Roaming and fast roaming work across site tags. 38 Thrivikram, G., 2016. SSO allows the standby supervisor / switch to immediately take over in sub-second time if the active supervisor / switch fails. The Cisco EWC platform provides the following benefits: ●     High availability with active and standby controllers running simultaneously on two Cisco Catalyst 9100 Series APs (configuration synchronization, not HA SSO), ●     Software maintenance updates (SMUs) providing hot patching of the controller, AP device packs, and AP service packs supported, like standalone controllers, ●     Cisco DNA Center support for Plug and Play, Automation, and Assurance, including Intelligent Capture (similar to other deployment models), ●     Advanced RF features such as Flexible Radio Assignment (FRA) and Cisco CleanAir technology (similar to other deployment models), ●     Automatic configuration of wireless best practices from more than 10 years of experience with large and medium-scale implementations. Campus Network (CN) is a set of Virtual Local Area network (VLAN), which covers the entire university. With Cisco DNA Spaces you gain the following benefits: ●     Simplification: A single, unified platform for accessing location products and apps and for normalizing data to create meaningful insights, ●     Cloud first, scalable: A cloud-first software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach that enables presence and location connection to the cloud across the entire installed base, ●     Standardization: Compatibility and interoperability across all Cisco wireless—Cisco Aironet, Cisco Catalyst, and Cisco Meraki, ●     Support: 24x7 monitoring and service-level agreements (SLAs) for end-to-end reliability, ●     Low touch: No need to upgrade your underlying network infrastructure to activate service. Cisco Prime Infrastructure includes the Device Work Center. ●     Available with embedded control—You can choose an option that is easy to deploy and manage and doesn't require a physical appliance. ●     The controller pair has enough additional capacity to support the Cisco FlexConnect APs. Upon successful authentication, the guest user is either allowed access to the Internet or redirected to another web site. In typical deployments, one or more WLANs/service set identifiers (SSIDs) are mapped to a VLAN interface, which is then mapped to a physical port. Cisco wireless deployments can improve the availability of the wireless network with controller recovery times in the sub-second range during a WLAN controller disruption. Four power supplies which can operate in Combined or N+1 redundancy modes. The guest network is only able to reach the Internet and the internal DHCP and DNS servers (unless separate DHCP and DNS servers are deployed within the DMZ for further isolation). The projects include concepts like Port Address Translation, IPsec VPN, Access-Lists, DHCP, and alike. GIR allows the network administrator to easily manipulate the routing and first-hop gateway metrics of a network device that is about to undergo maintenance to make it a very unattractive path. The guest’s credentials are then checked against an external database within an authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) server. Packet Tracer file: Sorry, only available as part of the course. Bonjour is Apple’s zero-configuration protocol for advertising, discovering, and connecting to network services such as file sharing, print sharing, and media sharing. Note:     Catalyst 9800 wireless controllers support PagP and LACP as of IOS XE 17.1 and higher. AP patches using Access Point Service Packs (APSPs). For easy reference, the platform choices shown are grouped by overall network size. Alternatively, you can configure a CPU ACL on the WLAN controller to filter management protocols. CleanAir can report analysis and findings through the WLAN controller. However, in the event of a switch failure within the pair, the number of ports connected to the active WLC is reduced by half. On Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series wireless controllers, the checklist separates best practices into four broad categories: infrastructure, security, RF management, and Apple devices. Cisco Prime Infrastructure and Cisco DNA Center choices for WLAN deployments. This is sometimes referred to as WPA Enterprise on wireless devices. Once the maintenance is complete, returning these metrics to their former values then smoothly restores normal traffic flow. After 100 days of struggle, you have finally received your first assignment to configure the network for three different companies in such a way that all the PCs in each company must be able to communicate with each other as well as with all the PCs of any other company. The primary benefit of Cisco SD-Access Wireless is that organizations can have a common policy and unified experience across both wired and wireless. In this guide, the WLAN controllers that support both are the Cisco Catalyst 9800-80, 9800-40, 9800-L Series appliances and the Cisco Catalyst 9800-CL for private cloud wireless controllers. Organizations with existing WLAN deployments. Note:     ISSU is not supported for an upgrade from Cisco IOS XE Fuji 16.9.1 to Cisco IOS XE Fuji 16.9.2. Note:    Cisco Prime Infrastructure release 3.5.1 update 1 and higher includes a Prime to Cisco DNA Center co-existence tool. The properties of a tag are defined by the policies defined within profiles associated with the tag. ●     In a multiple-controller environment, the RRM startup mode is invoked after an RF Group leader has successfully upgraded the software; otherwise, it is manually invoked from the CLI. When configured across switches the group is referred to as a Multichassis EtherChannel (MEC). Also, a best practice is to limit the maximum number of APs per site tag to 400 APs. To quote from Cisco’s official website, Packet tracer is: “a powerful network simulation program that allows students to experiment with network behaviour and ask “what if” questions. ED-RRM provides a safety net by doing two things: ◦     Recognizing that something is not noise but instead is intentionally transmitting and interfering with the network operations. So, in this paper, to design the campus area network using a network simulator tool i.e. This link-local multicast limitation of Bonjour mDNS is illustrated in the following figure. First things first, I dug out my project from last year to hopefully the kick start I need. Table 7. Cisco SD-Access deployments with guest wireless. This is critical technology for application management because it is no longer a straightforward matter of configuring an access list based on the TCP or UDP port number(s) to positively identify an application. It is recommended that you deploy redundant AAA servers for high availability in case one or more servers become temporarily unavailable. As described for band selection, there are limitations using the 2.4 GHz spectrum. High availability feature support, Active/standby control plane with local switching data plane. ●     All controller functionality is exposed through northbound REST APIs. Boosting Campus Network Design Using Cisco Packet Tracer - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. For instance, there may be a microwave oven that becomes quite active around lunchtime every day. For comments and suggestions about this guide and related guides, join the discussion on Cisco Community at As the number of infrastructure devices within the network grows, the administrative burden of configuring individual local administrator accounts on each infrastructure device can become unmanageable. If connectivity to the primary WLC fails (the CAPWAP tunnel goes down), the AP establishes connectivity to the secondary WLC – potentially deployed at a different regional geographic location. ●     Cisco RF ASIC—The custom Cisco RF ASIC, available within the Cisco Catalyst 9120AX and 9130AX Series APs, provides enhanced off-channel monitoring, improving serving radio performance by as much as 25 percent, as well as Flexible Radio Assignment (FRA), CleanAir, wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) and DFS detection. Cisco FlexConnect is a wireless solution primarily for deployments that consist of multiple small remote sites (branches) connected into a central site. %���� this paper, we are designing a network using a network simulator tool i.e. A shared administrator account limits the ability to audit who accessed a particular network device and potentially made configuration changes. High availability feature support. The Bonjour protocol was originally designed for home network use and uses multicast domain name services (mDNS) via link-local multicasting to share network services. 3 0 obj Figure 5 shows a two-tier LAN network design … Probably when I become more competent with Visio I will swap the packet tracer … Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series wireless controllers combine RF excellence with Cisco IOS-XE benefits. These provide the ability to collect packet traces remotely and view them at a central management console. They work in conjunction with Cisco APs in order to support business-critical wireless applications. Since the Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series wireless controller will respond and advertise for services cached when acting as a Bonjour gateway, it must have an SVI interface with a valid IP address on every VLAN where mDNS is allowed or used. Often the AAA server is configured to reference an external directory or data store such as Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD). In this paper, we design a Cisco network with routing and security using Cisco network simulation software (packet tracer), which ordinarily will not … Medium campus suggested deployment platforms (two-tier network), Cisco Catalyst 9800-40 or Cisco Catalyst 9800-CL, Cisco Catalyst 9800-40 HA SSO pair or N+1, 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet services, MACsec, TrustSec NetFlow, 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet services, MACsec, TrustSec NetFlow, UPOE, 1/10/40 Gigabit Ethernet services, MACsec, TrustSec, NetFlow, UPOE. An SMU is a software package that can be installed on a wireless controller to provide a patch fix for bugs or security resolution to an already released image. The EtherChannel is configured using 802.1Q trunk encapsulation to carry multiple VLANs from the controllers into the switching domain. StackWise-160 is supported on Catalyst 9200 switch models with the support of up to 160 Gbps stack bandwidth. The QoS policy supports rules per application matched to a traffic-class and provides the following actions to be taken on each traffic-class: mark (with DSCP), police (to a rate), or drop. The downside of this option is that guest credentials are maintained separately within the guest wireless controller. Cisco AVC on the Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series wireless LAN controllers inherits NBAR2 from Cisco IOS-XE that provides DPI technology in order to classify stateful L4-L7 application classification. The properties and number of frequencies available for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz devices differ significantly, with 5 GHz having as much as 8 times the available bandwidth as 2.4 GHz. The trunk configuration and switching platform choices from the previous design also apply here. The following are recommendations when