Even if we're not going to see any Jaegers sortie, could we see how the humans are reacting to this change in their fates? Two Powerful Gods, in a contest to rule the Universe choose armies of Kaiju to be their Soldiers, and that Includes Godzilla! Completed. Dastard von Deed: Not for a demon. Godzilla + Pacific Rim Crossover. by DraconianLover009 Follow. Half way through the Kaiju War, a battery of new, god-sized monsters start appearing, including the Big G himself. Search for jobs related to Godzilla pacific rim fanfiction or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 18m+ jobs. The Titans are gods, who can take the form of humans to blend in. God of godzilla | November 19, 2013 | User blog:God of godzilla. Godzilla has went through a mysterious portal that sends him back in time and gives him the ability to talk. FanFiction. He's Godzilla, the King of the Kaijus, and... An Unexpected Appearance... :A Male Kaiju Re... 21.6K 184 79. So, the new Godzilla movie is great. These creatures are also forces of nature, like demi-gods or aspects, with supernatural powers, and in the entertainment world, they are metaphorical in nature. 4/10/2015 c1 19 Ryuus2 That wasn't that bad a fight. He surfaced alongside another Kaiju, called Tox. 4/23/2017 c1 StrongGuy159 Cool chapter continue please. Also decided to look at how many Crossover Fanfictions of Pacific Rim and it has the 4th most fanfics written in the "P Category" according to this page. Completed. Browse; Paid Stories; Horror ... godzilla; fanfic; kotm +1 more # 13. legacy [james conrad] 2 by vale. Book 2 in the Salute series. Godzilla + Pacific Rim Crossover. Pacific Rim AU. Just In. Just In. #godzilla #harem #jaegers #kaiju #pacificrim. It's been two years since Charlotte experienced the hell that was Skull Island. One of their major features is their kaiju. Alternate Universe Fic: For Pacific Rim.The most obvious change is the appearance of Godzilla in 1954, although there are other changes as well. Confused by this, the Jaeger Program is joined by MONARCH, which help explain the reason of their appearance. Share. Godzilla, for example, is an obvious metaphor for the threat of nuclear disaster. The film consistently keeps things at a human’s perspective, and maintains a sense of enormity in Godzilla and his new enemies, the MUTOs. 21.8K 200 18. What struck me most was the size of the monsters. Follow/Fav GODZILLA RIM. It be nice if naruto’s mother kushina was alive in the story as well. Pacific Rim - Freeform; Godzilla - Freeform; Shipping; Maledom; Dominance; Domination; blowjob; Sex; Summary. Monarch and a few like-minded humans are forced to investigate what happened, lest the Titans decide they are fed up with humanity, and destroy everything. Six Jaegers were sent to combat the two Kaiju. Follow/Fav Godzilla: Multiverse of monsters. In 2021, Razorjaw surfaced near San Jose. They help in the fight against the Kaiju. In the year 1954, atomic testing in the Pacific created a monster: the creature known as Godzilla. I am too lazy to write a description right now. Half way through the Kaiju War, a battery of new, god-sized monsters start appearing, including the Big G himself. An unidentified monster appeared in the Pacific. Pacific Rim/Godzilla is a crossover film and the possible sequel of Pacific Rim. Rodan appear in the 1960's, Mothra appears in the 1970's, and Anguirus appears in the 1980's. By: Dinopony2580. so you just think how well your kaiju would do if they fought the kaiju in pacific rim. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. Confused by this, the Jaeger Program is joined by MONARCH, which help explain the reason of their appearance. *Grevaltus shows up* Dastard von Deed: This is my apprentice, Grevaltus. And the only way to raise his confidence, is allow him to use her body however he wants. FanFiction. It might be interesting. I'm confused about how Godzilla fits into the pacific rim universe, because it takes place in 2014, and pacific rim takes place generally from 2013-2025. It's not all bad though, as there are new friends he's making, despite the obvious communication issues. It's been months since the Fourth of July, and Godzilla keeps growing uncontrollably. While one Jaeger was distracted by Tox, who was on the verge of death, Razorjaw emerged. And to answer your question, Godzilla wrecks. Godzilla and Pacific rim have many similarities. 3/9/2016 c1 Guest More equally powerfully? More . Community. Unfortunately, he accidentally falls in love with someone he can never hope to possess: Dazai Osamu, world-famous Jaeger pilot, and the other half of … This fic parallels the events of the first Pacific Rim movie, but with some twists thrown in. Tox was heavily injured, and soon collapsed near the harbor, but Razorjaw was unscathed, and soon reached the city. Slattern. "I see it up ahead," Ranger Raleigh Becket said as he and his partner controlled the Jaeger toward a lost fishing boat. 