Richard Lesniewicz aka “divotandtralee” a contributor to the Bulletin Board, studied the problem and designed and partially manufactured a replacement for the original unit. Images will open in a new window. Unfortunately, there is no date on the shipping manifest. Turned out to be a pretty easy drive and took about 7 hours. I could then lift away the old cap and wiring. The replacement Counterbalance Valve Module (Figure 2) will solve this problem since it will not chatter while the rail is being lowered. “Assembly” in this case is primarily soldering. Buy It Now. There was a great pizza restaurant next to the Holiday Inn so I settled in for a while with my Porsche Owner’s Manual, a few beers and a great pizza! So selecting a counterbalance valve is a balancing act (pardon the pun) between valve efficiency and load control, with the valve flow resistance and pilot ratio being the two main factors to be considered. Removed the PCV system components and installed an oil catch can system. Between helping my son with his Bugeye, restoring a 1964 Jaguar MK2, and maintaining the 1987 Alfa, a 1969 MB 280SL and the Porsche in addition to the daily drivers there just wasn’t much time to drive! 1.) These details help determine the flow characteristics of a valve in service. Search Results . I am now ready to give Alfie the attention she deserves and will transport her to our home in Florida within the next few weeks. and sealed the cylinder head stud holes to prevent oil leaks. Activity; Punchout. The counterbalance valve differs from the sequence valve by having a third port for introducing a pilot hydraulic pressure to a pilot chamber to assist the primary port hydraulic pressure in opening the valve. For those who read this post, I hope you will contribute through your comments and make suggestions about anything, but particularly about items that should be added to my ten year renewal list. The first set had the bumperettes sitting too far from the rear shroud. VIPER is a joint venture involving Virgina Tech, Old Dominion University, VIR and the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research. There should be at least a 1-psi pressure drop across the valve, though more is preferred, to ensure the valve is in the fully open position.Â, To read the full blog post, click here. The new OVS is entirely brass and Richard machined the individual components of the assembly and sold them as a kit to be assembled by the purchaser. If there is a lot of valve chatter (repeated opening and closing), the internals can wear prematurely, leading to spring failure, poppet damage, or distortion of the valve seat. The Connecticut Title is dated August 17, 1989.The Luptons may have been coveting the idea of purchasing a Spider because this ad was found in the folder of materials acquired with the car, dated four days before the Bill of Sale from Ms. Hicks: NY Times Magazine Alfa Spider ad from 1989. Replaced the 195 degree thermostat (for Virginia) with a 160 degree sleeved thermostat (for Florida) sourced from British Car Specialists. I like how he “fixed” the problem and when I have time I think I will take the same approach. The following image shows my progress to date: I am experiencing some starting problems that seem to be due to a partial discharge of the battery after the car has been sitting. The OVS on the Alfa has been a well discussed topic on the ALFA Bulletin Board. valve chattering, such as: w An inlet pipe to a relief valve that is smaller than the valve inlet (see Figure 3). BUCHER COUNTERBALANCE VALVE, WITH FREE REVERSE FLOW P/N CBPA-10-N-S-0-15. I told Victor to only push it to 4,500 rpm. After checking things out, he drove the car over to his primary shop and we loaded the 911 onto the trailer. The task was then  completed with a successful test drive. It seems that Victoria Hicks purchased Alfie as a new car with 35 miles on the odometer on March 7, 1987 from Robert Rueman, Inc. in Toluca Lake, CA . Chattering is more than an auditory nuisance. Greased all suspension, steering and handbrake grease zerks. The new OVS is almost identical in size to the original and once painted black will be almost indistinguishable once mounted in the engine bay. I was much more interested in having the car run efficiently at highway cruising speed, say 65-70 mph. The most recent actions are listed first: Ten Year Renewal Blog, Almost every Saturday morning David Silberkleist, owner of sends out an email newsletter to his subscribers. The counterbalance valve uses a pilot signal (see Pilot valve), from the inlet of the cylinder, to assist in opening a poppet. The car still had a California license plate at the time and the odometer reading was 19,856 miles. SUN Holding Valves - Smooth, chatter-free cylinder control. C $126.02. Apparently it is a component that is subject to failure, although in fairness, I don’t expect that Alfa engineers ever expected this part to last over thirty years! His newsletter included a brief article on a 2005 Porsche 911 Carrera S with under 7,200 miles on the odometer that he had for sale. Actuation. I had previously disconnected the coil wire while replacing the coil. Replaced the water pump, mounting studs and gasket, fan belt, and upper and lower radiator hoses. During the course of valve management and maintenance, it’s likely that every technician will hear the familiar sounds of valve chatter. Magnus Karlsson Cleaned and repainted the carburetor heat shield and refreshed the insulation. As systems expand and become more complex, the cause behind maintenance issues can vary – particularly with valves. Will replace the LH side at a later date. My Dad is now 94 and the VW has been adopted by a younger brother and the Jag has been sold. Being only about three hours away, I decided to visit VIPER and make some dyno runs to determine the performance statistics for “The Bloody Beast” and to try to improve the timing and carb tuning to enhance performance. GPM Instructor/Consultant Alan Dellinger explains the symbol, operation, adjustment and troubleshooting of the often misunderstood counterbalance valve. Added a bell housing drain hole for oil leaks from the rear main bearing. I then disconnected each wire at the spark plugs and popped free the two securing clips on the distributor cap. A chronological summary of the service invoices through my father’s ownership is provided here: 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider Maintenance History – Sheet1. Cavity: Flow: Pressure: CB10-AV SDC10-3S. Replaced the clutch and brake master cylinders. Since that is still on the car, I will wait until I remove it to complete the “construction” of the brass OVS. The (-) terminal has four wires secured to the mounting post with an 8mm nut: a larger cream-colored wire, a white wire with a black tracer, a yellow wire, and a white wire. We looked at a few cars that were for sale, but didn’t make any offers in Carlisle. I say “curiously,” because my uncle’s name is Charles Rose, and he lives in Maryland, but they are not one and the same. My dad enjoyed Alfie until the summer of 2016, when in July he passed him along to me. The coil wire included a rubber cap to press fit over the top of the coil. Alfie was then registered in Connecticut on August 3, 1989 by the Luptons with 20,456 miles on the odometer. Modified the design of the throttle cable routing to the carburetors from the accelerator pedal. Welcome to my website covering the history, restoration and “personalizations” to my 1960 Austin Healey 3000 Mk I affectionately known as “The Bloody Beast.” Feel free to email me with questions, suggestions  and/or comments. Disappointment of the day – there was no instrumentation (digital or analog) that could measure the smile on my face from driving “The Bloody Beast” the three hours from my home to the lab! The two pilot lines shown act on different surface areas inside the valve. This was accomplished by loosening the screw in the bracket connection and then lifting the tank temporarily out of the way. The new wiring came with numbers on each wire. The counterbalance valve then shifts to correct itself and undershoots. Records show that Mr.Easterling bought the car in September of 1978. Oh, don’t be worried about my father. It’s also one of the most common causes of check-valve failure. In stock and ready to ship. Replace the Halogen sealed beam headlights with aftermarket Lucas PL 700 headlights. • Poppet or seat is faulty or worn. “The Bloody Beast” isn’t a race car so peak power and maximum performance weren’t too important to me. New CACA-LHN-2000 Sun Hydraulic Counterbalance Valve Cartridge. My wife and I relocated from Virginia to Florida in May, 2018 and the car remained in Virginia. to have an assistant lightly gradually apply the brakes while hand-turning a front and back wheel. SPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONS INTERNAL LEAKAGE: 5 drops/min @ 90% of crack pressure.^JINTERNAL LEAKAGE: 5 drops/min @ 90% of crack pressure.