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The U.S. Dept. of Labor (USDOL) has announced that the Kentucky Science & Technology Corporation (KSTC) been awarded $1,500,000 under the Veterans Accelerated Learning for Licensed Occupations (VALLO) Project. 

KSTC was the only organization awarded under the VALLO program and was part of the almost $7 million in grants awarded by the USDOL as part of their ongoing efforts to encourage occupational licensing reform.

Under this VALLO award, KSTC will partner with the University of Louisville, USA Cares, and the Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS) to help statewide licensing boards review and streamline their occupational licensing rules, and to develop new accelerated learning programs to move veterans and transitioning service members into occupations quicker and with less obstructions. KSTC will oversee the process of analyzing relevant licensing criteria and identifying onerous and burdensome requirements that hinder employment. KSTC will then work in conjunction with the State’s Department of Professional Licensing and with educational partners to develop specific action plans for creating licensing alternatives as well as alternative education curriculum. 

“This DOL funding is yet another validation of the work we’ve done at KSTC to tear down silos, identify inefficiencies, and streamline processes all around the state and the nation” Vice President Rick Johnson, who helped developed the strategy, said. “At KSTC we are committed to Workforce Solutions of all kinds, and our veterans and transitioning service members represent a tremendous untapped pool of talent. By removing barriers to their employment, we not only transform their individual lives and long-term earning potential, but also provide a valuable resource for our employers to meet hiring needs.” 

More information about the US Department of Labor’s occupational licensing efforts can be found by visiting


To learn more about the project contact Rick Johnson, Vice President, KSTC.


VALLO Program Manager, Megan Brown presented first VALLO Red Tabe Reduction Awards presented to Fran Root, Executive Director of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council and DeAnna Boling, Program Coordinator, Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. These awards were presented on behalf of the Chairman of the Kentucky Commission of the Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs, Brigadier General (Retired) James Iacocca. In March, Military POlice will be able to go directly to work as Police Officers in Kentucky without having to attend a 25 week academy. During the first two years of employment these MPs will have to complete 240 hours of training. This eliminates the hugh financial burdens on small towns wishing to hire police officers and allows veterans transitioning out of the military to immediately go to work in the military occupation they were trained for.

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