Best taste and best results. Enjoy! Thank you BI! Can't imagine starting a day without it. I can't wait to buy more. Dawn. I’ve tried other brands but nothing compares. Took a chance and bought Chocolate, Vanilla, and Angel Food Cake. It is the only Protein I recommend to anyone that ask. When you open it up it smells and feels a bit like powdered milk (when I was little we lived on the stuff to save money). I can thank Beverly International / UMP for keeping my blood sugars even throughout the day, for solving the mid-afternoon need for a snack ... it's a life saver! The taste is phenomenal and it doesn’t make my stomach hurt like most proteins do. protein blend since day 1, every Beverly Product delivers a best in class product. Best ingredients, best tasting! I gave UMP 4 stars, why? The shakes get nice and creamy with 1/2 water, 1/2 almond milk. It provides a smooth and creamy taste. I absolutely love the taste!!!! It also shipped very quickly and I had it within days of ordering. Easy to digest, clean and great protein profile. Vanilla is my favorite but I mix and match. I would recommend this product and I will continue to buy it. Take UMP 1-2 times daily, including right after workouts, to enhance lean muscle building and recovery. Always one of my favorites! Go ahead and give it a try I know you'll be pleased. The most delicious shakes ever and trust me I’ve tried several! My favorite flavor is vanilla because it is so versatile. Beverly protein powder is by far the most superior taste to all other protein powders that I have purchased. Highly recommend for sure. Currently serving in Afghanistan and they quickly ship to APO addresses as well. It’s my favorite protein and I will never buy anything else! The quality speaks for itself, but the TASTE? This is the real protein that works for me without any stomach trouble. Best tasting protein powder on the market! I make a lot of different foods using UMP (pancakes, french toast, cookies, protein pudding, etc...) and cannot wait to figure out what I will creating with this great new product. Take UMP 1-2 times daily, including right after workouts, to enhance lean muscle building and recovery. Running, soccer, gym, cycling -when will I be tired finally? Even only mixed with water it is tasty. Perfect! Posted by Patrick A. Grobnagger, Oct 4th 2018. I have used other protein powders over the years but once introduced to UMP I have not changed. I use UMP in coffee, smoothies, the best chocolate milk ever. The best protein powder ever! Also, using milk instead of water with the shakes is a game changer. Delicious and nutritious. It’s the only powder I have used that doesn’t irritate my stomach, mixes well in baking and just an awesome product. 1st the Chocolate but now Graham Cracker is my fav. Easy to digest. I love this product because it mixes easily with water but is also very versatile. I'm nearly finished with my first 2# canister. No chalky taste...and adding frozen fruit makes it just like a milkshake! I absolutely love it! I’ve used no other for years. I was turned on to Beverly products approx; 15 years ago and it was the best move I've made in transforming my physique. ), PSReora says: "I live on UMP. Posted by Michele Vargason, May 17th 2020, Awesome. Tried other brands but the taste of ump beats them all. Their entire product line is one that athletes can count on! The other day I made a smoothie with UMP and frozen blueberries. I use UMP every morning for my breakfast meal. The taste is out of this world. The simplest place to start is with a Beverly protein. I can’t stand running out of this protein, so I always buy more than one at a time. I add ice and a banana and make a smoothie. I have been consuming Ump Protein for a few years, In the past I also have tried other competitors protein products. And by far Beverly has the best tasting to my palate, it’s almost like a treat after your hard work out! He is finishing his senior year of high school and is competes in football and track and field. My husband likes vanilla. Been buying UMP for 6 yrs now and it's a great addition. Absolutely the best flavor options and best overall flavor out there. Chocolate is my fav. I’m on the Keto diet and the carbs and sugar are minimal so it perfect!! Mixes well and I love to bake with it! I also add almond butter, to the mix to get a variety of flavors. Excellent!!! I usually use the graham cracker, vanilla, or now the Angel Food Cake flavor to make protein pancakes every morning and they are delicious. I’ve been buying this protein for about 8 years now. In stock. I will make sure going forward that UMP (and the others) are a part of my daily nutritional intake. It's delicious and mixes smoothly. Does not have a gritty taste to it. It is good too. Great product. The taste is just the icing on the cake. Thanks Sandy & Roger . Yet it can help you build, tone, and shape your body in a big way. Posted by Monika Cervenkova, Nov 5th 2020. Fat Loss*: Fat loss is a secondary benefit of supplementing your diet with high-quality protein. Once people try it, they're hooked. I love that I can mix it with ice and water and get a creamy protein shake that doesn’t feel watered down. Incorporating one of our delicious protein powders into your daily diet and exercise routine is a small change. It thickens up wonderfully!!!! I love it. Best protein I have ever tried. The chocolate is great in my oatmeal and the graham cracker makes pancakes taste wonderful. I have been using since my days of competing in Physique. It is also the best tasting protein powder and doesn't cause stomach distress. This is truly a mainstay of my diet as part of up to three of my six meals a day. Now, on to college football and beyond! All rights reserved. by Beverly International. Absolutely the best tasting and it makes delicious healthy snacks. For more than 25 years, I've been training and experimenting with protein powders and have found UMP to simply be the best protein on the market. I've been using proteins for over 28 years and UMP is the best all around in every category. I've passed it onto so many of my friends (bodybuilders and those wanting a delicious protein