Do you have info about Jiju island? There are several of these underground shopping paradises in Seoul, including the Express Bus Terminal Underground Centre and Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre. There is a roof park for strolls, and the plaza contains 3 underground levels as well as 4 above-ground levels. Airport, but you can return the device at any other local airport! PRO TIP 2: For wonderful photos, again, you can use the traditional hanbok (the classic Korean dresses); you will see plenty of people doing so! If you’re a little homesick for traditional tastes you’re more used to, then a visit to El Plato Garosu-gil will satisfy your palate’s need for Mediterranean and other European dishes. As part of the Tower you can find Lotte World Mall, perfect for shopping, Lotte World Aquarium, and the largest Lotte Duty Free store. 13. NOTE: I remember I faced some difficulties finding the dishes I wanted to try! If you are traveling alone and want to have double the fun while playing dress up, join this photoshoot experience right on the Palace grounds. If this does not work, you can just stick to Google Maps. Discover the cool stuff at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, 15. I advise giving it a try; maybe you can just drop the pin at an approximate location if it doesn’t find the English names (or, maybe they updated it since then?). Directions: Alight at Samseong Station (Subway Line 2) and take Exit 6. The smaller shops hidden away from the main thoroughfare are where you’ll find the best discounts. The savory version of this same snack might be filled with vegetables and noodles. GUIDED TOURS: Everyday at 10:30AM and 13:30PM. Trick Eye Museum. This is only if you are up for a really wild treat! There are about 700 fish retail stores in this six-story building! For a 5 km ride that can take about 20 minutes, the price is around 7,000 KRW. There are various trade shows, exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts and performances to view there. During this full-day tour, you will arrive in Busan and get to visit the Yonggungsa Buddhist Temple located on a cliff, have a customized photo-shoot at Songjeong Beach with its peaceful surroundings, and even head over to the biggest market place with tons of delicious street food, most of it local seafood dishes! The must-visit list will just get bigger because Seoul has everything you can think of! OPENING HOURS: The market is closed on Sunday. The biggest question of them all –  is Seoul expensive? Things to do in Seoul, South Korea | Top 20 Seoul, the capital of South Korea has thriving traditions and culture. Why? One of the best places you can go visit to have some fun as well as learn about many interesting things, is at a place called Seoul Grand Park. It is a great chargeable device and for US$4 a day you can share 4G internet with up to 8 devices with no delays (similar to the pocket Wi-Fi in Japan). The train takes 43 minutes and heads straight to the Seoul Station for a price of 5,400 KRW (US$4.50). You can find the tour contact here. Korean cosmetics are much cheaper here in Seoul, Korea (duh)! FUN FACT: There is a spot at Gangnam Station where you can see people dancing to this song while being recorded and projected on a big screen. It’s a pleasant 3-minute ride with stunning views, especially during the sunset hours. They are soaked in a hot pepper sauce and stir-fried. You name it – you’ll find it! Their fare starts at 3,800 KRW (US$3). PRICE: 46,000 KRW (US$39) Day-time One-day Pass per adult on the official website, but I found a much better and cheaper price here (US$14). It has approximately 40 rides that include roller coasters and movie theatres, all fit for all ages! This is really useful. The deals are somewhat less expensive here. On the main road lined with restaurants and teahouses, there is a plethora of shops with traditional souvenirs and gifts you won’t want to leave out from your shopping experience in Seoul. They’ll still give you a ticket so they can track the number of people inside, but I repeat, you don’t need to pay for it! There are endless things to do there, and if you are wondering why I say that, just check this list of great things to do in Seoul! The name, Garosu-gil, means tree-lined street. PRICE: Entrance fee to the Palace is 3,000 KRW (US$3) per adult. Walking down from the top with a picnic lunch in tow can be a relaxing and fun way to spend one of your days is Seoul. Insadong is the place for that. Everland Amusement Park  is one of the largest theme parks in South Korea! The entire stream is about 11 km long – it goes from Cheonggye Plaza under a total of 22 bridges before meeting Hangang River. Many of the teas are energizing so they can give you the second wind you might need in the middle of a long day of touring and doing lots of walking. You can also take a taxi from the taxi stands across from the Arrivals Hall (1F). Hope it will be over soon and we all be able to travel, even if it is our own backyard! Check the updated opening hours here. Tteokbokki – spicy rice cakes that you will find most frequently at the food stalls.