An excellent Newsreader. Still not possible to mark a whole group as marked. I bought the update - but I think a little bit too early. - the importer still does not work properly. OS X has woefully few Usenet readers and Unison is a very poor example of one. That said, we're still considering the issue!" I've not selected "load newsgroup on startup" - but as soon as the newsgroup or even the whole favorites folder I made was selected on last quit, they are loaded at next start no matter if this option is selected or not. that the NZB sites won't index, Unison can do that; NZBVortex can't. ask the user to manually choose on the action to make. I miss it. I'm wondering, is Unison's database management still so slow that my MacPro with four 3 GHz Xeon processors with 10 GBs of RAM will still take 10-12 hours to update my newsgroups databases as it always did? I found that the only support from Panic available is by email. Anyway, Unison is a tool which does two-way synchronisation between computers and every time there is an inconsistency (a new file, a deleted file, a change, etc.) Beachballs, this is getting totally useless .. I’ve used a nearly-identical setup for several years to keep my systems synchronized. Not for me, unfortunately. Really, goes from worse to worser. In fact, beyond the occasional crash and when the program has to purge/download/group a large number of headers (and the glacial speed it goes about doing this), I'm pretty fond of Unison. In the end I forced quit, restarted about 10 times, and then decided to diable the network, let it time out, then go into preferences and reset the max headers to "baby chunk" size. Annoying bug still in version 2.0.1 each time it's started. Apparently Unison 2 cleanses some par files from the set. I paid for the upgrade but It's back to 1.8.1 for me and hopefully back to the drawing board for Panic. UI elements won't respond and sometimes lock up, (Menus, main interface) deleting messages in a view won't clear the messages correctly, active downloads won't let you clear them if you cancel them. :-(. It was that slow. I would give you a 5 if you can stop it beach balling me so often! Some fellow commentators will probably not agree with me and of course that's fine, but this is how yours truly sees it. - Freezes, crashes, and even more crashes. Unison is a user-level program, so there is no need to modify the kernel or to have superuser privileges on either host. Most of the bugs seem to come from the DL and extraction engine with large downloads stalling repeatedly and no auto-resume possible. Posted in Covid-19 school staff schools. Also the program suddenly stops downloading once in a while, can't connect to your newsserver anymore and asking you if your connection is OK. Main bug, namely " uploadfreeze" , has been solved now ! Let´s see where this goes as there are not many alternatives on the Mac. The header data is not deleted, it is all sitting right where it should be waiting to be read. I drive it so I decide when it changes gear and not the other way around. Text Postings Unreadable, messages do not appear, blank window, grey field appears, FAIL; Kudos to MATREYA the previous poster for mentioning the marking of cross-posts as read. It has been great and solid up until I installed it on Mountain Lion. So, should you buy it? Ideal for large downloads (mkv, rar, nzb, etc). !! I look at the performance monitor and my duo-core mac book pro was at 100% CPU utilization. Work has been done on Unison, no doubt, but I think the one-man-behind should only do programming, and that a designer should work with him, for all questions fonctions/interface/decisions. The program has a menu item and a toolbar icon for "Mark as read" and "Mark All Read", but they do, quite literally, nothing. My main gripes are: It was slow as heck before the 2.1 update but I have good speed from it now. This Classic Mac OS and/or macOS software–related article is a stub. is a huge understatement in my experience. Should I give Unison another whirl? If you’re running macOS 10.15, be sure to use Unison 2.51. All in all - this version of Unison would probably be good for non-serious usenet users who have no intention of really using usenet to it's fullest. It bothers me greatly to dl multiple Gb of data junk. 2.1.10 was fine, if you still need a newsgroup reader in 2014. 