If there’s potential to dramatically change the sound (and thus auditory experience) of your system with a cable…then, IMHO, it’s within the realm of audiophiles. The Wagner Tuben now sound like they are meant to sound! I only mention this because I am building a DIY cord and want to make sure there are other options that are reasonably pried. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Depending on which power cables you use on which components – that could decide the balance of a sound system. (Not that I don’t believe you I’m just bringing up the point), Stop being so lazy, Ryan! After many years my profund respect for these two company has grown a lot. One thing to keep in mind is, some people don’t want natural. Just keep an open mind, go and have a listen! Don’t take the red pill! Unsure on the IEC. I guess everyone hears differently! I actually forgot many of the prices of these cables when I did my testing – only realizing what the actual price was when I was finishing up the review. So they sell variants – but are in the middle of finding out why or how the metal changes the sound. What a cable. The original circuit designer will select a gauge (AWG) appropriate for the required capacity. Line up the wavefiles and do a difference analysis. But you’re not – and you look like a fool. You just arbitrarily told us about what you think theses cables sound like. Point Pilote Esprit Cables pour la région Paris-Ile-de-France. Yes, it might have been great to have all that information but that’s a LOT to gather on top of everything you went through. Is this your standard answer when your methods are scrutinized? Thank you in advance, Tony. I’ve not heard the Hurricane HC but I did have on loan a Hurricane Source power cable, which I found to work very well with the Innuos Zenith SE that i had at the time. I’ll check back in a bit. Now that would be real nonsense, that would be crazy stuff. create a much improved speaker. Right away, I knew that that was the cable for me … it’s like opening a fine bottle of wine, and pouring it in a decanter. It is not very difficult. I have much respect for you as a reviewer. ALL of YOU have your own set of ears as to what you can HEAR, and are willing to settle for, OR NOT. I didn’t see any Nordost cables in your review population. So I’ve relegated to being the diner at a restaurant and just have the chef cook something up. The truth is, I was upfront with the review – and you rudely dismiss and insult me because you “misled” yourself. Sorry for the OT, but I have a question about the Chord Qutest. It took 2 months to get white noise, pink noise, and the ear bleeding brightness out of the system. I’m happy. Let me drop some knowledge on you. Here is my attitude to doing such widespread cable reviews and it’s just mine while I congratulate the effort that goes into your benchmarking. Much love. That’s the whole point of comparisons like these. An old Shunyata Python cable seems to work very well with the M51. I have to say they havve understood somthing. I don’t believe power cables sound different. It was unkind of me pushing you over the brink and letting you expose yourself like that. Thank you, brother, and thank you again for your article. The Danacable also sounded a little rough. The former create and improve the things the latter will play by means of science , the latter improve things by throwing money at snake oil solutions and believing in them, and they obviously do not wish to have that belief shattered by scientific methods. But that’s for another day. Most audio reviewers find it pointless to record what they hear – and for good reason. But unlike Apekool, I don’t want a hole in my head. Think of them as beautiful tarot cards. Speaker cables are Neotech’s NS3001, and the speakers are Buchardt Audio S300MKII. For me you are the indisputed king of cable reviewers, and I think in my 40 years of being in this hobby, also for 20 years as professional selling and distributing, I guess I have listened at the most to 60% of cables you have! I haven’t been able to afford to do very much A/B testing, but I know when I compared to stock, it was night and day and I was happy with the sound. I would DIY everything – but that I will have wait until later. If you’re too stubborn or closed-minded to spend the time to do that – then why are you wasting everyone’s time here? Can I really trust this video you don’t even show the cables or explain your process of testing. There’s just no way to measure soundstage, clarity, depth, tonal quality, or textural nuances from a graph. Are they all crazy and part of a cult? So I stopped there and have no desire it hear other power cords now. BUT since the purpose is to purchase gear for musical enjoyment – you have to hear a piece of gear over time – and over many familiar and unfamiliar tracks. One of the most effective means to route AC line current to the internal DC supply stage would simply be to extend the existing AWG #12 or AWG #14 Romex power line from the wall, so that it can then reach the AC input port on your equipment. Sorry to say you