thanks again for the guidance chaps. The correct torque is 8 Nm, like it says on the plug. of rotation must be observed without fail. Human Potato wrote:I was looking for a more accurate answer, like from a service manual.I know the owners handbook says just to tighten it, but I am used to using a torque wrench on oil drain plugs. Automatic Transmission Fluid Filler/Level Plug Torque: 15 Nm: Automatic Transmission Fluid Drain Plug Torque: 40 Nm: Coolant Replacement. Replace sump plug washer and screw in sump plug. Aluminium screws/bolts are marked with blue paint. I read an article about how somebody did a study on "calibrated elbow" vs. torque wrench, and the pros were worse than the amateurs, they always used a torque wrench (which has a longer arm therefore less pull to achieve a given torque). Why not use the torque wrench if you have it, even on something as ordinary as a drain plug? The drain plug should be snug, but not too tight since it's going into an aluminum oil pan. In lbs. It is not recommended to use OEM torque values when installing a SMART-O Plug Torque specs for OEM and regular aftermarket plugs are usually reached using engineering principles that take into account material, length, seal/washer, flange etc. This feels low when tightening to this so I think mechanics tend to 'tweak it up a bit more'. sump plug torque setting Also need spark plug torque settings if possible - Cagiva 2000 V-Raptor 1000 question New sump plug normally less than a £1 and torque to 30 Nm. I've been working on different vehicles for a long time and have never had a problem with things being loose and falling off or overly tight. Replace screws. Remove oil filter. Manual Transmission Fluid Type: SAE 75W FE gear oil Ford specification WSD-M2C200-D2 API GL-4 fully synthetic. Torque is usually measured in foot pounds (ft. / lbs.) M12 x 1.5. Oil drain plug to oil sump: N55 M12x1.5: Replace sealing ring. Basic oil pan. User #273470 6593 posts The typical torque specification for oil drain plugs on an aluminum oil pan is 20 to 25 foot-pounds. The last few I was charged for at the dealer they were AUD5 down (GBP2.50). Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria Public Forum Thank you, 2006CDT The torque for the sump plug is 50Nm. The torque setting for the sump plug is only 17 to 21 Nm. 3 - 3, Engine torque settings). Use a new copper or aluminium washer, tighten by hand first, then turn another 45 degrees. 22 Nm) (sect. 18 Nm - max. Top. Eg, Castrol Syntrans FE 75W Jointing torque and angle. All Torque Wrench Settings are given in good faith, no responsibility can be taken for any damage caused my incorrect values. Quote Laz That reminds me of when the dealer broke the plug on my 981 about 2 years ago: not that 37 is much too high, but maybe they torqued significantly more, thus cracking it. Remove sump plug with a 15mm (K Series) socket/spanner and drain oil into something that will hold 5 litres of fluid. What is the torque setting for a 52 plate 1.4 Petrol Rover 25 sump plug? The oil drain plug may be a basic drain plug, but the torque amount will be different. I use an old aircraft mechanics 1/4 dial-type torque wrench.Full deflection is 9+Nm. Nm Ft lbs. The plug I bought had thread sealant already on it. I usually shave off a couple Nm's to be safe, dont want to over tighten! Torque 20 Nm Torque angle on engines with M10 main bearing screws M10 70 ° ... 1AZ Oil drain plug All M12 x 1.5 25 Nm All M22 x 1.5 60 Nm 2AZ Oil pan on engine block All M6 8.8 10 Nm All M6 10.9 12 Nm. 12 AZD11-11.frb 20/10/97 11 - Engine Type Screw Measure Unit 11 14 Case covers Last time i didn't use a torque wrench, but since i have one now, i think it would be nice to be more precise … Ideally, the plug should also be replaced. Aluminium oil sump. They're cheap in the UK. Jointing torque and angle of rotation must be observed without fail. I've drilled my sump plug so that it can be lock wired once torqued correctly. Here's a very rough comparison: the cam cap bolts on Alfa 1750 engines are spec'd to 14, and considering all the stress, that torque was adequate, so for mere pan bolts, 7 seems plenty. You'll see 60-70 etc on brake carriers etc though. 2AZ Oil pan on engine block. (I managed to use a chain removal tool successfully on the K Series, S2 111S) Post by Karlos123 » Fri Aug 02, 2019 12:39 pm Thanks guys!! 25nm is about right torque to properly seal the new copper crush washer and not too much to destroy the sump plug. Crankcase Drain Plug Torque: 14 ft lbs (19 Nm) CAUTION Maximum torque for the screen fitting is 25 ft-lb (34Nm), do not over tighten Oil Filter Engine Sump Engine Sump Drain Plug- Bottom View Drain 23 Re-check the oil level on the dipstick and add oil … Hyundai i30 1.4 2008. Oil filter 11.8 ~ 15.7 Nm Oil pan drain plug 34.3 ~ 44.1 Nm Engine oil Oil quantity Total 3.2L When replacing a short engine or a block assembly Oil pan 2.7L Drain and refill 2.9L Including oil filter I don't have info for 1st gen Picanto. Now I have fitted a new magnetic sump plug with a new crush washer so I’m thinking I may not have done it up tight enough as I’m aware it’s a alloy sump. Power Steering Fluid: VW G 002 000: Brake Fluid Type: DOT 4 brake fluid: A bolt/plug put to 10nm probably take a lot more to losen it a year later..... Lots of small bolt on parts only take 10-15. Remove the oil sump filter cartridge (4) using service tool 88713.2906. M8x26. Position seal (a) so that the side with the square edge is facing the chain side crankcase half. I changed my oil last week and all the major ones like sump bolt, axle nuts and brake calliper bolts are there. 1AZ Oil drain plug. I only discovered the torque setting after I fitted it but reckon I did it about right, and it's noticeable that there is a bit more to be had when hot each time I try - progressively less each time though. Hino E13C Displacement, bore and stroke Displacement 12.9 liter 788 CID Bore 5.394 in 137 mm Stroke 5.748 in 146 mm Torque Wrench Settings for Vauxhall Corsa models 2006 through to 2010. 8 Nm. of oil drain plug / sump plug. N54. This includes engines Z12XEP. Coolant Type: 50/50 mix of anti-freeze and water (G12++ or higher) Coolant System Capacity: 7.1 litres: Other Fluid Types. I have worked on friends car with aluminium sump plug with magnet gizmo.

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