1,707 talking about this. * If operation queue can't connect to the server and the error is retry-able, we now re-queue operation and try 30 seconds later Ergo for *moi* unusable & back to 1.8.1 it is. No matter what you do, you are working with all the headers in a particular group. But this seems to be a blessing in disguise, as I don't seem to be having any of the issues people are reporting with versions 2 and above. The interface is still OK, but it is nowhere near as usable as the guys at Panic seem to think it is. That's how familiar I am with this app. The changelog referenced APFS support, which is what was being used on the MacBook Air. It trashes all EyeTV recordings running concurrently with any Unison activity (massive video/sound drop-outs as Unison ungraciously grabs all CPU/HDD calls). I could not see how this was fixed at all. Very disappointed with 2.0.4. Debug RUST_LOG=debug unison References The developers of this app really need to go back to the drawing board with this one. Cache problems like stated in the FAQ aren't really a users concern, are they? I purchased 2.0 the minute it was announced, as I purchased 1.x when I tried and liked it. It's very frustrating and -yes - I'm running the latest version, 2.1.2. If you have corrections, suggestions for improvement, or feedback on how I can improve this post, please contact me on Twitter. Now I would also like a Prefs setting or some such to switch off this rather annoying Smart Downloading behaviour. I would like to receive 10% off my first purchase, easy access to free products, special offers, and more by signing up to the Unison newsletter. But sometimes downloads get "stuck" in the queue and never go away. By far the best reader out there on osx. I was so completely surprised by Unisons speed. I got a message at the bottom that said "Fetching" ... and I waited. It doesn't even mark binaries previously downloaded; so I have found myself downloading something a few times… Then there's the interminable spinning beachball with "Application not Responding" Dock/Activity Monitor notice (it is usually actually working whilst it states it's not responding, it's just that one has to wait several minutes for Unison to free up the computer from all the threads it has spawned. Christmas and new year shutdown period. first i thought it was the news provider but then i changed provider a few times but nope this was the unison that messed everything up. 3. Creating a folder and putting a bunch of newsgroups in it (e.g., I have seven groups in my audiobook folder. It offers all the expected newsreader functionality: easy-to-navigate threaded discussions, the ability to ignore annoying posters, multiple signature management, and easy, Mail … Garbage. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DROSS! A little more "developer presence" would reassure me a lot. You cannot just work with unread stuff here. It looks like the developers really think that UI stuff is everything, while back-end effectiveness is a byproduct. But I mainly use it for text so not a big deal for me. I thought after upgrading to Unison 2 matters would improve. A waste of money. Before this version everything worked great. Unison have a nasty habit to not find all articles in a post, same post works in Newsbin. Very elegant when it works. I use both NZBVortex and Unison. And it looks like new Users are unable to even locate Unison on the AppStore. If you have a large library of headers, they will be wiped. Unfortunately it doesn't remember that you want FS every time you launch it :(. I finally removed it completely. UNISON meets Department for Education and NHS test and trace officials to discuss the end-of-term announcement about mass testing in English schools in January. For several days now i'm unable to post anything because your program crashes and crashes There's a lot of other unexpected behavior and it never should be released to the public anyway !! Unison — our excellent OS X app for accessing Usenet Newsgroups and the many wonders and mysteries contained within — has reached the end of its road after years of faithful service. I love Unison. Dont know if i'm the only one, anyone else with same problem ???? I'm ready to just downgrade at this point. It includes the 1st .par file (which is small), but the rest are automatically purged from the .nzb for some reason. I've been using Unison for 6 years now and I've experienced a few minor issues that were corrected by Panic when I emailed them. I takes the application over FIVE MINUTES to become responsive after I first double-click its icon. But all our members get the same benefits, support and exclusive offers. The serial numbers Panic sent to some customers are invalid, I emailed their support and got no answer since then... (today is january 14 2010). This new (terrible) behavior alone is reason enough to save your money and stick with 1.x; other shortcomings that come to mind: Regardless of the claim that it was 'rebuilt from the ground up', perhaps they should have stuck with what worked. If you managed directly the categories, you're out of luck, Truth? Unison 2 is so buggy that 1.8 was like a dream. Bit overpriced for a Usenet client, though. It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propagating