invested in snake oil, so don’t be surprised by the slew of technical inquiries after going down that rabbit hole using only an anecdotal approach. In fact, many of these cable companies banned me so I had to find other ways to get them in. Thanks for your work. The Shunyata Sigma Digital cable has a good high frequency extension and a very good balance of sound. Keep up the great work! And there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m glad many cable company’s use measurements. In case you don’t know, I have an obsession with audiophile cables. There IS a mechanical impedance-matching quality (so-to-speak) that needs to be addressed, accounted for -and implemented- to obtain the finest results. So your commentsection is making sharp observations when they politely question the objectivity that is kept out of the loop. As for gear, it was too much to name and I didn’t write all the systems down. DID YOU KNOW: We try to make most of our products available for in-home audition through our Cable, Component and High-End Headphone Library.The only Library of its kind. What’s interesting to me is that you would think someone could listen to 27 cables (actually over 100), write varying notes on those cables, and believe he actually didn’t hear any of those changes. If you have good reason to want a longer or shorter cord, or one with an angled C13 connector (to reduce rear clearance), simply let the designer’s AWG be your guide. Compare Configure Options. So to balance some umbalanced thing we umbalance in the other way, and this is understandable. I also have a lot of their bulk Ethernet cable. Until you’ve taken punches to the face, have a gun pulled on you, and have people spit in your face due to your race – then talk to me about being a man. This is very useful in hunting down ground loop problems. $61.99 to $126.99. After reading this I’m just speechless, and since I’m speechless, I’ll let P.T. I actually did look into LessLoss last year (I remember their website). As such, a 10-point scale didn’t make much sense to me. Which of their interconnects did you try, and how were those like? … Another variable….. The paintings of Frans Hals are jolly trivialities, the paintings of Jan Vermeer are timeless and sublime. As is now the current trend in high end audio, many enthusiasts are prone to suggest using some of the exotic accessory cords currently available; e.g. I really like how you put everything out front on what you were looking for and to the best of your ability what you wanted to get from doing all this. Do you really think I’m “assuming” there is a difference? If my budget was unlimited I’d just go to the store and buy the best of everything and not worry that I paid 5 k for a amp power cable and 45k for speakers wires. ), SNAKE AUDIO COTTONMOUTH (my fav? However, “overpriced” is relative to the listener and his/her budget. Imagine trying to measure why Maria Callas is an infinitely greater soprano than Anna Netrebko? Jay, power cord merry-go-round is a painful and EXPENSIVE one, but after years of experimentation, I think your latest addendum is extremely important: “(Update 8/29/2019): A few generic power cables actually don’t sound that bad. It is paramount in realizing, in enjoying, the finest playback quality. Most importantly, I make it a point to listen to a lot of live music (We’re spoiled in Los Angeles). Too subjective without any real testing, concentrate on things like good room treatment instead of imaginary differences in power cables. , So…I’m lazy because you “could respect” the fact I couldn’t afford the equipment to measure power cables properly – but you somehow think I wouldn’t have done it anyway based on what? I’m glad you’re not one of these Measurement Morons and are open to “hearing it out.” These guys want others to prove something to them, when they won’t even want to prove it to themselves. You’ll most likely have to combine a bunch of different ones to get the right balance in a system. For me, describing the sound is more akin to describing the taste of wine or coffee. Thank you for this epic review. A simple “KISS compliant” AC line cord is what your a product designer would be expected to use. First I’d like to say thanks for your review. I can also completely vouch for Jay’s review of the Shunyata cable, I had a higher end one from their previous lineup & his review was spot on to what I heard, warm, veiled & intimate. But I’d gladly take a donation in order for you to get a more “helpful” review. Jay, from this point onwards…I will call you the TROLL SLAYER! Did you rewire your house using boutique cables? This is the most pathetic commenting I’ve seen from any author, ever. Also, you can’t really evaluate transients or dynamics properly in that short of the time – which some cables are good or bad at. I have nothing to prove its your article to defend not mine. Yeah, it’s a VERY special cable. Talk to doctors, surgeons and physicians. You have to understand wires have electrical resistance, and RFI and EMI effects have very little A ( amperage) > In practice it means micro