The differences are that the Toupe has a much flatter profile whereas the Romin is more curved with a wider nose. The Specialized Power Expert saddle provides reliable comfort and support even on all-day rides. For best work, you need to have a position in the optimal placed pedaling place. The seat cover material appears very durable and shows no signs of wear despite hundreds of miles of pedaling abuse… Specialized Phenom Pro:- Weather-resistant and featherweight. The plastic carbon obtained shell and the still rails lifted up to all the misuse. The Power Arc also has a little less 'dip', although it's still not completely flat from front to back. Phenom is a great off road saddle. Sedlo Phenom Comp je lehké, odborně vyladěné pro zajištění tuhosti a efektivity, využívá duté ližiny ze slitiny Cr-Mo a ideální množství polstrování pro jízdu v horách. Specialized Phenom Expert Sele:- Carbon-supported and the Titanium alloy rails are durable. but i have moved to the sqlabs 611 ergowave active and so far it's my new favorite saddle. Snuden på sadlen er adaptiv, hvilket betyder, at den former sig efter lige præcis dine bevægelsesmønstre. Couple weeks ago for some reason I decided I wanted a body geo seat for my road bike to protect my soft tissues/perineum so I went down to the bike shop to buy a Specialized saddle. Looking for my next saddle. But it comes at a price most can't afford. Their design is a bit unique and similar to Brooks saddles. I do like the SQLab active a lot more than the Phenom 143. This durable saddle has no sign after hundreds or more miles of pedaling misuse. To remove the pressure on sensitive areas, the full anatomical is used. I have it on my gravel and road bikes but not my CX or XC bikes. The saddle is comfortable for the longest ride. With 90k subscribers I'd hope there are some folks out there who are heavier (210lbs+) and ride wider saddles that can compare SQ Labs vs Specialized vs Selle Italia or others. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - $34.00 1 bid +$8.12 shipping. I ride without pads/chamois, and can put considerable mileage on my 155mm 2009 Specialized Phenom Comp, which I really like, but I want to try something different. You need to get measured, just because of your perception of your weight doesn’t mean you need an especially wide saddle. But don’t worry! With the old style Specialized Phenom saddles (2009 vintage) and Romin (non evo) saddles they would develop a pronounced sag after 6 months to a year and need replacing. Easiest way I can describe it is the difference between straddling a log (Power Arc) versus a plank (old Power). Now, as a bike mounter, you may have some confusion which will be the best for your vehicle. The original Power Saddle is a fantastic perch. After a friend recommended I get measured and try an sqlab, I bought the same sqlab mtb saddle for my road/gravel bikes and I ride it exclusively. It features the same channel, length, and hollow titanium rails as the original and Pro Arc, but where it differs is in its shell and padding. 2. Specialized Phenom vs. Romin. I can't believe how much more comfortable it is. The power is my all time favorite saddle, fits great but it's kinda short for off road use. Again, the Power Expert is … Specialized er kendt for at revolutionere cykleindustrien, og de skaber også banebrydende produkter indenfor cykelsadler. But this means that it still features a stiff composite shell and supple, Level 2 PU padding. It's long which give you a big target when getting out of your saddle often. 240 here, just got SQLab 611 active and it’s damn awesome. Specialized designed the Phenom for racing. Ps...and get a decent chamois for god sake. Get measured, use a chamois, ride with a level saddle - don’t try to reinvent the wheel. The Specialized S-Works Power saddle has an inner core of carbon fibre, and uses the same material for the ovals rails. 3. Specialized Power saddle with Mirror Technology review Specialized's Power saddle with Mirror Technology is the most comfortable saddle I've tested. The stiff shell and aggressive shape are aspects of racing but there is a limitation of commuting and recreational riding. 3. item 9 Specialized Phenom Expert White, Bike Saddle 155mm Road Cx Mtn Titanium Rails 8 - Specialized Phenom Expert White, Bike Saddle 155mm Road Cx Mtn Titanium Rails. Go get a professional saddle fitting. I need to sell them on eBay. The romin is best for road, mountain biking, and cyclocross. Actually, there is no perfect saddle for riding. I'm about your weight. If you want the saddle at a low price with high performance then we think that specialized phenom is proper to pick for you. The only one that is working for me is the SQLab 611, size 14. The popular Power saddle gets a comfort upgrade Our rating . Weight aside (I'm light for my weight), it's the skeletal bone width that matters. The shape of the Power Expert saddle on my mountain bike still looks the same as my almost new Power Expert turbo trainer saddle. The Specialized Power MIMIC women’s saddle: the technology and testing The original Specialized Power saddle was developed alongside Evelyn Stevens, the now-retired pro rider who was a … Specialized Phenom Expert. Total length difference is 3cm (24cm vs 27cm) (Image credit: Thomas McDaniel / Immediate Media) Image 4 of 16. The Ergon was a torture device. they make some amazing gear, i think you will like there saddles. I ride without pads/chamois, and can put considerable mileage on my 155mm 2009 Specialized Phenom Comp, which I really like, but I want to try something different.

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