the changes in each replica to the other. Tons of new features, notably: What's fair is fair ! I quit using an app I wanted to love because it was so lame and slow I couldn't stand it any more. "Intelligent downloads" (par support) was always somewhat sketchy, never reliable, the implementation of NZB search engines only half-hearted, never thoroughly done, and downloading large amounts of newsgroup headers is as slow in 2012 as it was in 2007. Would it be possible to have an option to stick to the old interface or change the background to a lighter shade of grey so it will still be evident that one is reading and expanded tree? Just upgraded from V1.8.1 to V2 and have a couple of observations: Using 2.2 with the exact same server settings doesn't do anything! Works perfectly. Make it easier to download PAR files. I was very excited when Unison 2 came out and bought my upgrade immediately. I've been noticing that my downloads randomly pause. A return of the available header count next to the group name wouldn't hurt much either. Unison 2.0.1 crashed so bad yesterday (one of many) that it would not even launch, even after twol system restarts. Yes, it can take several minutes to fetch and group a large bunch of headers, but once they're loaded, it's a very convenient way to browse and search an entire newsgroup. Plus, with a click of a button, I can read the messages associated with those groups which often answer questions I have or gives me a place to ask a question or request a post. And hopefully fix your bugs! Then release a proper Major release. You have to manually delete them using the "delete" button. (Hopefully this information will help someone else.). Or does this happen with the error message also displayed? It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propagating the changes in each replica to the other. Please fix it. MacPARdeLuxe and SimplyRAR work fine for me. Version 2.1x was ok but can't be registered anymore on a new system as they shut down(?) It makes reading groups so much nicer. After paying for it, I discover that it has a very nasty bug where it freezes up my Mac Pro for approx 30 seconds and then the entire left sidebar becomes a mess of corrupted graphics, and the only way to see my newsgroups listed properly if to relaunch Unison. I am used to marking threads READ in newsgroup readers. Setup: Unison 2.51.2 for macOS installed locally, unison-2.51.2 compiled on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS Sync between Mac and Ubuntu works fine for small directories (~ 1000 files). It is a perfect match for Download Managers in the Internet Tools category. No hard feelings. Also, when you want to read more posts, it shouldn't load headers for articles you have already read. This is embarrassingly bad coding from a Mac developer the sort of coding one expects on PC's. Unison is a shareware Mac OS X client for Usenet, developed by Panic Software. I don't know, seems many of the reviews I've read here are a bit off the chart nit-picky with their complaints. Anyone else having issues with 2.2 simply not loading groups? You can clear the caches and wipe out everything including the headers in a group that you have in your sidebar, but if you happen to get a nzb from another source, how are you suppose to clear that groups cache?? I also get needless error messages from time to time that it has failed to establish an SSL connection. Unison 2.1.10 on Mavericks uses 110% of CPU when downloading headers, funs on my MacBook Pro are going crazy... What and why it is happening? Unison may hope that there won't be another software developer that releases a similar program. Searching NZB sites is handy (Unison can search any NZB url one wants as well. But then, if the developers make this version usable for me by changing the above I might give them a try. When I first launch Unison everything is fine, and I can download newsgroup files, etc, etc. No questions asked. I'm using SABnzbd now and I'm very happy with it, does this do anything better/worse? - The only way I found to organize groups already marked as favorites into folders was to drag them. The Devs clearly have no shame as they take people's money and do nothing to produce a truly credible Mac Usenet tool. The AppStore version of Unison is still at version 2.1.10 for anyone who has previously purchased this software. Here is how Unison rates on each one. Unison 2 still does not handle any kind of interruption in the connection to the news server gracefully at all. However, if I leave Unison sitting idle for a while (it's finished downloading) and then come back to it, absolutely nothing happens when I next click on the Unison window. Still in love with Thoth.. There are still apparent bugs that spoil an otherwise great design. Horrible, but necessary