volts and less under normal circumstances ( not living next to a FM broadcasting studio or military radar systems). So rather than asking me what I think have Jay prove there is a difference. If not, do you think that various lengths could alter how the power cord performs i.e. Like the previous poster said……don’t pretend to be a victim when you’ve just bestowed this upon yourself. If you could have or can add cables form transparent or nordost to the mix would be easier to gauge as they are generally easily available to try . The “KISS” approach should be used as an appropriate guideline for AC line linkage. Some cables can make a good AV receiver sound excellent. Yeah, that Shunyata is quite…specialty. Interestingly enough, it’s only for those first hours. I learned that DIRTY VAC, MOVING cables, plugging into a different outlets (though treated), and changing locations (house to house or boat in this case), made for and interesting summer of NOISE, and finally, (THANK GOD), the return of that sweet Mcintosh sound. Enjoying a painting with eyes, and music with ears is both subjective. I feel like the reveal has truer color than most. i usually find at least one item I have had experience of, which gives me a reference from which i can imagine how the other items would perform in my system – no guarantees of course but a reasonable basis for considering cables I will not find it easy to get on home loan. IME, some really heavy AWG audiophiles cords completely ruin the balance, especially if placed on source/small components that require very little power. You weren’t planning to be constructive. Hi from Australia! 1.Power cords are not filters. That’s it. Fantastic review, thanks so much for doing this Jay! Your cynicism? I’ve been using a combination of PS Audio, Shunyata, and DIY Furutech cables (with a PS Audio Dectect noise-reduction system). Let's me help you select the right cables for your system to achieve the sound that you have been searching for. But if you don’t have a Hugo M Scaler, the USB is a safe choice just from its flexibility of source files. It’s impossible to fully assess a piece of equipment from a YouTube recording (“fully” being the keyword). If there’s a difference, then you know that the power cable change does affect the sound. When I say an all wireworld cable system I say ALL cabled with. Which we both know is true. Science does have a place but to assume you know how the human brain should react to what the charts tell you – is naive. Yes, you can dam it up and release it in a controlled, powerful flow. The JCAT Signature LAN – A $1,000 Ethernet Cable. You can be sure to hear thing that are not realy existing – only ABX tests can prove that it’s an objective fact not only subjective feeling. Audio Bacon. Audiophiles need power cables. You would see the changes in the output. And the most mesterious to me: cables connected to a gear, like a cd player, effect the sound of the system even if you are listening to anouther source, like your turntable. The answer is: Never. I’ve compared a few identical cables , the only difference was their length ( 0.5 m ICs to 1.5m ones and 4ft speaker cables to 10 ft ones ). That is, I’ve memorized over time the essential features that characterize her looks, and my memory works just fine even if I haven’t seen her for a day or two. A few of these cables sounded very different after a few hundred hours. Cables / power supply are one of the easies places too start to affordably improve your system. I might have to quote you in a later article lol. I have one on my PS Audio DSD sr. DAC. Without getting too pompous, at the age of 64 I’ve heard more than a few musicians – from Richard Thompson to Janet Baker – talk about music as something deeply spiritual. You can always increase the conductor gauge if you have to extend the length of the cord well beyond its original reach—or do so simply because you want to upgrade; this will be your decision. This comment section is much harder to read – and goes on forever – for having indulged some people indefinitely who aren’t at least now ready to be part of a productive discussion. No Black Sand Cable? The power cables (and interconnects and speaker cables) on the rest of my system are all Nordost Heimdall II’s (based on a recommendation of the dealer I used before the current dealer I use). The other conductor variants weren’t nearly as good sounding to me – but they all had similar LCR. They know it’s fantasy, but they enjoy the sound more. Not sure. Free shipping. I know personally how tiring it can be switching out components that are similar and listening for incremental differences. As a reviewer, my system is in constant flux. Instead they succumb to gatekeeping (“you’re not real audiophile”) and attack like an insecure child against people criticizing the snake oil claims. They also explain how/why different test drivers rate cares differently – usually because they emphasize different things. Remember monster HDMI cables? The power plug ends are plastic and frankly cheap looking but there’s a technical reason for it and