^J VALVE CAVITY: #C0825, See Page 0-021.0.VALVE … Sun Hydraulics Corporation CWGGLGN Counterbalance Hydraulic Valve … Checked all dash lights for functionality. Pipe size and the desire for the largest Cv (flow coefficient) are common ways to select a check valve. Victor Seaber was the engineer with whom I worked. and I was ready for the trip home. I was taught to calculate flywheel output by dividing the rear wheel output, 113.2, by .85 (the 15% drivetrain loss on a solid axle car) giving 133.2 hp at the crank. We then drove a short distance to a storage building David rents to see the Porsche as well as the cars in David’s private collection including a couple of big healeys, two MGA’s a Lotus, another 911 Targa, a Morris Minor Wagon among others. Added carburetor ram pipes and ITG air filtration socks. Adjusted valve clearances to spec. Check valves should be sized for the application, and not necessarily for size of the pipe. Valve Chatter. Rose of Gaithersburg, MD. If there is a lot of valve chatter (repeated opening and closing), the internals can wear prematurely, leading to spring failure, poppet damage, or distortion of the valve seat. There are a total of six wires connected to the coil terminals. On July 2, 1998, after a test drive and some negotiating, I was the proud owner and we were driving MY Bugeye home from Maryland to Harrisonburg, VA. Mr. Delaney did have some records that he passed along to me with the car. After properly locating the wires in the appropriate place on the new distributor cap, I pushed the wires into their seats. After almost ten years I thought it might be healthy to go over the car carefully and examine the condition of components, check tolerances, and replace items that typically wear – even though they might be in operable condition at the moment. I left early and arrived about 1:00 pm, grabbed some lunch and then dropped in on David and his business. I sent David a $500 deposit. Replace fluid and bled the system. Sun offer a large range of different types of counterbalance valves to try and satisfy the wide range of application problems. Inspected the clutch slave cylinder and left it in place. I will be making myself a list of items, that will probably not be in any particular order, and I will undertake some of the work as the list is added too over time. • fire suppression I am interested in your comments about the content and presentation, so please email me or comment on any individual entry. I certainly could have driven it, as it is in wonderful condition, but not being really familiar with the car I thought it best to trailer it home. Techniques for overcoming instability As I progress, I would love to have your feedback so please offer comments. I have no sales/purchase information about the transfer of ownership, but apparently John Painter acquired the car in around 2010. Counterbalance valves will positively hold a pressurized load and will control the motion of the load based on application of a pressure signal to the pilot port. The pilot assisted valve makes the counterbalance more efficient and reduces the power requirement. Checked rubber boots on on suspension ball joints. Replaced the front cylinder block cover gasket to eliminate an oil leak. To be redirected to project entries, or posts, for the Jaguar MK2 Project, just click on the burgundy rectangular navigation box in the upper right corner of this site. It’s also one of the most common causes of check-valve failure. New Wiring Harness for Switches and Gauges, Chapter 41 Restoration Assembly, Week Eight 2/5/2007, Chapter 42 Restoration Assembly, Week Nine 2/12/2007, Chapter 43 Restoration Assembly, Week Ten 2/19/2007, Chapter 44 Restoration Assembly, Week Eleven 2/26/2007, Chapter 45 Restoration Assembly, Weeks 12-15 3/5 to 4/2, 2007, Chapter 46 Restoration Assembly, Week Sixteen 4/2/2007, Chapter 47 Restoration Assembly, Week Seventeen 4/9/2007, Chapter 48 Restoration Assembly, Week Eighteen 4/16/2007, Chapter 49 Restoration Assembly, Week Nineteen 4/23/2007, Chapter 50 Restoration Assembly, Week Twenty 4/30/2007, Chapter 51 Restoration Assembly, Week Twenty-One 5/7/2007, Chapter 53 Restoration Assembly, Week Twenty-Three 5/21/2007, Chapter 54 Restoration Assembly, Week Twenty-Four 5/28/2007, Chapter 55 Restoration Assembly, Week Twenty-Five 6/4/2007, Chapter 56 Restoration Assembly, Week Twenty-Six 6/11/2007, Chapter 57 Restoration Assembly, Week Twenty-Seven 6/18/2007, Chapter 58 Restoration Assembly Week Twenty-Eight 6/25/2007, Chapter 63 Week Thirty-Three July 30, 2007, Chapter 64 Week Thirty-Four August 6, 2007, Chapter 65 Week Thirty-Five August 13, 2007, Chapter 66 Week Thirty-Six August 20, 2007, Chapter 67 Week Thirty-Seven August 27, 2007, Chapter 68 Week Thirty-Eight September 3, 2007, Chapter 69 Week Thirty-Nine September 10, 2007, Chapter 71 Week Forty-One September 24, 2007, Chapter 72 Week Forty-Two October 1, 2007, Chapter 73 Week Forty-Three October 8, 2007, Chapter 74 Week Forty-Four October 15, 2007, Chapter 75 Week Forty-Five October 22, 2007, Chapter 76 Week Forty-Six October 29, 2007, Chapter 77 Week Forty-Seven November, 5 2007, Chapter 78 Week Forty-Eight November, 12 2007, Chapter 79 Week