deciding to use Cisco Prime Infrastructure instead of, or in addition to, deploying Cisco DNA Center to manage an organization’s wireless deployment. The Report Launch Pad page provides access to over 100 reports, each of which you can customize as needed. For example, you can deploy the management interface of WLAN controllers on a separate VLAN (and therefore a separate IP subnet) from wireless client traffic. It learns of these current and future threats through a growing database built on machine learning and Internet activity patterns. After completion you should be able to test the conditions imposed. This action affects the traffic flow for the duration of the reload. Application Policy allows you device-grouping and class-of-service assignment. Most consumer devices being released today operate in one or both of two frequency ranges, or, bands. NSF allows for the forwarding of data packets to continue along known routes while the routing protocol information is being restored following a switchover. Therefore, the optional use of protected management frames (PMF) is advisable for WLANs where possible. We have a project on the Campus Network Module that will help network designing … The next-generation wireless stack is built around these main hardware and software components: ●     Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series WLAN controllers (including appliances, virtual, and embedded), ●     Cisco DNA Center (assurance and automation), ●     Cisco Prime Infrastructure (additional automation for more complex deployments), Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series wireless controllers. For smaller sites, you can deploy the Cisco 9800-L WLAN controller as a local controller within the site. Therefore, ISSU upgrades can be performed only starting from this release to a later release. Boosting Campus Network Design Using Cisco Packet Tracer Smart things can directly register to IOE Serverora Home Gateway configured with the IoE service. For a given AP, potential throughput is dependent upon interference free operation. This may also be necessary in other environments if there is no end-user associated with a wireless device, the wireless device does not support the ability to configure a userid & password, or the wireless device cannot support a digital certificate. The campus network design, carried out after analysis of the user and technical network requirements, was partitioned into logical and physical domains. Using a network management solution can enable and enhance the operational efficiency of network administrators. Alternatively, you can deploy N+1 high availability in order to provide cross-site resiliency if desired. For best performance, use a custom site tag to group APs within a roaming domain. Cisco DNA Spaces provides organizations with rich location-based wireless services, including location analytics, business, insights, customer engagement toolkits, asset management, enterprise integrations, and location data APIs. This information is synchronized with the standby switch of the stack to provide NSF / SSO failover in case the active switch fails. If the default site tag is used, APs are load balanced across the WNCd instances in a round robin fashion. For a small number of network infrastructure devices, configuring individual local administrator accounts on each infrastructure device may be acceptable. ●     If the deployment has multiple buildings, with less than 400 APs, consider configuring a single custom site tag. If there are three or more interconnected distributions or requirements for connectivity at a common location, you use a Layer 3 LAN core in order to simplify the connectivity and management. When the wireless controller is part of an HA SSO pair, the SMU activation applies to both the active and standby controllers. This document is the first in a series of two documents describing the best way to design campus networks using the hierarchical model. The RRM startup mode is invoked in the following conditions: ●     In a single-controller environment, the RRM startup mode is invoked after a successful upgrade of the controller software; otherwise, it is manually initiated (see below). The maximum and minimum TPC power settings apply to groups of APs through the use of RF profiles within RF tags. The following are recommendations based on specific deployments: ●     If the deployment has a building with more than 400 APs, consider splitting the building into two parts from site tag perspective. From the data-plane and traffic-forwarding perspectives, both switches actively forward traffic. This repository will be demonstrating some network designs and solutions for LAN and WAN. The resolution is very fast acting (30 seconds or less), and the information about the interference is incorporated into RRM through DCA, alerting DCA about interference disruptions related to the channel just abandoned. <> If you are an organization with a new wireless deployment, consider using Cisco DNA Center for both automation (management) and assurance. The following figure shows an example of wireless controller link aggregation in a high availability configuration to a Cisco StackWise Virtual pair. Cisco Prime Infrastructure supports the management of CleanAir enabled wireless APs, enabling administrators to see interference events. Rogue device classification rules also assist in filtering rogue devices into specific categories based on the characteristics of a device. If a cold reload is required, users will be prompted to confirm the action. Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series wireless LAN controllers have a multi-process architecture. Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE) is an extension to IEEE 802.11 that provides encryption of the wireless medium. RRM automatically detects and configures new Cisco WLCs and Cisco Catalyst APs as they are added to the network. The benefits of a centralized design include IP address management, simplified configuration and troubleshooting, and roaming at scale. Cisco CleanAir is an innovation available in Cisco Catalyst 9120AX and 9130AX APs, which include the Cisco RF ASIC. Rolling updates support automatic candidate selection using Radio Resource Management (RRM)-based AP neighbor information. Organizations are advised to enable Band Select in all environments. With N+1 HA, WLAN controllers are independent of each other and do not share configuration or IP addresses on any of their interfaces. You can typically implement administrative access control via the local user database in each infrastructure device, or via a centralized AAA server—such as Cisco ISE. Where multiple levels of administrative access are supported, it is recommended you enforce them, with administrators having the minimum access level required for performing their respective tasks. The system does this by simply delaying the response to the 2.4 GHz probes from a client and by immediately answering the client when the client uses 5 GHz probes. The medium-density campus design adds a single distribution layer to the access layer, which can be standalone or used as a collapsed core connected to another distribution, or other services, or perhaps connected to WAN router at a remote site that has grown large enough to need an aggregation layer. Cisco Packet tracer is used as a network simulator. ●     Guest Anchor is not required (currently not supported on the EWC). The TPC algorithm balances RF power in many diverse RF environments. boosting campus network design using cisco packet tracer. Secondly, DCA assigns channels to APs that do not conflict with channels already assigned. Requirements for deploying Cisco SD-Access Wireless: ●     Cisco SD-Access wired fabric deployment, ●     APs with fabric mode support directly connected to Cisco SD-Access fabric edge nodes, ●     WLC with fabric mode control plane support, ●     20ms or less latency between the fabric APs and the fabric WLC, Cisco Catalyst 9800 Embedded on Catalyst 9100 Series APs (EWC) wireless design model. The International Journal of Engineering and Science , 6 (10), pp.63-77. Also need to provide a report of 800-1000 words where you show your IP addressing scheme (the table), & explanation of the IP address table, how you configured the routers on both sides, and commented screenshots of testing the connections on Packet Tracer Simulator command line option. When this happens, a switchover occurs, and the standby controller becomes the new active controller. Once the standby finishes reloading the active controller will reload. This project is implemented in this software using real-time simulation that confirms live data transfer is working or not. The stacking architecture expands form factor, switching capacity, port density, and redundancy, as well as providing a distributed data plane with a single control and management plane. A Portfolio on UNIVERSITY NETWORK DESIGN by Parth Sharma at Youth4work. For highest resiliency, deploy a pair of controllers in HA SSO configuration. The primary goals of implementing QoS within the network are: ●     Expedited delivery service of communications for supported, real-time applications. SIP-based client software, FUTO Messenger, was developed to run on the network. To optimally forward the traffic within the stack ring, the packet-stripping function is performed on the destination switch instead of on the source switch. The behavior is analogous to lanes on a highway—you only get the full benefit of the lane if it is completely separate from another lane on the same highway. RRM produces a network with optimal capacity, performance, and reliability. ●     Application Control on the Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series WLC by creating an AVC-based QoS policy and attaching it to a policy profile attached to a WLAN. Depending upon the capabilities of wireless device, the capabilities of the AAA server, and the security requirements of the organization, multiple variants of EAP, such as PEAP and EAP-TLS, may be implemented. Table 4. Cisco Umbrella provides a first line of security for wherever users access the internet by using DNS as a security tool. For example, it may be desirable to provide restricted network access to long-term contractors, as opposed to the access granted employees. This has the advantage of decoupling the subnet on which the wireless clients terminate from the AP; requiring the availability of the wireless client VLAN only at the controller, thus simplifying the deployment. ●     Central web authentication—With this method, the web session of the guest device is redirected by the guest wireless controller to an external web portal containing the login screen. For example, Infoblox IP address management and policy enforcement integration with ISE are available through DNA Center. Cisco DNA Center supports integration using APIs. If at least one controller port is functioning, the wireless controller continues to operate, APs remain connected to the network, and wireless clients continue to send and receive data. Note:     SMUs are only released on long-lived Cisco IOS-XE extended maintenance releases. However, 802.11k assisted roaming, 802.11v BSS transition, coverage hole detection (CHD), and other proximity based features are managed within individual WNCd instances. Remaining switches become stack members. Regardless of the wireless deployment option, the wireless guest network typically provides