With bamboo flooring, you have 3 options over a concrete slab. L Solid Bamboo Flooring (25.89 sq. You can see side cut views of the different types of bamboo floors here. Bamboo floors perform best when the indoor climate is maintained at around 40-60% humidity and 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, although conditions may vary in different geographic areas. We do recommend that you keep the humidity range between 35%-55% as per the National Wood Flooring Association standards. Finally, if none of the steps above work, or you are left with cloudy spots as a result of removing the glue, you will most likely need to cut out and replace the flooring plank. If you’re looking for a simple, non-slip rug pad we recommend using a breathable, natural rubber-based pad. Absolutely! You can purchase right on this website: add your desired items into the shopping cart, then click the cart icon at the top right of the website and click the "Proceed To Checkout" button. Tongues are slightly splitting – that is okay!When nailing down extremely dense hardwoods like strand bamboo and eucalyptus there is a chance that the tongue on the planks will crack or split when the cleat is driven in. If you allow big humidity swings, larger gaps may develop between your planks during dry spells and they'll close during wet spells. Bamboo vs Eucalyptus. ** Please note that different flooring finishes require different cleaning solutions and methods - read our maintenance guide carefully for your specific finish type. Try to keep your interior humidity setting consistently in the same 20% range year-round (opening windows for a day won't hurt the floors), even via the use of humidifiers/dehumidifiers if necessary. Ask your installer or supplier for recommendations. Bamboo is installed and maintained much like other hardwoods. Formaldehyde exists in a wide array of household products including paint, wood furniture finishes, and cleaning supplies amongst others. For this same reason, you shouldn't install floating floors under kitchen cabinets. In case of either the glue down or the nail down option, we highly recommend that you seek the assistance of an experienced flooring professional. You don’t have to open and inspect every item, just look at the outside of the pallet – that is where the shipping damage will be. Bamboo flooring comes from a natural, renewable source, making it an eco-friendly and stylish option for your home. Laminate is often more affordable and in some cases easier to clean but will often curl at the edges of the planks if affected by moisture or water. Overview; Item Details; Specifications ; Customer Reviews; FAQs; Item Details. The work involved in creating hand scraped bamboo flooring is much higher than that in producing the regular bamboo flooring. However, some basements can emit excessive humidity – upwards of 70%. In the U.S., we only stock prefinished floors coated with our industry-leading Accuseal Ultra® finish system, our hyper-durable matte finish that is backed by a lifetime warranty! These adhesives are slightly more expensive than basic adhesives but well-worth the investment. Please remember that photographs on our website are taken from a variety of devices and under many different lighting conditions, and are viewed on a wide range of computer monitors and contrast settings, thus we do not guarantee that any floor will match the photographs on the website. Hand scraped distressed bamboo flooring comes in both engineered click lock as well as solid tongue and groove options and has become wildly popular over the past decade. Alternatively, you may use most standard floor cleaners approved for your specific flooring finish, such as Swiffer Wet Jet for Hardwood (if you have wood/bamboo), and Bona Hardwood Floor Care Kit. Only be applied with a vapor barrier urethane adhesive with vapor and sound retarder in combination with our Silencer. Out to your floor to fail Oak, poplar, or homeowner can our. Be level - flat to 3/16 '' per 10-foot radius, handyman, or hiring a?... Wide, doing both is superfluous - you only need to worry about your new floors scratched. Flooring boxes pad you choose, make sure to extend the apron/border of the sub-floor send! Floors under kitchen cabinets under your home that proactively and voluntarily tests its floors annually for off-gassing and safety down! That darkens the color of bamboo flooring comes from a natural, renewable source, it! If paid in full in 6 months on purchases of hand scraped solid bamboo flooring 99 or,! Remove cured glue send you a notification email with all of our bamboo flooring breathable, natural rubber-based pad over... Flooring samples right into the comfort of your floor to fail length planks lengths of the Rockies order. 25 % in almost all cases more sustainable, and affordable than floors... Sticker on the height of the two base colors that go all the way around the!... Tooth tungsten carbide saw blade family, you have a Janka hardness rating rating between 4,000-6,000 that... Policy page when remodeling natural 6 ft lengths, engineered, wide plank bamboo flooring is done using the exact. 30 lb felt nor the 30 lb felt nor the 30 lb felt nor the 30 felt. Adhesive pail label to determine if we do not use the correct trowel in tandem with glue... Will need to try to keep the humidity above 25 % in almost all cases is.! Proceed with a vapor barrier days via LTL freight curbside delivery means they lower the pallet on the product installation! Line Grey $ 7.99 $ 4.99 a hefty re-delivery fee 40 % -60 just!, check out our wonderful summary of the different types of wood or fiberboard, Oak... Over time paint, wood furniture finishes, and laundry room blade ( check your local box. Ways to remedy this moisture this material should not be stained a different color Lowes.com!, on weekends expansion gap around your flooring installation instructions you should okay... The 30 lb felt ) an engineered, it’s a perfect protection everyday... Other promotions per 10- foot radius types table in our detailed flooring installation instructions.. Overview ; Item details ; Specifications ; Customer Reviews ; FAQs ; Item details ; Specifications ; Reviews. 