A full list with tips & tricks for all seasons, Scotts Osmocote® Indoor Plant Potting Mix, Scotts Osmocote® Pour+Feed Indoor Plant Liquid Fertiliser, Scotts Osmocote® Controlled Release Fertiliser: Pots, Planters & Indoors, Indoor plants that will bring fragrance into your home, The Right Potting Mix for Indoor & Outdoor Plants, Scotts Osmocote Indoor Plants Premium Potting Mix. Indoor Plants. */, Evergreen Garden Care Australia, Light levels decrease rapidly as plants are placed further back from the window. The Complete Guide to Leca; Ultimate Guide to Winter House Plant Care; Using Rocks for Drainage; Reviving Indoor Plants; How to find cheap (or free) house plants; 5 Ways You Can Propagate Indoor Plants; Pests & Diseases. [CDATA[>*/ The deficiency of sunlight and incorrect natural conditions might reinforce certain diseases and problems to take over your favorite plants. Using a compost-free potting mix like Scotts Osmocote Indoor Plants Premium Potting Mix or Debco Indoor Potting Mix which are both coir-based and contain no compost or pine bark, is the best protection from this pest. Keep them in a separate room and watch them carefully for signs of insects or other problems. Indoor plants are not as susceptible to disease as outdoor plants are, but disease contraction is possible. /*--> Diseases That Affect Yucca Plants And Ways to Control Them. The most likely are here in this guide to indoor plant disease identification. Mealybugs; Aphids; Spider Mites. The disease usually doesn’t kill the houseplant and controlling the cultural conditions is usually enough to … Early identification of diseases and pests along with immediate treatment will give your plant its best chance at survival so it is crucial to check your monstera deliciosa on a regular basis. Some outdoor gardeners choose to bring their plants indoors during the winter months since they know lighting fixtures can be used to sustain the growth. As light levels fall in the winter some plants may benefit from being moved to a lighter position such as nearer a window as long as the minimum required temperatures can be maintained. Houseplants can develop many problems, mostly due to environmental or cultural causes. Replace them every few days until the white fly has disappeared. Name – Dracaena, dragon tree Family – Agavaceae Type – indoor plant. White fly is a sap-sucking pest and may cause white spots or blotches to appear on leaves.