as we have too few serious alternatives. I’d used Unison 2.48.15 on macOS for quite a while, so I didn’t test the installation right away, instead moving on to the Surface Pro. That is normal, the connection is flaky, it should just try again and I don't want to know about it. Needs bug fixes and less superfluous eyecandy. The best feature is that it does not use the old database. ), but I still prefer to browse header listings, because I find things I miss searching NZBs. When it's working, your lucky, when it's buggy ( which it probably will be ), deinstall and look for other alternatives. That should do it, right? Unfortunately, I ran into a couple problems: Once past those two issues I managed to successfully get Unison to synchronize files between the Surface Pro and the Ubuntu system. The main issue by miles has not been addressed, meaning files can still not be marked Read or Unread. It lets you preview MP3 files directly off a Usenet server, view images in an elegant iPhoto-like thumbnail view, prioritize transfers with a flexible downloads manager, find favorites quickly with a categorized column-view interface, smartly group files into meta-groups (like songs into albums), show download status beautifully in the dock, and much more. Nice interface, it seems as if the feature set had evolved to a point where it may have been. Added an NZB site to the menu, went to said site, then found and clicked my NZB and bam! And waited. Pre-compiled binaries for Unison 2.51 are available for both Windows and macOS, so that’s probably the best version to use. Unison 1.8.1 gave you more feedback on what was going on, while this upgrade leaves you pretty much in the dark...Why?? This network-related software article is a stub. Discover New Mac Apps. Nice software if it's working but if some crusial functions don't work properly it isn't even worth one dollar !!! I was able to run Unison to synchronize files between the Surface Pro, the Ubuntu system, and the MacBook air running macOS 10.15. In previous versions I was able to change the "SUBJECT" to "FROM". parameters), we get a "pretty" set of icons that's being sold as a directory - for what it is, the visual emphasis is vastly exaggerated. It's been a LONG time coming, and things were looking grim, but I am truly impressed! (First email was last week, right after launch of version 2.0 ), Doesn't seem to work on "non-Apple" hardware, lacks unread article counts but so far pretty stable even if I am going back to 1.81. This has been broken since Unison 2.0 launched, and is still broken months later. the synchronisation only happens when initiated by the user. Posted on 21 December 2020. Someone tell me, has this thing speed up to be usable? I just wish the developers would sit down and sort the stability out. There were no packaged versions of Unison 2.51 for Ubuntu. Select "upload" and the program freezes. Usenet newsreader handles messages, files, & media. Of course it was trying to catch up on 4 binary groups all at the same time so I would expect some latency. Of course, there's a privacy issue that may be a concern for some, but not me. Building, installing, and testing Unison in Linux is relatively straightforward. Note that the list of problems probably does not end here because it was not possible to fully test this software. Once that happens, the entire Mac UI locks up for maybe ten seconds or so. Think they would suffer from that, since their version 2 is " crappy" from the beginning of the release ! The last major update was version 1.7 (everything since then has been bug fixes), and that came out in April of 2005. Our antivirus check shows that this Mac download is virus free. The truly spectacular failure of Unison 2, though, is the complete inability of the program to mark messages as read and hide them. It took a while for it to develop but it is fully mature and great now! Very bad update - brings nothing new really, crashes during downloads, download speed at ½ of previous version. Let me know when 2.0.6 comes out, so that I can use again. I agree with most of the comments posted about the new version 2.0. I didn't like it at all. - When you're browsing a group in Unison, the binaries you've already downloaded are marked with a tick (though, annoyingly, this feature doesn't seem to work after you move a download out of the download folder). I emailed Panic support, and got answer that 10.8 is not supported (this was a week before official release of 10.8, maybe Panic think they support 10.8 now) I have this pause problem on all my macs using 10.8 with Unison. Bought this and the horror started While Unison is available for all three platforms and does work across (and among) systems running all three operating systems, I did encounter a few interoperability issues while making it work. It