Before choosing your generator, consider what devices you have in your RV. They’re perfect for tailgating, camping, RVing, and more. If you own a travel trailer of any size, you have probably gone beyond the power needs of tailgaters and tent campers, who rely on their 2000 watt or 2200 watt inverter generators to supply power on a very short term … It not only needs specially built generator but also special arrangement to accommodate it … What’s the right generator for a travel trailer? The basic reasons are that RV generators have about 3 times the horse power and run at around 1800 rpm — which is much easier to muffle. While 4,000 watts is a great minimum rating to start from, there are many other factors to consider before you settle on the right generator for your power needs. If you want to run the AC, you’ll need a pretty powerful generator as AC systems can use up several hundred to a couple thousand watts of electricity depending on the size of the unit. If you’re ready to take your travel trailer away from standard campgrounds with power hookups, you’ll need a good generator. However, if you can’t afford an RV class generator right now, then a portable generator is a viable option. - posted in The Casita Club Forum: Hi everyone. And they’re great for home power backup, too! Just spend the extra $$$ and get the HONDA 3000 super quiet:thumbsup: The length of the trailer doesn't matter on the size of the generator. Not only will this generator power the essentials in an RV or Travel Trailer, they can be used for other applications like tailgating, BBQ or power outages caused by storms. Now, we’ve determined that 50-amp service can work with up to around 12,000 watts. This is advantageous because having your generator on a travel trailer generator mount on the front of your trailer … Mar 11, 2019 - When determining what size generator you need for your travel trailer you should start by figuring out how many watts you need to power the AC unit. Due to a house fire i just bought the Coleman powermate 6250 wt /5000 wt generator. For a lighter option, consider buying two 2000W generators that can be linked in parallel to offer up to 3600W together. What Size Generator Do I Need for A 15000 BTU Air Conditioner? A properly installed generator and fuel source can provide electricity for your travel trailer, and make your journeys much more relaxing. That being said, you may be able to find one used that someone has put into their travel trailer, and they do make some very high-end models that have generators built in. i want to buy a generator for my travel trailer but dont know how much wattage i need, it has a new 110 refridgerator and a new ac also 110 and of course lights and 2 tvs with dvd players, i plug into 30 amps at the rv parks and seem ok but i want to buy a generator in case i cant get to an rv park,,all the generators i see say wattage on them, so how big do i go,, thanks everybody ... say I was driving a 25ft travel trailer for my family of 5 and wanted to boondock. Feb 2, 2019 - When determining what size generator you need for your travel trailer you should start by figuring out how many watts you need to power the AC unit. Aug 22, 2017 Rating: Still a little confused! Most RVs, fifth wheels and travel trailers come with either a 13,500 BTU or a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner. Choosing what size generator for travel trailer isn’t an easy task since you need to check your power demand carefully. At minimum, I’d suggest buying a generator that supplies at least 3,000 watts for a 30 - amp RV . Combining quiet, easy starting Honda Engines with an array of innovative features, Honda generators are the … Source. Some RVs have a television, a fridge, microwave or electric oven, coffee maker, water heater, etc.And these are only a few items, but according to your needs, you can always add more. All that dictates the size of the generator is what you'll be running and when. The best generator for travel trailer and RV is actually that, which can supply power to all the accessories and appliances present in your motorhome or caravan. I have a 30 ft. travel trailer and would like to know what size generator I would need to run the A/C, lights and refrigerator. But how do you know what size generator to get for a 30 amp RV? Options range from large, expensive solar-powered battery banks to small, gas-fueled generators that can be connected to some appliances with extension cords. We’ve just established that a 30-amp RV will take no more than 3,600 watts. Use our generator wattage calculator to get a … We have had a small Scamp, but this is our first A/C, and we LOVE IT. I also just purchased a 1990 Sierra by Cobra travel trailer (outside plug says it’s 30amp) for my family and I to sleep in at my in-laws house (as their house is too small for 4 more ppl to sleep in). The size of the generator for your RV will differ depending on what you need to be powered. “We bought our camper without a generator because, in our past life as travel trailer owners, we only stayed in places with electric outlets. If you will be running the air and any other appliances, toaster or microwave, at the same time, you'll need at least a 3,000 watt. Whether you drive a grand Class A motorhome, steer a mid-sized Class C, or tow a travel trailer behind you, you’ll need a reliable power source for all of your essential accessories, equipment and devices. Page 1 of 3 - What Size Generator Do I Need? We now have a Northern Lite, so a built in generator was not an option. ... Running an air conditioner of that size off of something like the Yeti 1400 means it would only run for about an hour at … No, you don’t necessarily need to buy such a powerful unit. I believe that the A/C is 12K BTU Whether an RV generator will be able to run your RV air conditioner or not depends on how many watts it can output. We have a new Casita SD 17' trailer with a Coleman Mach roof A/C. Furthermore, most brands offer a parallel capability , which allows two units to work together, producing twice as much power. While most 3000-6500W generators include a wheel kit as a standard or optional feature, getting the generator in and out of your RV or truck is an important factor to consider. You can place an A-frame carrier above the propane tanks at the front of the trailer. The answer to this question may very well surprise you. Without a generator, you’re just camping in a vehicle. Many types of campers, such as travel trailers and hybrid trailers, don’t come with a built-in generator. They also have electric start and are built for many hours of continuous use. With all that in mind, here are three portable generators that would be great for travel trailer use. ... It’s an expensive but quiet portable generator that provides 4000 watts of clean power for RV or travel trailer. The first travel trailer generator mount we’ll be looking at is an A-frame cargo carrier. This quiet 3000-watt inverter generator can run everything in your travel trailer, including an AC, fridge, TV, and lighting circuits. Do travel trailers have generators is a question we are sometimes asked. 2000W generators are a suitable choice for low demand for electricity. The first step in choosing the right size generator for your 50 amp RV is to pick the power-outage scenario from the three below. More from my site. But does this mean that you need to buy a 12,000W power generator? What Size Generator For 30 Amp RV? If you get a 6,000W generator, then those additional 2,400 watts will be just wasted. Now that you know what type of generator to buy, the next question is what size generator will power your 30 amp RV? Still, if you have the air conditioning unit running and try to reheat something in the microwave at the same time, that might be cutting it close. If you use more appliances, consider 3000w or 3500W generators. The EF4500ISE has a maximum surge power of 4500 watts, while it’s operating wattage is 4000. So, do travel trailers have built in generators? This is the main reason why it is more expensive when you compare it to the portable generators that you normally see being used as emergency backups and during outdoor events. Let’s figure out what size you need. We would like a Honda or Yamaha because we want to keep as quiet as possible for other campers. Manufacturers usually tell you the generator’s run time, so if you know the size of the fuel tank, you can work out the cost to run it.