Condition: Very Good-excellent. 20 watching. Roseville Pottery Bushberry Blue 10" Vase #37-10, 1941. In 1900, Roseville Rozane became the first high quality art pottery line produced by Roseville.In 1904, Lot of two Roseville vases in the Cherry Blossom pattern. No damage or repairs. Brown with green pear pod design. The largest piece in lot: 8'' wide. They entered the art pottery market in the early 1900s to compete with manufacturers such as Rookwood Pottery. With over 1000 employees and multiple factories, they became a cornerstone of central Ohio business and jobs. Selling price: $150 (Morphy Auctions - 9/16). Condition: Very Good-Excellent. Factors that determine the monetary value of Roseville pottery. Roseville vase in the Clemana pattern. Unmarked, as with most Tourist pieces. Selling Price: $330 (Morphy Auctions - 9/16). Water Lily collection was first introduced in 1943 with a pattern consisting of a large embossed open lily on a water background of wavy ridges. After 1931, pieces had a cursive “Roseville” inscribed on the bottom, and later items have a raised “Roseville U.S.A." Identify the numbers on the bottom of the pottery. Columbine was introduced by Roseville Pottery in 1941. Marked with raised Roseville U.S.A. mark along with shape number. 603-10) This guide represents the majority of Roseville pottery items with numbers. Selling price: $92.25 (Morphy Auctions - 9/16). Condition: excellent. Selling Price: $120 (Morphy Auctions - 2/15). Triangular handles on either side. For example Roseville 747-10 would refer to a Roseville Pinecone vase that would be approximately 10" in height. Largest: 8-1/4'' tall. The numbers on the bottom of Roseville pottery represent a shape number and usually accompanied with another number representing the size normally in inches. Shape #235-5". Fuchsia was first introduced in 1938. or Best Offer. Condition: excellent with no damage or repair. RealPriceGuides Look here for the index of shape numbers for Roseville pottery patterns. The number marks often have two or three digits, a dash, and one or two more digits: XXX-X. Condition: excellent. $150.00. Largest: 15 1/2'' tall. Standard colors include turquoise, red, tan, and white. (Ex. Selling price: $840 - (Morphy Auctions - 12/14), Lot of two Roseville vases in the Water Lily pattern. Size: 11 1/4" tall. Size: 5" tall. Roseville pottery has a long history as a … The Roseville fakes cannot be called "second-generation" or "new" Roseville. The numbers relate to a specific shape and in most cases to a specific style or line such as Water Lily or Rozane. Thick purple volcanic glaze over red. Size: 5" x 9". Small glaze pop to base edge. Please enter 5 or 9 numbers for the ZIP Code. The Spruce Crafts uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Selling price: $300 (Morphy Auctions - 9/16). The Donatello collection was first introduced in 1915 and it consists of ivory and green vertical fluting with a band of cherubs separated by trees on a light brown background. 56-18. This implies that Roseville is still making the pottery. Wisteria was introduced in 1937 and is a pattern that consists of a heavily embossed lavender wisteria blossoms hanging from green vines and a large grouping of green leaves. $15.00 shipping. Condition: excellent. Lot of two Roseville pieces in the Peony pattern - a case and a basket. I recognize it is hard to draw conclusions from such a limited number of similar sales but I think the trends shown consistency. In 1898, the company moved to modern facilities in Zanesville, Ohio. Selling Price: $210 - (Morphy Auctions - 12/14). $450.00. Condition: excellent. Lot consists of three Roseville vases in the Fuchsia pattern. Largest: 10 3/4'' tall. or go to Real Price Guides Home page. Shape No. or Best Offer. The line features unusual shapes with low … The Roseville Pottery began making decorative ceramics in 1892 in Roseville, Ohio. 23 watching. 5 out of 5 stars (444) 444 reviews. This section displays the individual pattern along with all the numbers … Roseville Pottery values and identifications. Largest: 10 3/4'' tall. Roseville initially produced simple utilitarian ware such as flower pots, stoneware, umbrella stands, cuspidors, and limited painted ware. Condition: Very Good-Excellent. Roseville Pottery. Size: 19" tall. The company moved to Zanesville, Ohio in 1900. Unfortunately, this means there's opportunity for people to make a quick buck from selling fake Roseville Pottery. Condition: Very Good-Excellent. Considered rare. Excellent condition. Beautiful jardiniere with matching pedestal. Includes popular, more common patterns along with rarities. Beginning in 1940, Roseville started marking vases with the more commonly seen, raised Roseville USA along with the corresponding shape number and