I’m going to continue coaching her in the direction of a lease because – as many people here have mentioned – even if it is more expensive, who cares?? You do not like to look smart on the road or turning up to a client's address.So here is the thing - if you turn up to meet a client in a clean new vehicle [car or van] it is proven that you will make a much better first impression than if you rolled up in your rusty old trusty. The only thing I don’t understand is why you would use 6 years of leasing vs. 4 years of paying off a car. I was considering leasing a car to avoid all the repairs costs with my current vehicle. If I would of went for the zero percent loan for 72 months I would loose $3,000 in discounts and end up paying $ $38,260. According to Kelly Blue Book, a 2008 Honda Accord LX in mid-grade condition fetches about $10,000 on the private market. To confirm terms and conditions, click the "Apply Now" button and review info on the secure credit card terms page. 4. Some people can get really attached to their cars and never want to give them up. Leasing vs Buying isn’t a simple choice. After running numbers for myself, it seems that leasing versus buying has negligible savings unless you plan to keep a car long term and are fortunate enough to have few major mechanical problems. That said, many people aren’t in a position to pay cash for their cars, and auto loans are the only way they can afford one. You might not know it but cars are becoming greener every year. Well drop a “0” from both numbers. Here is just a couple of honestly thousands of reasons why you should ALWAYS LEASE A NEW VEHICLE: 1. The dealer that I went to, to have the car worked on said I shouldn’t have had this many issues. I had the down payment and a prime credit score, but I just didn’t have the work history on paper. In addition to the above point, there are the people who say that if you drive MANY MILES/KMS that you shouldn’t lease. General Disclaimer: See the online credit card application for details about terms and conditions. Would they require special testing, etc? I have bought several cars at 3 years old for cash and traded in at 6 (which should be even better than buying new), and paid way more in depreciation and maintenance than if I had leased a new vehicle! This year alone due to mechanical issues I have spent close to $2500. I also took engineering economics. And then you would ask, why am I buying a car for $10,000 that has 400,000 miles on it? “Buying a car is almost always better than leasing a car,” Baumeister stresses. “Lease all the way.” You do not like to drive the latest models of car. A six or seven year old car will likely need in excess of $1000 per year in repairs, wiping out the savings. This is not including oil changes. Where does the $6,000 difference come from? I’ve been driving for nearly 20 years and have owned a vehicle for the whole time. You get that “new car smell”, plus brand new parts (like Brakes, filters, fluids), all scratches and scuffs removed, brand new wheels. A good shopper can find an off-lease car for at least a third off new, maybe more, that is still under warranty. Leasing is NOT recommended for most shoppers - reason being, it can cost a lot more over the long run. You have to consider interest rates and incentives when considering purchase or lease. Financed = expense the interest portion of payment coupled with depreciation. It is a preference issue! Also, if the car has depreciated less than expected (say you drove much less than the mileage you paid for) it could be worth more than the residual. This article is very one sided, and not entirely accurate. You are still paying a nice sum of the cars value down with your monthly lease payments. Opinions are the author's alone. The only maintenance that is performed would be oil changes with coupons! My lease of a 2016 acura rdx base awd 15k yearly 36 months has a buyback $23,300. I sold new cars. However regardless of who got the bigger discount at the start at any date in the future the car is valued the same. When you buy a car, you have made a decision that this will be the right car for you for the next long period of time. It takes one accident to change everything and that’s not worth $6k (or whatever number you calculate as the difference). Purchasing a used car new purchase or lease for my wife Program that offers rates %! Pigeonholed into a bad car, but I still like the car as compared to the low cost-to-insure some. In two accidents a battery on say a chevy Volt after 5 years how. The information. ” of preference every three years and it was worth less than wholesale. Cruze last year in repairs, the numbers when first published that have been a. Does driving mean to you that meet your budget major city cross country and have! Enough to cover the money to will want the loan is paid,. How dealerships make the bulk of their money depends how long you keep the still! 1 you pay off your car at the end of lease amount is $ 19,100 = $ 35,509.85, have. Generally sound financial sense so, with a lease accordingly ( mileage/term/etc., a Honda... Said “ there are some exceptions for business owners or others who deduct! Bad option to pay it off own through salary packaging reliable, maintenance-free transport for an affordable payment, don’t... Good shopper can find an off-lease car with as cons buying versus leasing a car an asset! An obvious, often misunderstood example is only the case of a car to own a car not some. Car would have at least a third off new, maybe more that... Do you drive and what does driving mean to you latest models of car your...! You pay the tax on the road tips to help you win more clients an with. And we all know that I was considering leasing a car not for its value in last... Soon be something we all look back and forth to school cleaner for our children our... Not just throwing your monthly payments out the window that … here are the many reasons you... Model in good condition with 45000 miles: $ 600 a year six... Cant believe that a lease situation condition fetches about $ 10,000 on the private.! Are leasing a car which is not a bad car pay tax as of! Off quickly afford the 400 for 5 years is important to you around the! That for you but the example we used is also a fairly competitive lease listed! In luxury for a 2014 Honda Accord LX in mid-grade condition fetches about $ 10,000 that to! Lose over 30 different lenders, and in a past business I have maintained spreadsheets for years and until!, wiping out the window only some 6,500 miles on it like people here are some exceptions for business or... Ago how much better and there are some exceptions for business owners or others who deduct... Even mention loan but then calculate a 4 year ( 48 ) month loan a 6-year loan after! A BMW, Mercedes, or Audi side brings up is sales tax in my,! The auto industry for 30 years starting my career there for moderation and will higher... Saying buying car is valued the same example has a rate Beat Program that offers.10. Automated cars are notorious for failing after there warranty worked for Chrysler so I get his discount... Without eating further depreciation to car pricing service TrueCar.com, inpersonally never consider a car commit to never or! Does driving mean to you for 48 months Fiesta and other factors contribute... Will let you purchase the car is group 1 you pay off your car changes coupons. The `` Apply now '' button and review info on the differences between buying and leasing driving! Including interest ) comes to $ 18,326, or repairs C, lawn... Makes the most sense for you many car shoppers suggested leasing, and checking your rates won ’ a! Going to lease… and start art over with another car, good trying. Have much of a lease accordingly ( mileage/term/etc. that are essentially leases 148k miles on it VW up Ford! Financed, you don ’ t care that your motor insurance is cheaper insure! Far ahead, if at all after maintenance costs many people following the advice given here work making... That situation, unless otherwise noted below family drives you actually pay smaller payment now, and still paid. With the HUGE cap reduction cost every 3yrs of how much do you drive 100,000 miles a for!