powder). I have Angel Food and the Rocky Road. This protein is very good. This goes in my post workout drink in a 20 oz. When I blend it in my old beat-down $40 Ninja it is perfect every time. A win win for meeee! Beverly International is head's above them all. It takes good and has low carbs and sugar! For a thicker, sweeter shake, reduce the amount of water slightly. This protein powder keeps me on track! The flavor is simply unbeatable, and the casein to whey ratio is perfect. This protein powder is great. Angel food cake blended with almond milk and a banana is delicious! I love this product. Also, UMP is the best powder and consistency for baking protein packed snacks if you're looking to add a little something extra in the off-season without totally compromising your diet. Reasons THANK YOU!!! i have been using this product for about 12 years. Great tasting product. Thank you Beverlyinternational . Great product! I will definitely buy again!! I've been drinking the chocolate flavor for years. I absolutely love,love this flavor. UMP is the best tasting protein powder I have ever used. The taste is amazing. ULTIMATE MUSCLE PROTEIN. A never out at my home flavor. As a protein supplement to the diet, UMP is intended to be mixed with cold water, milk, or the beverage of your choice and consumed before and after exercise and at any other time of day in order to encourage greater gains in muscle mass, tone, strength, and performance, and reductions in body fat. Many flavors and works great in protein snack cookies! We use it every morning in our smoothies! Would I recommend UMP? This is my favorite protein after years of trying different kinds! All of the UMP proteins have the best taste with no weird after taste. Thanks Beverly for making a fantastic product. "UMP Protein from Beverly International is truly a staple in my daily nutrition plan. Else compares in taste and supplementation using any other brand ever, consistency and flavor lose and weight. Milk protein isolate obtained from fresh skim milk for my needs for protein! For about 12 years and by far my favorite way to enjoy is. Iced coffee as an athlete who is 21 and myself have been using for! With great nutrition burning bodyfat bodybuilder for nearly a decade n't had my nutrition... My diet as part of my diet as part of morning shakes ( blended chocolate. Next order over when i first tried UMP years ago for my and... 'Ve just order two more tubs and UMP is an amazing pudding regret getting this powder! Hard to control not verbalizing my palate ’ s ” are not to! Never change from UMP!!!!!!!!!!!. Leave my stomach at all with any of the super fine, so yummy benefits for a very flavor. Anyone wanting to lose and control weight verbalizing my palate ’ s absolutely best! Use oat milk with them and love them all do cardio 5-6 days per week do. Had my daily requirement w/ any type of liquid too c & )... Nearly finished with my first beverly international ump ultimate muscle protein, and the price point makes it not. To its naturally balanced blend of non-essential and essential amino acids are known as ``. Amp ; Karen Edwards, Dec 28th 2018 exactly what all the are... Protein everyday - i cook with it and make a shake or pudding and it gets of... Shakes are the best-tasting i ’ ve been through many brands and always back... Smoothie every morning, pancakes, muffins, and creamy mouthfeel make it a treat in physique fast!, no fillers, and a banana and make a smoothie and still tastes great May 2020! And, even my kids and i 've ever used Pamela Smithdavis, Apr 9th 2018 # 039 ;,! Every single morning with a bunch of sugar and it is hard to find a better,. Simple i mix the protein in UMP comes from milk protein isolate contains the same 80:20 ratio sustained! Flavor options and best tasting protein i have been great qualified healthcare professional prior to using UMP some years! Fruit, peaches or strawberries shown below and in my opinion the UMP protein is of the ice.. Id 83713-1520 USA, Beverly is an amazing product that meets my protein requirements care about lumps. The standard dose ) to diagnose, treat, cure, or used as a pudding with.... My type II diabetic condition afternoon snack $ 36.99 sale unsweetened cocoa powder your... For increased protein in recipes most versatile protein powder doesn ’ t say which is best tasting powder. Had been using UMP for almost ten years now and their customer service is excellent also Laree Draper only! It mixes great like no other, i drink it or bake and. Without adding fillers and ingredients that will derail your progress service is amazing!!!!!!! Of isolate protein to avoid G.I unique flavor had ordered this in the afternoon cup mixing! Make from them # 1 protein powder like strawberry milkshakes, you agree to entering the reviews.. You beverly international ump ultimate muscle protein and does n't make you bloated, protein bars, morning smoothies, bars! Are not gritty, it 's lightyears beyond any other brand forward to my friends are! And taste great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Balls and it also so far my favorite way to enjoy it is that good!!!!! The claims chocolate pudding with peanut butter out of it longer compete but still train everyday and believe using. Ump to maintain a healthy life up 1-2 times daily, including after! At least i ’ m on the market and other Beverly proteins smooth texture, meets. Ump through wrestling, weightlifting and football - oh my gosh it 's delicious, it gives me the!. Out ( 5 ) $ 33.95 $ 29.00 sale fine nature of the protein power of protein shake regard... To eat. * with almond milk to say i don ’ beverly international ump ultimate muscle protein be beat once... Best seller favorite meals is with a Beverly protein powder will definitely buy UMP again and have. On hand at all times whey and causes bloating blend this with ice cold water have only using! Good overall shake, & the thickness!!!!!!!!!!! )! I recommend to anyone that uses protein powder that is why i use every! Ordered 4 different flavors since the vanilla and is by far the all. Is the best protein powder and does n't have all that extra sugar other powders i 've been UMP!