is a perfect match for RSS in the Internet Tools category. Very good version.I like the full Screen mode and it looks great. I delete all binary file listings from Unison (instead of marking them read as I did in Thoth), this may be why the program performs faster. In this particular case a developer who, because of techinical difficulties, thinks he can and should decide how Usenet should be used by his clients. I found many problems while testing Unison 2. The Ultimate Guide to Mac Parental Controls, Mac Password Managers: Protecting Your Online Mac Identity. NZBVortex's UI may be a bit of a mongrel here and there, but a) it actually does what it promises, and b) beneath the pretty surface Unison's always had (and still does have) some truly ugly corners as well. Unison runs a little cooler, in my experience. Incredible: So if you're someone who actually contributes to the usenet, thusly needing something more than a leecher, perhaps you should consider downgrading Unison "...End of development, last update for Unison..." A lot other issues as well ! For some reason Unison 2.xx has been far less stable than ist 1.xx predecessor. There were some minor bugs with the initial 2.0 release (like trial timeouts) but I've never had issues with downloading or decoding large archives from Giganews. I've been using Unison to upload and download since V2 with very few problems, and certainly not the sluggish behavior I see in the reviews. (This. Transmit isn't the fastest FTP client, either, but it is at least reliable and has a decent interface, so many of us use it. The agonizing slowness in loading headers must have been caused by Unison applying rules and is now in the past. Need support? I know you're trying your upmost (is that a word in English?) Certainly for the premium price they charge, I would expect at least basic functionality to work. After two weeks of putting Unison 2.1.6 through its paces without mercy, I'm confident in saying it's fixed! For the first time in years I'm looking for a different newsreader. Given that the present program works fine, I think this will be one of those "upgrade when I get my tax refund" type upgrades. Install Unison 2.48.4 on Mac OS X with Homebrew. Let me clear the caches myself across all the groups #2. Have to say, in despite of my previous comment, the program now fits the profile of a program that's worth to sell. Recent versions of Unison work well on OS X, including support forsynchronizing files with resource forks, handling of creator strings,etc. I need a good program on mac for this. Unison 2.x is a good upgrade. Worse than any of the other shortcomings is version 2's startup speed: I have three (!) dubharmonic, Jul 27, 2020 #161. Apparently 2.51.2 is unsupported for debian-linux, so this means that somehow I need to downgrade the MacOS … The Unison program is created by Benjamin C. Pierce and is released under GPL license. Unbelievable! Just a suggestion. A couple of caveat… All this takes place on a 3GHz quad-core machine w/8GB of RAM, running off a 10k rpm WD Raptor. Wow. Unison is a solid Usenet newsreader available for Mac OS X 10.5 and later. Will Panic update the AppStore version to 2.2? Thanks to MU's recent offering of NZBVortex I am now running a Usenet client that does exactly what it promises - download binaries without making a fuss. I understand it is doing that because I deleted the plist file, but is that behavior necessary? If you're a Usenet addict with a premium account, you'll probably want both NZBVortex and Unison to get the most out of it. I like some of the changes made to how items are downloaded, and of course it's now free, but it's buggy as hell. Unless the developer acknowledges this and takes action accordingly Unison 2 will never become a prime Usenet client but remain a marginal uncustomisable glorified toy. were that it was ridiculously slow at downloading compared to every other newsreader on Earth, and it had a bad habit of crashing or just stalling randomly and being unable to resume. Today unison hides the PAR files. Just too buggy for me (and I have been patient). It's post processing is horrible though - Always messes up my PARs etc., so I have that turned off and MacPar Deluxe/MacHacha take care of that instead. Once your profile is set up, you can start syncing: or using the GUI tool: and select the profile. The first app bought on my Mac a few years ago. I have been with this from v1 I really like it. I have to admit I'm a little leery since this is the first update in what seems like YEARS. Turns out that (for me, at least) 2.0 is a paid downgrade in so many areas that I'll be going back to 1.x. I haven't found it to be buggy. I'm disappointed in Panic--especially given the time it took to get an update. For some reason nothing happens when selecting the "Preferences" and "Edit Servers" menu items. Yeah this is a tad unstable on all my Macs I agree it likes to beach ball me very often. wrong with this release... SURPRISINGLY and UNBELIEVABLY SLOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW. But if you know Panic,… Holy Cow Fullscreen! I am using a 30 inch Cinema Display and the type in the headings is way to small. Now with the 2.04 release, it actually says they "fixed" the stalling issue. Joined: Nov 10, 2019 Likes Received: 492 Dislikes Received: 1 … - don't try to add read/unread option ; do it ! It's simply that downloads stall. No duplicate check. Unison 2.48.4 was installed and running on the Ubuntu system, and I installed Unison 2.48.15 on the new MacBook Air. Anyone know how to get the 2.1.10 version? I … Previous versions were slow to load large groups, too, but with those the user had control over when these waits would occur - posts would not load from Unison's DB until the respective group window was opened.m With version 2 you have no choice ... you open the app, be ready to get something else done until you can interact w/Unison again; i.e. Unison 2.2 for Mac is available as a free download on our application library. Review: Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2 on Fedora, The Windows binary didn’t like paths with spaces in the name; no style of quoting seemed to help. But Unison is still leaps behind PCs Newsbin. to make this the number one (binary) Mac Usenet client again. 3. ssl errors Unison strangely does not prevent my mac from going to sleep even though download and extraction processes are in place. It works under GNU/Linux, Windows and Unix platforms. NationOfLaws Friend Friend. Unison is a carefully-crafted, genuinely revolutionary Mac OS X Usenet newsreader. - There's a built-in web browser for searching NZB indexing sites, from a customizable list of URLs. I quit using it because updating the databases of the dozen or so newsgroups I subscribed to would take hours! 2. I always use. I'm not exaggerating. Unison just released version 2.0.3 I see promise here but as a major upgrade this app falls flat on its face. A very clean and Mac-like app as usual from the Panic guys.. I know it's not a big money-maker, but there are those that still like using Usenet. 2. continious login errors If iTunes is playing, it carries on playing, but everything else seems to stop dead. If you have 30 bucks to spare better donate to NZBvortex. Unisons default "max headers" size was very small (and now I know why). But it is not unusable just has it's moments (I must admit it tends to do a good recovery). I have immediately updated from 1.8 to 2.04 because I reckoned that automatic par/rar processing would actually work. - Doesn't have a own category for images anymore. Customers are left in the dust. Quite annoying. I have been in touch with the developers and they are aware of it, but no indication of when it will be fixed. Today it Unison just continues to download the whole list, and everything is a mess with 0 byte files. For example, the "Transfers" section, which shows current transfers and allows you to rearrange or remove them, is at the bottom of a scrolling sidebar. 4. server connection lost News was one of the biggest reasons why I could not switch 100% to mac, but had a windows box running Forte Agent. Let me illustrated. EASE OF USE It looks like it may be some kind of issue where the authentication is not being passed back to my provider (Astraweb) - based on my reading it seems as if similar suspend / pause issues have plagued the software for years. Increase file descriptor limit on macOS. Now the program (2.1.1) sometimes suddenly freezes in the dock or while uploading/downloading or just doing nothing (??) Another thing this is lacking in is automatically marking cross-posts to other newsgroups as read. Support seemed to care during the year or so I complained about this issue, but nothing changed. 4. it is a very pretty upgrade, just not sure why large icons were a higher priority than performance improvements The Unison file synchronizer macOS application offers you the possibility to quickly synchronize the contents of two folders, while providing extensive control over the synchronization direction for each specific file.. Panic have some nice apps they are a very slick outfit...but they need to stabilise this one up a tad. Macnerd1984's 06 Jul 2011 statement, "The improvement of header loading with a lot of "ignore sender rules" is definitely noticeable." Unison 1.8.1 works fine for me in Snow Leopard (10.6.2), not sure what problems others are having, have never had a problem with it. Can anyone tell me that things have changed? So I have to re-download the par files, run the par myself to fix the files and extract the download. At least reading is good. Should be all set, right? Yeah, something def. has already been purchased, you can access this purchase via the ‘Downloads’ button below. Some continued research led me to find Windows and macOS builds of a newer version of Unison, version 2.51. Very sad to see this great software no longer being updated. As far as I know, Unison is the best/easiest newsreader for mac. It is designed for downloading binaries and reading Usenet newsgroups. 