An alternative to continuous binding and mitered corners. in this tutorial for my Favourite Facing Finish that is suitable for rectangular and gently irregular-shaped quilts. The pillowcase method treats your quilt as if it were a large pillowcase, leaving an opening on one side that’s big enough to turn the “pillowcase” inside out. You may also want to top-stitch around the perimeter. Sew along the first edge of the quilt before binding the first corner. Replies . This is a wonderful way of simplifying your binding without sacrificing a professionally finished look! I'd like to know what fabric line the large flower print is a part of? Decide how you want the edges of your quilt finished before layering the backing and batting with the quilt top. Her only nod to binding a quilt is to stitch around the edge of the cut-and-fused layer, sometimes adding trim like an open zipper to frame the design. 2) PRESS binding strip away from the quilt. Take the quilt to your ironing board and lay it down with the back of … Creating the Border Get four strips of fabric. For this method, the quilt's backing fabric is trimmed straight and wrapped around to the front of the quilt and stitched in place to form the binding. Thank you for all the pictures it made it so easy to finish binding my quilt. Continuous Quilt Binding. It’s fast, easy, and still looks just as good as if you did it with binding strips. The stretch in the bias makes it easier to maneuver the binding around the quilt’s curved edges. Leave your comment below. Place the batting on a flat surface. Use a zigzag or decorative stitcharound the edges. Sep 15, 2014 - How to apply butted corner binding to a small art quilt or any quilt. Instead, she uses MistyfuseTM (a lightweight fusible without backing) to fuse brightly colored fabrics (she just debuted her own line) to felt. attach it to the back side of the quilt with no hand sewing. Jamie shares her rebellious–and fun–techniques on her video tutorial Rebel Quilting: Thinking Outside the Block, now available on Craft Daily. She demonstrates some of the essential quilting tips and techniques that you’ll need to use in order to properly create decorative binding strips that you can use on any quilt. In straight-line quilting, the pieces are sewn in a straight line. It's particularly good for quilts and quilted items that are going to get a lot of laundering. Reply Delete. If mitered corners and other details of a traditional quilt binding aren’t your thing, here are some other techniques you can use for binding a quilt. A useful alternative to binding a quilt is adding a facing. It is one of the easiest methods and interesting as well since you can make beautiful linear patterns. - Happy Quilting! Start sewing 8-10 inches from the end of the binding. It is a beautiful print and stunning in these quilts. What’s black and white and fun all over? Of course there is the Traditional Binding whereby strips are cut, joined end to end and stitched onto the quilt. We want to show you a fabulous way of binding your quilts using just the backing fabric. Pin or baste in place and then stitch around the perimeter, leaving a gap for turning. Use a scalloped or wavy blade on your rotary cutter to give a decorative finish to small fused quilts. Prepare the Quilt for Binding Janet Wickell / The Spruce P.S. Clip corners, turn inside out, and whipstitch the gap closed. Because the fabric is doubled, French Fold binding creates a durable edge for your quilt. 2. We can't wait to hear what you have to say! Couch or topstitch trim on top of the edges. Today we have a quilt project brought to you by Rae from Made by Rae for easy quilt binding. Folded edge of the binding needs to be stitched (hemmed) to the quilt back by hand. Jani September 08, 2011 4:30 AM. Update: If you prefer not to blind stitch the back of your binding and would rather machine stitch it, check out my Machine Binding Tutorial. Rotary cutting is a technique that every new quilter should … I love the decorative stich idea. Binding a Quilt: Five Different Approaches. Binding is one of the last steps in finishing a quilt. I have a finished quilt with the binding sewn to the back only. Reply. However, you can enlarge the binding strip widths and the size of the corner triangles if you choose. However, if you are binding a quilt with curved edges, you will want to cut bias strips for your binding. Like this quilt binding method from Terry Grant for ATCs and small quilts. For my next quilt, I’m going to challenge myself by making a prairie point binding, which I have never tried before. If this is your first visit to the Missouri Star Quilt Co's "Quilter's Forum", be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. All Rights Reserved. Follow these steps to add facing to any quilt. Written by Maura Kang. Published on Apr 24, 2012 How to apply butted corner binding to a small art quilt or any quilt. Leaving her roots in traditional binding techniques behind, Sherrie began experimenting with alternative methods. 4 February 2008 Filed Under: Technique:Finishing, Tutorials. Self-binding (sometimes called Edge-turned Binding) This type of binding protects the quilt's edges with just a single layer of fabric. This isn't necessarily a fabric you used in your actual … The binding measurements in this article are appropriate for both small and large quilts. It's a very simple binding to make. Place the backing right sides together with the pieced top. Facing comes in handy when you don’t want such a frame, and it’s fast and easy to do. Barbara F Baldwin says: January 19, 2018 at 11:37 AM Just used your method to finish a quilt and love, love, love this method. Line up the raw edge of the binding to the raw edge of the quilt. I wasn't sure I could do that method now. There are many ways to finish a quilt. Free & Non-binding: Alternative Quilt Finishes. Interesting idea to finish a quilt without a binding, and a quick solution to the last minute quilt for disaster donation quilts. The pillowcase binding method, sometimes also called “birthing” a quilt, is an easy way to bind this kind of everyday, working quilt. “My quilts are about having fun and not taking myself or them too seriously,” says Jamie. ), 9 Nine-Patch Quilt Block Patterns from Precut Fabric Squares. So here are some photos of how to make the knife edge - not difficult, but very neat looking - and- no extra fabric is needed. “I’m all about being bold and brave–let’s set the world on fire with quilting!”. Line up the edge of your binding with the trimmed edge of your quilt, and set yourself up with a 1/4" foot, or an all-purpose foot with a 1/4" edge. You will be logged in automatically and a confirmation email with a password will be sent to your email address. In this article, she walks through a few of her favorite alternate ways for binding including backing fabric as a frame, using exposed batting, and raw wraps. The “Escape Hatch” or pillow case finish is just that….an escape through a slit at the back so that the quilt can be turned right side out.