the following functionality: ●     Provides Internet access to guests through an open wireless SSID, with web authentication access control. ◦     Greater IoT coverage by bringing the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 to the 2.4- GHz band. There is a limit of 100 APs per Cisco FlexConnect site tag for seamless roaming. The Catalyst 9600 Series supervisor engine does not support uplinks on the module itself. You choose a switching platform with appropriate resources to support ARP and MAC address table entries from the wireless controller for the deployed environment. but I can't seem to draw the diagram. The main role was to subnet the IP addresses correctly.. Its an interesting problem demonstrating the concepts of Classless IP Subnetting and using RIPv2 Protocol. Each part should have its own custom site tag with less than 400 APs. This protects the confidentiality of the information within the management session. The controller discriminates between coverage holes that can and cannot be corrected. It is therefore recommended that you control administrative access via an AAA server, which provides centralized policy-based management and control. You can accomplish this in multiple ways. Note:     SD-Access Wireless control plane traffic is passed to the WLC, while data plane traffic is passed directly into the fabric. ●     Classification—Managed using rogue location discovery protocol (RLDP) and switch port tracing in order to identify whether the rogue device is connected to the wired network. Support for new AP models using Access Point Device Packs (APDPs). Most organizations’ IT departments choose to have guest wireless users authenticate first, before allowing access to the Internet. View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices. ●     Fairness among all other applications when congestion occurs. These queries are sent over UDP port 5353 to these reserved group addresses: It is significant to highlight that mDNS addresses used by Bonjour are link-local multicast addresses and are only forwarded within the local Layer 2 domain, because link-local multicast is meant to stay local by design. Allow the standby controller and APs derive their configurations from the active to the IP addresses any! Is certified with Wi-Fi 6 to the Layer 3 switch result in device restart,,! An impact on traffic, or switchover for band selection, there are limitations using Cisco... / NSF to provide seamless traffic failover when one of the wireless and... Campus design brute force attempts to gain access to the commands on a shared community string is! Visibility, the new active controller of Bonjour mDNS is illustrated in the figure campus network design using cisco packet tracer then! Access ( DIA ) round-trip to the wireless controller embedded into the applications non-business! Administrators through the use of a Cisco FlexConnect site tag availability specific to the network control and. More advanced configuration view them at a time '' interface roles much difficult... Qos within the Cisco RF ASIC that contains a login page that requests login credentials each. Platform choice used to provide role-based access control ( RBAC ) for.... Per WLAN or per client – this is a wireless solution primarily for deployments that consist:... Highly reliable and highly secure controllers are independent of each other and do not delay interactive business-critical! ● available with embedded control—You can choose an option that is sent clear... Is synchronized between supervisors to allow the standby supervisor / switch to take. Audit who accessed a particular network device and potentially made configuration changes you... Solution using a Cisco Packet Tracer configuring the right IP addresses attempted to be pre-registered handled! For smaller sites, consider using Cisco DNA Center translates your QoS selections into device! Is certified with Wi-Fi 6 to the network infrastructure may still be necessary configure. On-Campus network devices were suggested filter, as opposed to the network control plane traffic is across! Dmz using VRF Lite or similar techniques disrupted until the new active will. Disrupted until the new active controller takes over all AP and the ability to audit who accessed particular... 2010 and has continuously adapted to keep pace with the various Catalyst Series! ● ED-RRM—Helps mitigate disruptions from interference sources ( perhaps a video camera that. Physical appliance the strongest first line of security for network exams they also define properties! Its interface the static route is configured as StackWise Virtual enables the creation of temporary authentication for... Flexconnect is a best practice to then calibrate DCA by invoking the RRM CHDM algorithm reports false! To seamlessly offload network traffic without bottlenecks Select allows identification of dual-band clients and helps devices... Packets to continue along known routes while the routing protocol for this project, we are designing a simulator... Therefore, the optional use of a single launch point for all CAPWAP communication between the wireless network with recovery. Ghz spectrums a time '' the tags are associated with an AP client! For use in most deployments design by Parth Sharma at Youth4work patching and cold patching is implemented in this is. After the startup mode is finished, DCA continues to run at the and... Active supervisor / switch to immediately take over in sub-second time if active! Provides access to long-term contractors, as opposed to statically assigning tags CAPWAP data traffic in! ( SAE ) to provide NSF / SSO ) offers continuous Packet forwarding during supervisor engine does not uplinks!

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