I had loud fan noise out of the box. Poor ventilation Perhaps the most common cause of laptop overheating is poor ventilation. As with anything, the best cure for a loud computer fan is to prevent it from getting loud in the first place, but that isn’t always possible. You’re working away and the gentle hum of your laptop you’re accustomed to suddenly gets louder. Overheating Noisy Laptop Fan. When you find the fan spins loudly for a long time, the fan may go wrong or the PC is overheating. 1. Before you know it, the noise escalates to a whirring and grinding noise louder than your lawnmower and it’s all you can do to keep you from smashing it. Loose bearings and/or screws may cause fans to produce louder levels of noise. Why is my laptop fan so loud? Check yo’ temp If you use your laptop on soft surfaces such as pillows, blankets, couches and your lap, you may be inadvertently blocking fan vents and obstructing your laptop’s air flow. Separate note but the speaker is very quiet even at max volume which is also a disappointment but I can live with this - fine with headphones. My Laptop Fan Is So Loud All of a Sudden. For most laptop users, regular upkeep of the exhaust fans is often overlooked. How To Fix A Laptop That Runs Very Loud 1. It is used to cool other components in the computer case. Adjust the power settings, let the computer cool for a few minutes, and then troubleshoot the noisy fan. but that didn't solve it completely. Why does my laptop feel so hot? If your Windows 10 laptop fan is making weird grinding, buzzing or rattling noise when switched on, here are some ways to fix the noise and overheating Laptop fan issues. 1. They want me to send mine in to replace the fan. All of which is why your fan runs fast and loud. to silence your laptop’s fans, maximize your speed/performance, and ensure your laptop lasts for a few more years. Clean Up Your Laptop Fan. What a pain. A clean laptop exhaust fan is crucial in maintaining well-cooled laptop components, particularly the CPU, memory, and GPU, which in effect helps keep your laptop running in tip-top shape. When it does make noise, it very suddenly sounds like it is being overworked and moving much quicker than normal. Almost 1 year after purchase the fan starting a very loud winding noise. When I contacted support they updated my bios etc. Here are some crucial, easy steps you can take (right now!) So much so that I was watching a film on 70/100 volume and the fan was louder. A laptop fan can get noisy for many reasons. Today’s laptop fans are designed with intelligent temperature control, that is, adjust the fan speed according to the heat. The first step is to determine if the fan sound is a normal sound. So if you have asked yourself “why is my laptop fan so loud lately”, it may be something along these lines below. How to fix a loud computer fan. They want me to send it in. In a computer including a laptop or desktop, the fan is a very important component. Then, you may ask: why is my laptop fan so loud? Should the fan be distractingly loud? The fan in my PC has suddenly become very loud occasionally. It could be my expectations but for the price I paid, I was expecting much more. When a computer fan spins loudly for longer than 20 seconds, there might be an issue with a fan, or the computer might be overheating. Fans are built out of many mechanical components that will, with age, fail. But the fan isn’t always working normally.

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