size. The bowl is a medium Lilac color with a decorative design around the upper portion of the bowl. This pattern was introduced in 1932 and consists of bands of blackberries hanging from vines and leaves. Roseville Pottery Peony 661-3 Jardiniere Vase, circa 1942, Made in USA, Peony flower vase, Collectible pottery vase, MOJEART. or Best Offer. Selling price: $950 (Rago Auctions - 4/10). For several decacdes no pottery branded as Roseville was created, and the trademark expired. Lot of two Roseville Zephyr Lily pieces - hanging basket and a vase. Size: 10 1/2" tall. Selling price: $390 (Morphy Auctions - 1/14). Demand for Roseville varies by line, color and form, and often changes as styles and tastes change. Depicts open air car being towed by horses. To review Roseville pottery marks, in 1936, Roseville began using a die-impressed Roseville and the corresponding shape number and size in script. Free shipping . Cosmos was first introduced in 1939. Shape No. She's written over 400 articles on antique collecting for The Spruce Crafts. Vintage American Roseville Art Pottery Large Vase - Cherry Blossom 623-7. Size: 28" tall. Selling price: $180 (Morphy Auctions - 9/16). Selling price: $180 - (Morphy Auctions - 12/14). Silhouette was marked with raised Roseville script marks, shape numbers, and sizes. They are not made from original molds! Feb 15, 2015 - Peruse this slideshow to help you identify and value your Roseville Pottery pieces. Shape #372-12". White Rose was first introduced in 1940. Shape No. Size: 8" x 5 - 1/2" x 5". Condition: excellent (considering rarity). Roseville Blackberry baskets. Authentic Roseville Pottery is highly sought after by collectors and rare pieces command thousands of dollars at auction. Meanings of Numbers in Roseville Pottery Marks. Size: 8" tall. available in ebook format at Size: 19 3/4" tall. Aug 30, 2017 - Peruse this slideshow to help you identify and value your Roseville Pottery pieces. Measures 9 1/2" tall. Arts & crafts green glaze, strong blue center band, and detail. Selling price: $354 (Morphy Auctions - 6/11). Overall condition: excellent. $23.15 shipping. ROSEVILLE POTTERY WINDSOR VASE SHAPE NUMBER 554-10" $395.00. Roseville pottery advertisements indicated the Columbine pattern included 46 … Condition: excellent. Selling price: $4,200 (Morphy Auctions - 2/12). Three square numbers on a white pottery bottom may be Alamo Pottery, made in San Antonio, Texas from about 1946-1952, or it may be Gilmer, another Texas pottery in business for much longer. or Best Offer. Condition: Very Good-Excellent. Pinecone was introduced in 1935. Shape No. Roseville baskets and vases in the Columbine pattern. Measures 12 1/2'' tall. Buy A Price Guide to Roseville Pottery by The Numbers, 34th Edition, Year 2016: USB Flash Drives - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Lot of three Roseville pieces in the White Rose pattern - candle holder, basket and vase. Vintage Rookwood Pottery Bowl Vase Signed Lilac Color Number 2159 This is a Beautiful Vintage Rookwood Bowl Measuring 4-1/2 inches wide by approximately 1-7/8 inches high. Condition: excellent. This additional mark usually appears below the letter mark, offering extra information about the piece. Selling price: $270 (Morphy Auctions - 1/14). Lot of two Roseville Wisteria vases. Condition: Very Good-Excellent. 608 - 8. Selling price: $3,000 (Morphy Auctions - 2/12). "Roseville" with a number underneath, either stamped (1932 to 1937) or raised lettering (around 1937), also including "U.S.A." A diamond-shaped foil label (beginning around 1930, on lines such as Blackberry, Tourmaline, and early Pine Cone) that says "Roseville Pottery" in all capital letters ROSEVILLE POTTERY BROWN PINECONE SHAPE NUMBER 838-6" $175.00. $15.00 shipping. Silhouette is a Mid-Century Modern pattern introduced by Roseville Pottery in 1950. Condition: Very Good. Selling price: $108 (Morphy Auctions - 1/14). Small glaze pull at base edge. Roseville Foxglove double handled floor vase marked No. Selling price: $184.50 (Morphy Auctions - 9/16). Fig. The shape 472-6 is … Selling price: $450 - (Morphy Auctions - 12/14). See more ideas about Pottery, Pottery art, Arts crafts style. Five Roseville Pottery Vases,each in the Wisteria pattern, of handled form with a blue ground, one with the original foil View Full Details Five Roseville Pottery Vases, Height of tallest 10 3/8 Size: 6" in diameter. Largest: 12'' tall. Check out my newest Roseville price guide now Selling price: $430.50 (Morphy Auctions - 9/16). Use the following slide show to help you identify Roseville patterns and get an idea about the value of your pieces. Condition: excellent with no damage or repair. 15 and 16 are marked in raised Roseville script with shape and size number but only a trace of U.S.A.