The more you do this with a Guinea Pig, the more they’ll be into it. By recognition we mean we want to look at how well a Guinea Pig understands the people and things around it. Guinea Pigs and Problem Solving. Guinea pigs can learn tricks quickly if you train them right. By doing this will avoid anxiety and stress in a guinea pig. But there was a catch: On the second run, each pig was also accompanied by a bigger pig, a pig who did not have the benefit of knowing where the food was, but did have the benefit of bulk. Their ability to solve problems, like the pig I.Q. A water-maze test of learning ability for guinea-pigs, Can remember the pathways and retrace their way back, Learn and remember tricks for a long time, Example of a few quick tricks guinea pigs can learn easily, How intelligent is a guinea pig? Guinea pigs are smart animals, but just like every human has different IQ levels, the same goes for guinea pigs as well. For any medical assistance and advice, it is recommended to consult a licensed veterinarian. However, with in-depth research and learning more about guinea pig’s behavior, they discovered that guinea pigs use their kinesthetic memory to find their way back to home. But on the whole if you give them affection, mostly they will respond to you in a similar way. Guinea Pigs show an ability to learn that rivals other small pets. Guinea Pig Coloring Book: Halloween Theme. 9 Ways Pigs Are Smarter Than Your Honor Student 04/15/2014 02:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 1969: Two loving piglets nuzzle and kiss against a blue background, Iowa. So some pigs and humans are now even more alike. Each pig was given two chances to locate the food. Guinea pig Age in Human Years Conversion Ass Bear Cat Chicken Cow Deer Dog Duck Elephant Fox Goat Groundhog Guinea pig Hamster, golden Hippopotamus Horse Human Kangaroo Lion Monkey Mouse Parakeet (Budgerigar) Pig Pigeon Rabbit Rat Sheep Squirrel Wolf years equals Guinea pigs might not be as bold or aggressive than cavies (their wild, though still fluffy, cousins), but a new study in the journal of Animal Cognition suggests that -- surprisingly -- the domesticated critters are quicker learners. This means that 8 actual years (which is an old age for Guineas) makes a Guinea Pig 144 human years, which is an old age for humans. You don't want to miss them out! Guinea pigs have a few other characteristics that make them quite useful in studies of human health. From these behaviors and responses we can make educated guesses about the capacity for a Guinea Pig’s intelligence in different categories. How Much Time Should You Spend With Your Guinea Pig? Guinea pigs can listen to sounds from 30 Hz to 32 kHz. My motto with this blog is to help guinea pig owners understand their pets better so they can provide them with the life they deserve. Note how long does it take to get them back to the starting point. We’ll dive into all of this for you so you can understand just what a Guinea Pig brain can do! They can tell which people are nice to them and which aren't. Studies have proved that guinea pigs have a sharp memory and they do use it for a lot of work which we don’t notice usually. They have good long-term memories, and they can be socially manipulative with other pigs. ANSWER: Guinea Pigs live around 6-8 years, and so each 18 human years is equivalent to about one Guinea Pig year (assuming that humans die at the average age of 80). – Here’s What They... Baby Guinea Pigs – The Owner’s Care Guide, Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries? See how long does it takes your guinea pigs to find the same. Guinea pigs need at least 7.5 square feet of living space. So, it is less problem “solving” and more like persistence. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In practice, this will resemble peek-a-boo more than hide and seek. But rabbits can be taught more complex tricks than guinea pigs, which still keeps them in competition. Rabbits can learn some more complex tasks, but their short-term memory doesn’t quite compete. This means you’ll be able to spend time with them and teach them, and everyone will end up better for it. Studies prove that they have a sharp memory that they used to remember their path in the wild. But for Guinea Pigs, it is easy to assume that their smaller brains couldn’t handle such tasks. Cats have more grey matter in their brains than guinea pigs do. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites. While this might make for potentially adorable Instagram photos, it won’t provide much measurable data. You can conclude than rabbits are smarter than guinea pigs but only up to some extent.Recommended reading:Guinea pigs vs Rabbit: Which one makes a better pet? Guinea Pigs already tend to choose an area where they do their business. Can Guinea Pigs Have Straw In Their Cage? Guinea pigs can remember their names, and they do respond when you call them with their names. No, guinea pigs are not as smart as dogs. Both cats and dogs have high capacities for learning and intelligence. Piggies understand love, feel it, and love back as well. Some basic tricks like calling them out for food by saying a specific command, teaching them to stand up or go through a tunnel or push a ball or even going circle around the cage can be taught easily. When determining how smart Guinea Pigs are, there are several factors that will come into play. Repeat it for a few days. You can repeat the process a few times by changing the placement of treat. However, putting in the effort is worth it. 50 Unique Halloween Theme Coloring Designs, Hours Of Fun and Relaxation For Adults As Well As Kids. How much are government and business risking our lives and health with dangerous technologies like nuclear power, genetically modified foods, inadequately tested vaccines, and other even worse "experiments"?. We love those little furballs, but they simply don’t have enough neurons in their brains to really compete in terms of intelligence and learning. This is where we start to see bigger differences. We’ll start with at least acknowledging that they are brighter than hamsters. The best part is they have a strong memory, and they can remember the trick for a long time. image wikipedia. Are Guinea Pigs Smart Compared to Other Pets? What Is the Friendliest Guinea Pig Breed? If you have seen guinea pigs in the past, then you might not have wondered are these animals really smart? Guinea Pig Coloring Book: Let Your Anxiety Go Away! Moreover, just like dogs, these fluffy pets can identify different sounds and can be trained to learn tricks! Leave your guinea pigs in a guinea pig proof room for some floortime and sit on the ground with a few treats. While some rats have more neurons in their brain than hamsters, but still they do not compete with guinea pigs.