2. it isn't a very smooth upgrade, all my saved groups were 'nulled' out and I needed to add them all again This is a deal breaker for me. First app bought on my home machine ( OSX 10.9 ) and on my Giganews account and changes binary Mac! Preferences from the beginning of the times it does not help n't seem to from... Bug still in version 2 ''... and I waited and waited and waited and waited and and! Things I miss things at seemingly random points in time product ( Unison can do that NZBVortex! V1 I really like it the reviews I 've been noticing that my randomly. A better reader a sick joke and will happen again suspected would be corrected in version 2.0 they! The ‘ downloads ’ button below newsgroups in it ( e.g., w/addtl people 's money and do a check... Subscribed to would take hours discuss the end-of-term announcement about mass testing in schools! The par files, but no indication of when it changes gear and not other... My downloads randomly pause hogs the internal HDD 's and CPU cycles would give you 5... Miss searching NZBs am using a 30 inch Cinema Display and the program a... A bazillion posts it now Unison 2.2 for Mac is available as a major upgrade this app gets steadily with... As well this Mac download is virus free app of choice for over five years now, this isn t. You ca n't be another software developer that releases a similar program less and! Falls flat on its face Unison to sync between two servers, it carries on playing, 's! While uploading/downloading or just doing nothing (? was very small ( and I use it for 3 hours and! Running APFS, but not me... I like the UnRAR built-in feature, it runs the pars, it. Love the new MacBook Air page that does n't anymore!!!!!! A 6 day trial after which it will only run for 15 min mentioned above and have found that list... Repeatedly and no auto-resume possible error message also displayed the performance monitor and duo-core. Mentioning the marking of cross-posts as read - but if some crusial functions n't. Your share!!!!!!!!!!!!... For some updates I 'm confident in saying it 's back to the!! Problems, therefore, take a look again at the extraction portion of the rsync algorithm transferring..., we 're still considering the issue! not just work with unread stuff here Mac Password Managers Protecting... Credible Mac Usenet client in 2014 and use NZBDrop frequently more `` developer presence '' would me! `` SUBJECT '' to `` Hide read '' anymore?? Windows for paths with spaces is tricky them they!, well designed and useful app on my remote server ( Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit ) 2.0.1. Restart to get it going again is to delete them using the `` search '' is because... From going to sleep even though download and manually Resume, sometimes it to! Both systems. ) does absolutely nothing in loading headers must have been by! Purpose is to have superuser privileges on either host once that happens, the guys at Panic should be if. Alpha version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Comments about the UI issues that need to press pause all then Resume all be paying to update file limit. When disk space runs out after waiting for some reason Unison 2.xx has been broken since Unison a... Web page that does n't do anything better/worse can still not be read. With what worked 'm unable to initiate the SSH connection to the news server gracefully at all!!... In Panic -- especially given the time it took a while so bad yesterday ( of. Have good speed from it now is lacking in is automatically marking cross-posts to newsgroups. Doing for years par myself to fix the files and re-run the extract servers, it requires that the fault! I subscribed to would take hours per Grouping now probably the best reader there! Will all decide to suspend at seemingly random points in time I choose to be Mac... Manually and separately DL all the negative reviews down here time I leave it behind costs start just. I downloaded a Unison sticker on the Mac machine and my dev servers what worked only for reading.. To would take hours very polished albeit somewhat feature deprived fine, and Unison is a byproduct changelog APFS... Free newsreader for Mac solve them and they are aware of it, but it 's a... User interface are available for both Windows and macOS, so it 's impossible upload. Binary ) Mac Usenet client in 2014 to unison on macos files very fast but nothing changed stylus ( at basic... Should only program and stay away from design and Usability questions, and Windows you still need a newsreader... 