(See Nicolle p. 64) Encyclopædia Britannica. The Byzantines had for centuries avoided engaging in large-scale decisive battles, and the concentration of their forces created logistical strains for which the empire was ill-prepared. A unit of 500 mounted troops had been sent to block the passageway. His mobile guard moved quickly from one point to another, always changed the course of events wherever they appeared, and, then just as quickly, galloped away to change the course of events elsewhere on the field. Khalid also tanks better with higher DEX and CON, but I don't think any NPC tanks as well as Kagain + Gauntlets of DEX. The maximum useful range of the traditional Arabian bow was about 150 m (490 ft). That stands in stark contrast to the very successful offensive plan, which Khalid carried out on the final by reorganising virtually all his cavalry and committing it to a grand manoeuvre, which won the battle.[93]. Ironically, on the field at Yarmouk, Khalid carried out on a small tactical scale what Heraclius had planned on a grand strategic scale: by rapidly deploying and manoeuvering his forces, Khalid was able to temporarily concentrate sufficient forces at specific locations on … The chains also acted as an insurance against a breakthrough by enemy cavalry. It is reported that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon … While the Muslims were occupied at Fahl, Heraclius, sensing an opportunity, quickly sent an army under General Theodras to recapture Damascus, where a small Muslim garrison was left. [63] At dawn, both armies lined up for battle less than a mile apart. Three of the ten companions promised paradise by Muhammad, namely Sa'id, Zubayr and Abu Ubaidah, were present at Yarmouk. The combat soon developed into a bloodbath. According to lexicographer David ben Abraham al-Fasi (died before 1026 CE), the Muslim conquest of Palestine brought relief to the country's Jewish citizens, who had previously been barred by the Byzantines from praying on the Temple Mount.[23]. Be not harsh with your men or your officers, whom you should consult in all matters. [38], The Byzantine cavalry was armed with a long sword, known as the spathion. Nevertheless, many of the soldiers managed to escape the slaughter. For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. share. The ravine on the west of the battlefield was accessible at a few places in 636 AD, and had one main crossing: a Roman bridge (Jisr-ur-Ruqqad) near 'Ain Dhakar[38][39] Logistically, the Yarmouk plain had enough water supplies and pastures to sustain both armies. The Oxford History of Byzantium: 80,000. In the first week of April 634, the Muslim forces began to move from their camps outside Medina. At Shaizar, Khalid intercepted a convoy taking provisions for Chalcis. Khalid transformed that army into a juggernaut that destroyed everything in its path; to the point where enemies began working as allies to take him down. Let me know what you think of it in the comments! This maneuver delivered a decisive blow to Heraclius' plan, since the latter did not wish to engage his troops in open battle with the Muslim light cavalry. Khalid ibn Walid R.A (592-642) also known as Sword of Allah (Saifullah). The latter laid siege to Bosra with his small army of 4000. The Muslim right wing and right centre again fell back. The Syriacs, Greeks, Jews and Arabs had been there since pre-Roman times, and some had embraced Christianity since Constantine I legalized it in the fourth century and moved the capital from Italy to Byzantium (renamed Constantinople), from which the name Byzantine is derived. There appeared to be a decided lack of resolve among the Imperial commanders, but that may have been caused by difficulties commanding the army because of internal conflict. Upon Heraclius' orders, Byzantine forces from different garrisons in the north started moving to gather at Ayjnadyn. 2, p. 596): 120,000 killed. Islamic Conquest of Syria A translation of Fatuhusham by al-Imam al-Waqidi Translated by Mawlana Sulayman al-Kindi pp. [78], There were however, some passages across the 200 metres (660 ft) deep ravines of Wadi-ur-Raqqad in west, strategically the most important one was at Ayn al Dhakar, a bridge. May Allah have mercy upon Abu Bakr.

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