding job of providing info, free samples and help ordering the correct amount of product. .anything is possible. Every board I received is bent, twisted or crowned. If it's wet from watering hanging baskets or a rain I will slip a little, particularly stepping off an end where there aren't steps onto the ground. Well here's an update from me and my install. Hi Fiberon, I hope your warranty is better than our previous brand. Write Your Own Review. I too am debating composite or real wood decking. So the cost for a new deck will be over 140% more than when we put it in. I have already seen neighbors replace composites installed after I put my deck up.

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