Forty-Nine November, 19 2007, Chapter 81 Week Fifty-One December 3, 2007, Chapter 82 Week Fifty-Two December 10, 2007, Chapter 83 Week Fifty-Three December 17, 2007, Chapter 84 Week Fifty-Four December 24, 2007, Chapter 85 Week Fifty-Five December 31, 2007, Chapter 86 Week Fifty-Six January 7, 2008, Chapter 87 Week Fifty-Seven January 14, 2008, Chapter 88 Week Fifty-Eight January 21, 2008, Chapter 89 Week Fifty-Nine January 28, 2008, Creating A Functional Armrest/Console in a BT7, New Vinyl Door Piping and Ignition Wiring, Cylinder Block, Front Cover, Oil Leak Repair, Brake and Clutch Master Cylinder Replacements, Preventing Vapor Lock – Float Bowl Kouzies, Carb Removal and Intake Manifold Replacement, The Big Healey Ten-Year Renewal Blog – last update 10/10/2020, 2005 Porsche 911 advertisement,, 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider Maintenance History – Sheet1, The Bloody Beast – 1960 Austin-Healey 3000 MKI BT7. Driving, however, is the whole point of having a sports car and that is certainly true for an Austin Healey roadster. Curiously, before Mr. Delaney was the custodian of my Bugeye, it was apparently owned by Captain Charles A. An extended warranty from Alfa Romeo, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ was transferred to the Luptons at the time of the sale. w Many valves, fittings, and other obstructions between a process vessel and a relief valve, as in Figure 1. w A very long pipe between a vessel and relief valve, or piping with a lot of bends. This website has a separate entry for all of the major renewal efforts, so one does not have to read through everything in order to obtain more information about a particular project. • chemical and petroleum plants For disassembly of the pilot valve, see reference Bulletin 980125. Most satisfying experience of the day – We changed almost nothing about the setup of the car. I have taken good care of the Beast and completed periodic maintenance as one should. Remove spring (57) and plunger (56). Added an electric pusher fan in front of the radiator. I began the task by removing the old coil. Chattering, i.e., fluttering or excess vibration, occurs when a valve is oversized for the application. Installed new ignition wires, rotor, and distributor cap and checked the ignition timing. Replace bristle flex draught excluders (door seal) – will complete when hardtop is off the car. I was then able to remove the old coil and install the new one: I then carefully marked each ignition wire with a number to designate its location for replacement, and after also marking the old distributor cap for location purposes, I snapped the top off of the black plastic loom to free the wires. Installed a fresh smear of white lithium grease on door locks, bonnet catch and boot lock. I am sad to report that I have not driven the Healey as much as I should have during the time since I finished the restoration. 60 lpm [16 gpm] 350 bar [5075 psi] Counterbalance valves. The (+) terminal has two wires and both of them are light green with black tracers. Details from that post are presented here. As you would expect, it is usually full of information about Austin Healey Bugeyes including a few advertisements for cars for sale. Tom Delaney from College Park, MD attended the Show and was walking around the show grounds with a sign taped to the back of his T shirt he was wearing that stated, “1959 Bugeye for sale, enquire within.” I struck up a conversation with Mr. Delaney and we agreed to stop and see his car when we returned from vacation at the end of the week. Replaced fluids in gearbox, engine, hydraulic system, cooling system, rear differential. There have been a few things along the way that have required attention, such as the failure of the brake master cylinder that led to the replacement of both masters and the clutch slave cylinder while I was at it. Model No. The novel counterbalance valves are useful, inter alia, for providing good system stability across a range of load pressures and/or … These check valves can chatter when the rail is lowered and can fail due to the chattering. The more dynamic seals in the counterbalance valve, the greater the hysteresis will be. I do not know when Mr. Lorenzo purchased the car, but it was shipped from Performance Imports in Danbury, CT by RAD Transport to his address in Gibsonville, NC. Replaced the original fuel hose delivery system from the hard fuel line to the carbs with a new design and fittings. Unfortunately, I don’t have records or any knowledge of ownership of my Bugeye from 1959 to 1978. A built-in dampening device smooths the opening of the valve while allowing the valve to close quickly. A typical circuit application for a counterbalance valve contains a pump, directional control valve, and an actuator. the outgoing shaft of the steering  box. I will keep a ten year renewal checklist as a separate post and add to it as I think about items to address. My name is John Rose and I am the current owner of AN5L11257, engine number 9CUH10910, a 1959 Austin Healey Sprite, popularly known as a “Bugeye” in the States or “Frogeye” if you are from across the pond. Washed, clayed, compounded, polished and waxed the car. Counterbalance valves play an integral role in the important task of safely controlling an actuator, which may be holding a load or a person in the air. Create login. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Counterbalance valves are available as individual cartridges or standard cartridge-in-body (CIB) packages. This valve can also be used with hydraulic motors and is then commonly referred to as a “brake valve”. Magnus Karlsson recommends the high ratio: Go for the high ratio and tell your mechanic to look at my homepage. Replaced the stainless steel flex fan with an asymmetric yellow plastic (nylon) fan sourced from AH Spares to reduce noise. Richard sketched the OVS to first demonstrate how it functions and then to show what happens to it after extended use: This is a link to his instructions for assembly and use:OVS Construction Instructions. Contact Us; Order. New line shown in photo was attached with a connector.”, “Adjustment – method was suggested with the car on jackstands: Replaced the alternator with a “new” rebuilt unit. So in July, 2016 I traveled from Virginia to his home in North Carolina and trailered home the newest member of my modest collection of classic cars! This helps stop chattering and prevents premature failure from excess wear. Replaced the original fuse panel with a seven fuse/fourteen terminal unit sourced from Charlie Hart. I will make entries on this post chronologically as items are accomplished. can use hypoid oil as intended. While I do not have a significant problem with the front/rear proportioning of the brakes after installing the rear disc system, some slight modification might yield a little improvement. He may be ninety, but he still has a 12 cylinder, 1990 Jaguar XJS and a beautiful little VW Beetle to keep him occupied: Because of my all-consuming restoration of the Jaguar MK2, Alfie received very little attention. Simply put, a check valve allows gas, liquid, or steam to flow in one direction while preventing backflow. The proven CB** family of valves leverages a proven poppet-and-piston design suitable for most general applications and provides precise, reliable load holding and motion control at an affordable price. The good news is that I have accomplished quite a lot and I am pleased to say that the Bloody Beast is running better than it has ever run while in my ownership, and that covers forty-nine years! Mr. Trathen apparently owned the car for only a brief period having purchased it himself in March of 1979 from William L. Easterling from Brentwood, TN. Replaced ill-fitting rear rally bumper irons with proper irons sourced from AH Spares. Sometimes this chatter is caused by the design of the cylinder, not the counterbalance valve. • Line pressure has excessive return. COUNTERBALANCE VALVECOUNTERBALANCE VALVE Reference: 520-P-080510-EN-00/09.2015 CBPA-08. I emailed him that afternoon and that started a conversation that by the following Monday morning ended up with an agreement between us with a purchase price of $46,000. Check valves are used in a variety of industries, systems, and services, including: • pumps and pumping equipment Uses include controlling over-running loads in … A March 2018 post on the company’s blog discussed these components and how proper sizing can prevent the “chattering” with which they’ve sometimes been associated. Start with 7 turns on adjuster; adjust to the point where front brakes just locked and rears braking but still moveable.”. The last service/parts purchase by Mr. Lorenzo for which I have a record is dated from September, 2012. During lowering of the weight or extension of cylinder, hydraulic oil leaving the cylinder will enter to the primary port of counterbalance valve i.e. This chatter usually applies to circuits with high load-induced pressure or when the counterbalance valve is mounted at a distance from the cylinder port. I have never been pleased with the fit of the rear brake rotors with the handbrake calipers. As the industry leader in counterbalance solutions, Sun Hydraulics offers more than 150 standard counterbalance models in a range of capacities, pilot ratios and configurations. The result of hysteresis is bounce, loud chatter, or high-pitch squealing. Checked the ground strap in the boot for tightness.