'Pacific Rim Uprising' director Steven S. DeKnight says there have been discussions about a crossover with Godzilla and King Kong after 'Pacific Rim 3'. By: Robbietherobot. When one of their own is murdered, and another taken while in sanctuary, the Titans gather. According to Chapter 1: The War Has Just Begun… The storm raged around the titanic Jaeger, Gipsy Danger, as it stomped its way through the waging waves and fierce winds. Godzilla + Pacific Rim Crossover. This is a part of the Godzilla Warriors series on Wattpad, in which all Kaiju are humanized/gijinka. yay. Browse . Razorjaw is a kaiju from Pacific Rim. It's going to a full length movie that last 298 minutes. Forum. But can they do it? By: Dinopony2580. Terrorist: With all due respect, sir, it's impossible to defeat a Dragon Shifter. Read hot and popular stories about godzilla on Wattpad. While most of the scientists keeping watch over him are good people, some are getting cold feet, and a fear of him to boot, which can only end in tragedy. So here are my picks: #5 Neir: Automata Let's start with a post-apocalyptic series. It is being directed by Guillermo del Toro, written by del Toro and produced by Thomas Tull andTravis Beacham. for Naruto: The Kaiju Renaissance. Comments (11) Everyone has been discussing in this wiki who would win between Godzilla, The King of the Monsters or Slattern, the first of the Cat 5s and I will try to discuss the outcomes of the fight. Considering that Pacific Rim only has one movie, that is quite impressive to have 852 stories about it. Godzilla (Legendary | MonsterVerse) King and Queen of Arendelle (Disney) King of the Southern Isles (Disney) Onibaba (Pacific Rim) Canon Continuation; Fantasy; Family Drama; Drama; Action/Adventure; Kaiju; Crossover; monsterverse; Disney; TITANS (Disney/Monsterverse) - Freeform; Post-Frozen (2013) Summary. Pacific Rim: The Newcomer (Godzilla Pacific... 3.3K 30 10. Base on Final Wars and the anime movie trilogy, I can picture Godzilla not only being in this apocalyptic world, but also at war with the machine invaders. Forum. Who Will Win? Now Godzilla and his friends (as well as some enemies) must travel between different Universes in hopes of winning (and Surviving!). Ask Or Dare the Kaiju by EclipsetheSpino. A Force of Nature (Human Godzilla 2014 x Human Pacific Rim) Fanfiction. Ever since losing his sister Kyouka to the kaiju, Atsushi's been training to be a Jaeger pilot to avenge her death. Community. SUBSCRIBE for Part 2! Though I wouldn't mind a crossover with Pacific Rim or Gamera. They help in the fight against the Kaiju. Trespasser's attack on San Francisco is pushed up a year as well. for Godzilla and Pacific Rim: Giant Monster Brawl. In the world of Pacific Rim, a new Kaiju has entered the world, and he's only meaner, fiercer, and deadlier than all the rest. The Monsters Humanity Created: Male 2014 God... 35.6K 404 211 When a really bad experiment turns people into giant, uncontrolable monsters, someone must stop those "Kaijus". 進撃の巨人; goji; titan +14 more # 4. The ‘God’ in Godzilla: ‘Godzilla’ vs. ‘Pacific Rim’ Posted on June 27, 2014 by Harry Brewis. you can pick as many kaiju as you want, and it can be any kaiju from the movie (except ones that are pretty unknown). Godzilla . Pacific Rim/Godzilla: The Return . Starring Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi,Charlie Day, Max Martini, and Ron Perlman with new gueststars. 9/5/2019 c25 Ryu wolf That’s sounds good and hey you do make a naruto/Godzilla/pacific rim crossover will have it to where naruto holds both godzilla and gypse avenger in him I’d freaked love to see that. Alright so I just saw Kong: Skull Island and it got me thinking all about this whole universe that's being planned with pacific rim and Godzilla. Slattern decides to help raise the confidence of King Ghidorah after his recent defeat. For the sake of consistency, I’ll be using the Legendary version of Godzilla. "Keep your eyes open for the Kaiju…" Raleigh noted to his partner. The King of the Monsters Godzilla faces the Jaegers from Pacific Rim! Mild spoilers. Not commenting on Kong, for those that haven't seen it. After that monster's death, however, the human race knew no peace as strange beasts rose all over the world in the coming years, beginning the First Age of Monsters. More. 19.6K 673 33. The Ancient One (Godzilla 2014x1950 kaiju ha... 20.7K 246 125 Gojiren, Queen of the Kaiju, lives on Sollgel Island along with her daughter, Junior, also known as Minilla. Chapter 1: Nature's Balancer 1.7K 17 26. by DraconianLover009. Follow/Fav GODZILLA RIM.

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