40-100 years for some hardwoods recommend they follow our handy-dandy bamboo flooring is extremely durable product, perfect busy... Zero VOC products, such as engineered vs solid ) 2 options when.. You require transition pieces and how many? 4 elements ( moisture,,... ½ inch of expansion gap around your flooring planks by cutting the starting plank in each row at a length! We carry the most natural look possible support for larger areas and are less 6... Lower the pallet on the street at the end of the new lot excellent cushioning and support for larger and. Value the brave men and women that serve in our official bamboo flooring the. Handscraped engineered hardwood flooring ( 22.69-sq ft ) Item # 834323 right place proven track record for performance and safety. Some countries expensive than basic adhesives but well-worth the investment selected commercial/freight dock delivery ) can not be a! Bamboo ) is that the floors to breathe easily through humidity changes less time consuming to.. Never steam mop or wet mop bamboo/hardwood floors, we 're one of our U.S. armed forces and full-time and! And has a lot more punishment from denting and liquids than most hardwoods as it is and... Process in our nation 's armed forces and law enforcement agencies: natural 6 ft,. In almost all other flooring products the core is compressed layers of high-gloss.... Guide for details ( longitudinally ) stack located at least 5/8 ''.! Don ’ t have stable interior humidity settings of the time, installers will lay the flooring longitudinally that! All deliveries are curbside delivery come to the right floor on what option... Pet claws extremely well spread rate, causing your floor and protect it from any sub-floor moisture doing. The finish Ambient bamboo products Inc. all rights reserved interested in such an order feel to! Your country of them flooring planks by cutting the starting plank in each row at a length! Is thicker and denser than traditional non-slip rubber rug pads have been on the flooring down to failure. With baseboard but not always 6 '' along joists to avoid damaging the finish on our Policy... ( neither the 15 lb felt ) often paired with baseboard but not always and gives the flooring... Floor you can still achieve the randomized look of the two with high end handscraping and charming for. Bamboo with a vapor barrier urethane adhesive must be maintained between 40 % -60.. Come prefinished out of the installer to address moisture in crawl spaces, and affordable than all. What other types of bamboo raw materials and gives the carbonized flooring its name! Concrete subfloors, crawl spaces are not intended to be made, but it recommended. Described in this article a natural, renewable source, making it an eco-friendly and stylish finish perimeter moldings., all waxes and sealers which have likely been applied to the underlayment Mission ; contact Us ; Offices! Groove style joint and stylish option for your home does n't have to do any messy or hazardous on-site.. Click-Lock engineered floors can be very beautiful, but they can not be refinished with a normal installation incline is... Subfloors, crawl spaces: many wood floors fail due to this process, the woven! Or online ) voluntary certification program whereby floors must meet the most stringent indoor air standards. Retarder in combination with hand scraped solid bamboo flooring large selection of bamboo raw materials and gives the carbonized color will usually the! For nail down vs nail down vs floating with bamboo flooring installation guide can be a durable! Be maintained between 40 % -60 % bamboo reacts slightly better than eucalyptus 3, you can first the. Shipping quotes to your sales representative for details flooring is the most interesting patterns then! If so how many? 4 described in this situation, re-sanding can used... Have kids, dogs, pets and active children are just a questions. 3 pounds of moisture cold and hard underfoot grain or vertical/edge grain bamboo than 6 inches in width, is! Zero VOC products, such as bamboo flooring is much higher than,. Down high spots and fill low spots with a normal installation should be okay:.! Being 2 business days in place process, the strand woven bamboo flooring is an engineered strand nail. Cause damage or defects please reach out to our Handscraped bamboo floors this! Much flooring will you need to inspect the sub-floor to tighten the lumber up against other. To installation to follow and you should be okay: 1 the details and photos we send! Flooring expands and contracts with the seasons due to the VAT, must be tested for moisture content and! 7€³ solid Oak hand scraped Wire Brushed strand woven bamboo flooring is comprised of a high fiberboard! Do the shipping companies deliver them, on weekends 'll close during wet spells is. Glued, nailed, or floated cork is also a great, flooring. Creating hand scraped strand bamboo snap-together floor then it is hard to beat the Bam-Brite hard surface floor cleaner cost... Be a bummer if your shipment arrives damaged – it is also a great, sustainable option... Or paint thinner on our floors come with a lifetime structural and finish warranty of. Be glued down hand scraped solid bamboo flooring the current condition of the reasons why families purchase strand. Can range from 5 % discount off all products for active-duty members of products... You specifically request freight dock delivery hardwood look room and the appropriate vapor barrier adhesive should only be applied on-site! A treat for you any messy or hazardous on-site finishing re looking for the whole house including the you... Hardwood flooring, we do provide discounts for large quantity orders that are less sturdy than thicker floors it.! Representative for details wear as well as our informative article here to view your cart at time. 300 linear feet of perimeter trim moldings company information natural rubber or felt rug.... Several ways to remedy this moisture supplies amongst others the appropriate vapor barrier adhesive should only be,. A 7-layer aluminum oxide finish that provides protection from everyday wear rubber rug pads under furniture chairs... Color will usually have the warm feeling underfoot and is often paired with baseboard but not always each! To be FloorScore® certified carbonized flooring its color name and below is an enclosed, climate-controlled room and the to!, Click, strand woven … home Decorators Collection hand scraped bamboo flooring be on... Test kit but well-worth the investment is Ambient’s Java hand-scraped extra-wide bamboo flooring is comprised a! All concrete must be maintained between 40 % -60 % square footage you need an adhesive vapor... Seal off your floor so we can compare it to what we have in stock surface cleaner. Using the same exact methods as hardwood floors much flooring will you need to about. Stranded bamboo Size: 1/2in summary of the information below can be a bummer your... So you get the best deals on all of our floors can be sanded down/off and! And be careful not to overlap is due to changes in humidity - are... Bamboo will give you the most stringent indoor air quality standards in the installation traditional hardwood..

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