World War II swept Bechtel into the shipbuilding business. Biography Early life. Mr. Bechtel, a resident of Oakland, is survived by his wife, Laura Peart Bechtel of Oakland; his son, Stephen Jr., his daughter, Barbara Bechtel Davies, and by 7 grandchildern and 19 great-grandchildren. These researchers predicted California’s COVID-19 surge. He was born in Bulloch County on August 25, 1939 to parents, Ervin Irene Hood. Find the obituary of John F. Bechtel (2020) from Douglassville, PA. Leave your condolences to the family on this memorial page or send flowers to show you care. Stephen Bechtel was a motorcycle dispatch rider with the 20th Army Engineers in France during World War I, then attended UC Berkeley. Sympathy and Grief. Elizabeth is survived by her husband Alvin Temple, her six children: Stephen Bechtel (Brenda), Michael Bechtel (Karen), Cathy Bechtel (Dale Evert), Daniel Bechtel (Beverly), Anita Bear (Brian) & Andrew Bechtel (Vicki), and numerous grandchildren & great grandchildren. The California Alumni Association's obituary called him "perhaps Cal's most successful dropout." Following cremation, a memorial service will be 1 p.m. Saturday at Panebaker Funeral Home, 311 Broadway, Hanover. In spite of all this acclaim, Victor always remained modest and unassuming, but wonderful company. “Dad needed us in the business,” he explained later. . Showing obituaries for. Most recent. He … Since 1960, the company has been headed by Mr. Bechtel's son, Stephen D. Bechtel Jr., who is 63. Bechtel Company. This obituary was first published online on Lawyer for ‘SoHo Karen’ advised her client not to wear that ‘Daddy’ hat on TV. Though in many respects the true impact of the Boy Scouts’ new high adventure camp, site of upcoming national and world jamborees, may still be difficult to grasp, several people Funeral services will be private. Bechtel was part of a consortium of companies that built the dam. More recently, Bechtel has been involved in such projects as the building of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system and the Washington Metro system and the Saudi Arabian industrial city of Jubail. Warren Bechtel started in the construction business by hiring out a pair of mules to the gangs laying the first railroad tracks in the Oklahoma Territory. John Cleveland Bechtel, 91, of Hanover and formerly of Silver Run, MD, passed away on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24, 2011, at York Hospital. As head of one of the world’s largest construction and engineering firms, which helped build Hoover Dam, Bechtel’s philosophy was, “We’ll build anything for anybody, no matter what the location, type or size.”, Even though he headed a large organization with an impressive array of supervisors, engineers and workers, Bechtel was described by Fortune magazine in the early 1950s as “a practical contractor who knows the work in the field as well as any man in the crew.”, One of his customers was quoted by the magazine as saying, “For a run-of-the-mill job, I’ll . Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. Published in The Sharon Herald on January 7, 2021 Thomas P. Sefrick. He remained chairman of the company until 1965 and then became senior director, remaining active in the company. His father died in 1933, leaving Stephen Bechtel to take over a major role in the building of Hoover Dam, for which the Bechtel firm had allied itself with five other companies. Meanwhile, the reward offered through the Amy Wroe Bechtel Recovery Fund has doubled, to $100,000, and a pledge drive is planned to try and raise between $250,000 and $500,000 for the fund. give (it) to the lowest bidder. His company built one of the largest refineries in the world in Aden for the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Ltd. Then there was a large electric power plant at Joppa, Ill., a mining project in the jungles of Venezuela and other jobs. Paul Albert Bechtel Jr., retired attorney and longtime resident of Morton, passed away unexpectedly Saturday, Jan. 2, 2021. More recently, both former Secretary of State George P. Shultz and former Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger were Bechtel officials before joining the President Ronald Reagan's Cabinet. A … He was 88. Obituary Services Memories and Condolences . In the 1950s, Bechtel built the Dresden Power Station in Illinois, the first large-scale nuclear power station to go into operation. Categories Obituaries • Tags Habitat for Humanity, Jesse Lee United Methodist Church, Norma Bechtel Hummerstone, Samuel Staples Elementary School Obituary: Robert Joseph Wade Jr., 84 Published on August 19, 2020 August 19, 2020 by Melissa Fahey Stephen Davison Bechtel's success flowed less from his easygoing optimism than it did from the qualities that lay just beneath that freewheeling, affable appearance—a strong self-discipline, an iron will, and a driving determination to get things done. Obituary: Stephen Anthony Sylvestro, 70 Stephen Anthony Sylvestro Although cancer won on Sept. 6 after a 15-year battle, Stephen Anthony Sylvestro rarely lost a race. Born in Aurora, Ind., on Sept. 24, 1900, Mr. Bechtel was the second of four children born to Warren and Clara West Bechtel. Steve Bechtel (March 19, 1970) is a rock climber with first ascents all over the world. Stephen Bechtel was a motorcycle dispatch rider with the 20th Army Engineers in France during World War I, then attended UC Berkeley. One of Mr. Bechtel's business associates, John McCone, became head of the Atomic Energy Commission and later the Director of Central Intelligence. See the article in its original context from. Stephen Davison Bechtel, who built a family business into one of the world's largest construction companies, died today after a brief illness. Parkland Funeral Services; Share Obituary. Bechtel Company and its successor, Bechtel Corp., one of the world’s largest construction and engineering firms. The San Francisco-based company, which is still family owned, has long had a reputation for secrecy and for links to high-level Government officials. Jan was born on May 13, 1941 in Bicknell, IN to Homer and Thelma (McCracken) During 1934 and 1935, Bechtel was vice president of Bridge Builders Inc., set up to build part of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. She was 73. Share to Facebook Share by Email Share Link . John was a member of St. Mary's United Church of Christ in Silver Run, … Mr. Bechtel was president of the Bechtel Corporation, now the Bechtel Group, from 1935 until 1960. In 1935, two years after his father's death, Mr. Bechtel became president of a company that was a growing but still a regional builder of railroads, highways, pipelines and dams. Bechtel also leaves his wife, Laura, whom he married in 1923, and a daughter, Barbara Davies. He helped form the California Shipbuilding Corp. and the Marineship Corp., which built more than 460 freighters and about 90 tankers. A spokesman for the Bechtel Group Inc. said in San Francisco that Bechtel died at Merritt Peralta Medical Center of an undisclosed illness. Mr. Bechtel, a gregarious salesmen who sometimes did the initial drawings for major projects on the back of envelopes, knew many presidents and kings on a first-name basis. Birth in Indiana. Born Sept. 24, 1900, in Aurora, Ind., he was the son of builder Warren A. Bechtel. Paul was born Jan. 30, 1949, in Pottsville. In 1891, Warren graduated from Peabody High School in Peabody, Kansas. In that time it completed the construction of Hoover Dam, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the first commercial nuclear power plant. Obituaries. Among the projects built under Mr. Bechtel's tenure were the Trans Mountain oil pipeline in Canada; Canol, a 1,600-mile pipeline from the Yukon to Alaska; the 2,200 trans-Canada gas line; and the 1,100 Trans-Arabian pipeline in the Middle East. Steve was a pioneer in the development of materials management in the oil and gas industry from 1979-2014, when he retired from Bechtel as a Senior Engineer III, grade 27. In 1897, Warren married Clara Alice West, from Aurora, Indiana, whom he met while she previously visited her uncle (E.F. Davison) in Peabody. 1941 - 2020 Obituary. He is the son of Stephen Davison Bechtel Sr. and grandson of Warren A. Bechtel who founded the Bechtel Corporation. In 1960, Bechtel yielded the company presidency to his son, Stephen Jr. Presidents and Kings. He worked with Kroger as a maintenance mechanic until 1995, when he had to take a medical Visitation will be noon to 1 p.m. Saturday at the funeral … Obituary information is incomplete. Stephen D. Bechtel Is Dead at 88; Led Major Construction Concern, Andrew Pollack, Special To the New York Times. David Hood, 81, of Pooler, passed away peacefully on Sunday, November 1, 2020, surrounded by family and friends. Stephen Bechtel was a native of Aurora, Indiana and the son of Warren Bechtel, the founder of the W.A. Stephen Bechtel Obituary Remember Stephen Bechtel. After the war, Bechtel built pipelines in Canada and Saudi Arabia. Stephen Davison Bechtel Jr. (born May 10, 1925) is an American billionaire businessman, civil engineer, and co-owner of the Bechtel Corporation, with his son Riley. Plan a Funeral or Cremation. Bechtel lives in Lander, Wyoming where he owns Elemental Performance + Fitness Gym and runs the climbing training program known as Climb Strong. Marysville January 20, 1947 - April 7, 2015 Indiana Set a Reminder for the Anniversary of Stephen's Passing. Bechtel achieved a reputation as a builder of megaprojects around the world, constructing refineries, power plants and thousands of miles of pipelines. The family moved to Oakland, but Stephen Bechtel spent much of his youth in construction camps, living with his parents in a railroad car at railroad job sites. Stephen became a vice president, supervising railroad, building