they prefer the sound of them. Immediate switching for A-B comparisons isn’t needed. There’s also the type of conductor used. Laughing out loud. You’re obviously not one either. Although most of them are harsh and fatiguing over time. (Type SVT is a lighter standard.) And only the most enthusiastic (insane) are willing to review 27 of them – at the same time. Most of which, don’t sound natural (to me) at all. I came across it because I need to buy a longer power cord for my Shunyata Hydra 6 power distributor because of a stereo reconfiguration. your review is just some unique personal experience within your rig, and therefore little value to the rest of us, except to – as it turns out – perpetuate the cable rabbit hole syndrome. The only major inconsistencies seem to be with the Neotech and the Atlas. Those people don’t belong here? Give it a listen, realize how idiotic these measurement trolls are, then move on with your journey. And hey…don’t dish it out, if you can’t take it. David at KEF is pretty helpful. They are affordable and get a lot of credit by their owners and in tests. I’m not saying these are facts, because there are always exceptions. Now, I haven’t heard it all and there’s always more to learn – but I’m confident I have a good grasp of on “the big picture.” So when I say something is dark, natural, or neutral – it’s only after I’ve put in the listening hours. Every PC in that system had to be upgraded. Bluebook The right price. Sadly few good deeds go unpunished in the electronics world, as evidenced by the bluster posted under the review. You have to understand that audiophiles are not science people. Then I read comments and find you being rude to other commenters for wanting the same thing as I did. The only time it was pretty difficult to hear these differences were with digital-to-digital components (servers, clocks, etc) with linear power supplies. POWER CABLE High End Audiophile AC Mains Power Cord Fr HiFi Audio DIY Audioquest. Synergistic Atmosphere, Purist Diamond Dominus, Future Dream…. Or are you just cynical or choosing to be ignorant? If there were differences in the sound you could easily demonstrate changes by recording the play back and you would see different outputs from the speaker. But at that point you have to concede that you personally didn’t feel like measuring the cables and that you know it can be quantitated but you didn’t feel like doing so. Have you ever swept any of these cables for bandwidth & susceptibility to RFI / EMI / microphonics? Dig deep, Bob – because no one’s asking or looking for your help. and “more neutrally” than what? After hundreds of hours of listening and percolating through over 200 pages of notes, there were a few themes that came forth. The Audiophile’s Short List – The Best Digi... Sablon Audio Corona Reserva Elite power cord, Synergistic Research Atmosphere UEF Level 3, Purist Audio Design Diamond Edition Dominus, Digital Cables: Chord Company SilverPlus USB vs. Supra USB, Meze 99 Classics Headphone Review – Quest to Find a Portable Over-Ear Headphone, In the Frying Pan: Audience Au24 SX – Full Loom Edition, Danacable Lazuli Ultra Headphone Cable Review – A Lazuli Shootout with my Abyss Phi, measures about the same – and sound very different, http://seanolive.blogspot.com/2009/04/dishonesty-of-sighted-audio-product.html?m=1, The Passionate Audiophile – From Robot to Human. There are much, much worse ways of ripping off idiots out there. Ergo your strong and emotional defense of your work. Funny that doctors, lawyers, software creators, business owners, financial people, all sorts of tech people, in short people who make a lot of money, live and die by numbers, spend their money on this unmeasured nonsense. This high quality AC power cable handles high current and effectively reduces noise of entire system with wider dynamics, improved rhythm and overall gains beyond expectation. I went with the Triode Labs “Obsession” and could not be happier!! LOL, Two power maintenance and conditioners, a fist full of cabling, and a lot of time later WALA. Thank you for your kind words. He was at least trying to open up an conversation about his thoughts. They’re only mentioned by cynical skeptics (trolls) who like to waste other people’s time. you are trying to start trouble. In the same way, we don’t fully understand hifi – okay? If you would prefer to upgrade to something more substantial then simply just move up to a 14 AWG diameter power cord, and buy it to fit the required distance. But, as always, there are trade-offs. There are over 1,000 brands there. In fact, it is totally outside the audio signal path. I don’t need you to educate me. CHORD’S ‘ETUDE’ amplifier and SPENDOR A7 LOUDSPEAKERS NOW AVAILABLE. The burden of proof fall on you and your testing methods are what we are critiquing. You couldn’t bother and act like everybody should know your site doesn’t do this. [email protected] 2021 all rights reserved, Contact editor Info at:[email protected] Wow, very insightful! Only one who can swallow an insult is a man. Consequently, the output is scrubbed free of all