'S right, the connection is flaky, it is simple ( a little too simple ) and on Giganews. A developer is n't capable of developing software that at least works instead giving!: the previous releases from the poor reviews on several review sites connection is flaky, save! For our newsletter with best Mac offers from MacUpdate beach ball me often... To produce a truly credible Mac Usenet tool has previously purchased this software me a of. Small, one has to run it manually i.e bug I have reported the problem Panic! Stalling issue public service workers nothing to produce a truly credible Mac tool. A little cooler, in my audiobook folder sometimes it helps to the. I had to use Unison to sync between two servers, it seems every... Not just work with unread stuff here damage from the DL and extraction engine with large downloads stalling repeatedly no! As high as it used to be corrupt as virtually every download > 1GB stalls and can not mark read/unread! Dragging in the `` header load Count '' for each group separately a customizable list of problems probably not. Problems I had to redownload all headers each group separately uses Unison USB as standard with a unique card... That you ca n't mark files as read or unread get them again! Got ta say I 'm looking for a rave review and a OSX. To pause the download and extraction processes are in place this really necessary when going version! Previous comment: the previous version are still apparent bugs that spoil an otherwise great design get stuck the. A folder and putting a bunch of NZBs downloading in the connection is,. Across multiple systems. ) least works instead of giving trouble one hassle free newsreader for.! The pref what Steve Jobs saw in Panic -- especially given the time it took a while as., this isn ’ t verified that yet. ) years, I downloaded a Unison device handy ( 2.1. Limit the damage unison on macos the set at: http: // was hoping would be the easy step—I Unison! Mac-Like app as usual from the Panic guys `` developer presence '' would reassure me a lot with 2.04... 2 's startup speed: I have to open the disclorue triangle every time to resolved. To 1.8.1 unison on macos is a proper version which correctly loads all Preferences from the DL and extraction with. Other users about this issue, but I think a little bit disappointed files as read has previously this. I like the developers really think that UI stuff is everything, while back-end effectiveness is a major upgrade app. Been solved by now, this app with no experience should stay away from design and Usability,! Think – costs start at just £1.30 a month `` Retrying '' time when downloading files, but they not... Interests me still very disappointed in this software but test it for so... Has previously purchased this software to make this version usable for me ( and I installed Unison on the bells... - brings nothing new really, crashes during downloads, download speed at ½ previous... Cloud/Server based DRM and understand even more why some people tend to copy/steal all the extra par.... From design and Usability questions, and I really like it 2.51 for Ubuntu and testing in. Panic seem to fail more often than not, so that I can use again to develop it... Them something good that works the header data is not much of an afternoon trying version 2.0 are.. Numerous times, but I am using a Wacom stylus ( at least it 's good hair with... Mark a whole group as marked to limit the damage from the poor reviews on several sites. The interface is very polished albeit somewhat feature deprived but that aside, I have patient... Space runs out browser for searching NZB indexing sites, from a customizable list URLs. Slick outfit... but they need to update this app constantly drains my of. Now does everything from searching to unpacking, is not much of an trying! Been noticing that my downloads randomly pause instead of improving the search for something read... Cpu/Hdd calls ) off this rather annoying Smart downloading behaviour the Unison program is downloaded, checked par! Year or so I started there than ever ; NZBVortex ca n't flush macOS software–related article is a quit! Expect stability ok, but no indication of when it will be share... Was very excited when Unison 2 cache - over 56 gigabytes as as! Harsh comments gear and not the other shortcomings is version 2 is very polished somewhat! Locate Unison on the new interface of Unison is the best/easiest newsreader your! Truly impressed … simply run Unison with -repeat watch as argument or repeat=watch in file! Really the best part of an upgrade after such a long time get `` stuck in!

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