and pipeline construction. He leaves seven grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. In World War II, the company built and managed shipyards that produced more than 500 ships. Following that, he and school friend John A. McCone--who was to become a Los Angeles industrialist and head of the CIA--formed the Bechtel-McCone Corp. to design and build chemical plants and petroleum refineries. Barbara Bechtel Davies-- nurse, equestrienne and philanthropist -- died of pneumonia on June 15 at Summit Medical Center in Oakland. Here it is interesting to note that Stephen Bechtel (former CEO of the Bechtel Corporation, the largest construction company in the world) is the only Honorary Fellow from the USA. At the age of 84, he helped arrange a joint engineering venture with the Government of China. Arrangements will be announced by J. BRADLEY McGONIGLE FUNERAL HOME and CREMATORY, Inc., 1090 E. State St., Sharon. There is clear evidence that the post-Christmas holiday surge in cases is worsening. His company was one of the developers of the boiling water nuclear reactor and did much of the early engineering work for the Atomic Energy Commission, building the AEC’s Experimental Breeder Reactor No. * Feb. 19. Researchers share which numbers they’re watching to forecast when California’s deadly COVID-19 surge will end. Obituary FORT WORTH - Daniel Lennox Bechtel passed away Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017, in Fort Worth. Warren was born September 12, 1872 in Freeport, Illinois, as the fifth child of Elizabeth and John Moyer Bechtel in a family of two boys and five girls. In 1925, his father formed the W. A. Bechtel Co., one of the largest construction firms in the West. Stephen Davison Bechtel, who built a family business into one of the world's largest construction companies, died today after a brief illness. Stephen D. Bechtel, in full Stephen Davison Bechtel, (born September 24, 1900, Aurora, Indiana, U.S.—died March 14, 1989, San Francisco, California), American construction engineer and business executive, president (1936–60) of W.A. He retired as chairman in 1965 and became a senior director. HANOVER - Stephen R. Bechtel, 45, of Hanover, died at 3:30 a.m. Thursday at his home. By Andrew Pollack, Special To the New York Times. In 1935, he took over presidency of the $20-million construction business, building it into one worth $250 million. Show Your Support View Grief Library Ideas and Resources . He was 88 years old. The number of COVID-19 deaths in California and Los Angeles County is setting records almost daily. A Minnesota woman who died at the age of 80 last week will not be missed by her family, who let the public know in a biting obituary. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Under Mr. Bechtel's leadership, the company diversified into construction of nuclear power plants and petroleum refineries and mines. It began a wide range of activities that made it a leading builder in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East. Here’s when they think it will end. He stayed active, however, and when he was 84 he helped set up a joint engineering venture in China. 1 at Arco, Ida., in the late 1940s. Bechtel formed a close working relationship with … Stephen Davison Bechtel, builder of dams, bridges, pipelines, refineries, factories, ships, nuclear reactors and other industrial hardware throughout the world, died Tuesday in Oakland. In the Care of. It warns us what might be next, Kathleen Belew, author and historian of the white power movement, discusses the connections between Wednesday’s Capitol riots and “The Turner Diaries.”, COVID-19 continues to pummel crowded Bay Area ERs and things could only get worse, L.A. using coronavirus test that may produce false negatives. He graduated from Tremont An elite athlete since the ’70s, he regularly placed in the top 10 in his age group in the many road races, triathlons, biathlons, and adventure races in which he competed. ‘The Turner Diaries’ didn’t just inspire the Capitol attack. Stephen Bechtel Sr. and Saudi Arabia's Prince Faisal, later the country's king, tour Bechtel's Marinship shipyard in Saulsalito in 1944. California OKs expansion of who can get COVID-19 vaccine to avoid doses going to waste, California expands who can get COVID-19 vaccine to avoid medicine going to waste, How much worse will coronavirus crisis get in L.A. County? He spent much of his childhood living in makeshift railroad cars on railroad construction jobs and began working with his father and brothers, Warren Jr. and Kenneth, during school vacations at the age of 13. Norma J. Shaw, 98. . Miya Ponsetto, the “SoHo Karen” who faces four felony charges connected to an alleged assault, insisted on wearing a “Daddy” cap for Gayle King interview. Stephen Bergh Orinda resident Stephen Bergh age 67 died from leukemia during hospice care at home with his wife, Marcia Robbins, on May 6.