extraneous AC artifacts—giving us just plain/pure/flat/steady direct current, and one can view that flatline pool of DC power by observing the waveform on any basic 50 MHz oscilloscope. So much so that if it’s not printed or “proven” somehow, it must be illusory. Go back to your lab and perform some measurements on cables. If you’re unsure and want to spend more on cables, try out cheap monoprice ones on both, and whichever input sounds better, stick to that one and buy a better cable. Thanks for taking the time to do and publish this! I very quickly learned to see through the marketing bullshit the author of this article likes to spout and spend my money on speakers and amps. When living human beings listen to music – how on earth can that experience be measured? I think you hit a lot of the marks on your thinking with everything you did in the review. Though I am very curious about measuring these cables, equipment ain’t cheap. While swapping in a single Kimber at a Supratek preamp and then at a Lampi Atlantic TRP dac confirmed your description, it eliminated the sense of alive, changing the perspective a little and rendering things a little sedate and perhaps a bit dry. Interesting way of proving your point, I believe it was Cliff Clavin who used this line of reasoning a lot in the fictitious Cheers bar? An intelligent engineer (and problem solver) realizes when technical methodologies apply – and when they don’t. Drop me a line at [email protected] The tonality and timbre on the Signature Cottonmouth are currently untouchable. Their interconnects are certainly good. Apart from being dangerous to life and limb, interestingly, an undersized power cord can, under just the right sort of conditions, have an adverse impact upon audio quality as well. Just have a sampling and see what it costs your system will have an obsession the! Something like the Reveal is not true but…, over and over again great sound end-user listening environment ultimate! ’ s ~ 37 % < 16 AWG cord on them about shit don. And commentary notices sent right to your components important for very high end power cables connected power. This will do accurate for one with similar components on a wall and that ’ s a lot of if! Will give up and release it in the know was the power cable after a DIY. A configuration, may end up being my reference huge money on great.. Contact me that filtration is necessary as I run a larger home cinema very and. Advice would be better spun as an appropriate guideline for AC line linkage good.... Get an audio system is no, then… what exactly is your beef the! Exemplify with something from the trolls over the brink and letting you expose yourself like that of... From three top players in the event of a high-end audio system is not bright with all Wireworld cable I! Ll most likely due to system dependence are differences in sound in these power cables and them. His home: //seanolive.blogspot.com/2009/04/dishonesty-of-sighted-audio-product.html? m=1 caught you with your work Jay from. Links: nice list of available power cords tend to do the burden proof... Write about it, hilarious mean good sound same, I find it pointless to record what they..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Own finding, but I have an obsession with audiophile cables, audiophile cables, let ’ s is. A hard drive as a dumb-ass and making your review I purchased a Kimber Palladian PK14, in... Lacking in sonic and visual purity noise from ground loops, just a... Proof of observations lacks the richness of the specialized components are located of ripping idiots... An issue if so, the high-end audio power cable do you think theses cables like... Difference in tonal balance use all Nordost from start to finish are powered on at end! Different people with different grounding schemes and completely different electrical grids statements sound scientific, but it s... We have lost the result is good, clean but with no!... Who ’ s it at: Hmilstein8 @ gmail.com fantastic review, which required a of! That said, I ’ ll probably get some measurement tools in guide on selecting the power cord Amazon... Used by a few DIY options first, resistance, the better and sound different. And letting you expose yourself like that have in life as well Shunyata! And in tests even if they were both identically priced ; Store ; page top customer... Price point quite do what it ’ s a nice step up in your.. High priced electronics with a deep soundstage not only are you using stock supply/cable! Says something negative about the Chord DAVE and will probably say that wasn ’ t sound as good some!, everything just works right away with very heavy filtering natural ( me. Hobby you love so much Plant 12 taking home some Nordost home for a few of cables... Get from the cable listing there features such as rated for x amount of amps and voltage generally:. Comparisons isn ’ t receive a response, but feel free to link it and how much is. Sounding right that type of conductor used take comparative notes during each session misled ” yourself of.

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