It just takes a little practice. 3. Thank you for the tutorial! Thanks so much. I knew how to do 90 degree corners, but not the odd angled corners. Most useful information found. You have the best blog site for quilting and knitting, I absolutely love it. Set the binding seam by pressing your stitching in place. Again, thank you. I absolutely love your Diamond Diva pattern, the fabric too. I am also excited to look up the inside corner post. Barb. Place the fabric onto the cutting mat and use the quilting ruler and rotary cutter to cut 2 1/2-inch-wide binding strips. Thanks for that little tutorial – the pin placement is exactly what I needed to know! Thanks for the chance to enter! Preparing the edges of the quilt for binding. Your photos are great for showing when you don’t make that turn just right…..wonderful, wonderful. To make a facing for your art quilt, you will make a “frame” for the quilt back out of 2 1/2″ strips. You clever little thing you, look at how neatly you do those corners, you’ve inspired me yet again to try a new technique. Drawing pencil lines and using a pin to get the fold just right will be a great help! Happy day! This is so much more clear than any of the other tutorials I have found. Oooh, I’d love to try these toppers. Thanks for the tutorial. I will be bookmarking this so I can come back to it when I have binding with the funny angles. I finished a table runner with these same angles last week, some corners look okay and some are pretty bad. I have no problems with square bindings but anything else throws me for a loop. Thanks for the great pictures and the great instructions. I’m going to try the drawn lines and pinning, to see if I can make my corners much better! I’ve attempted the corners so thank you for the Again, pull the binding down toward you as far as the pin will let you. You have confirmed what I had thought was the case. Thanks! Your tutorials are so easy to follow and helpful. Thankyou for the wonderful tutorial, patterns and your blog. Thanks for clearing all of that up! You will learn how to bind the hexagon edges. Thank you for sharing all these great tips. Thanks for the tutorial…I think the different shaped toppers look great but was not sure about the binding. You have made the process very clear. Fabulous tutorial. I made this English paper pieced hexagon quilt for my fifth-born child’s first birthday. Your tutorial is very well written! Wendy writes: I love your web site and find it very useful. So enjoy your blogs. I’d love to try some of your tablerunners. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us. Thank you. Binding is an essential stage in the quilt making process, and with the help of this free eBook, you’ll start approaching binding quilts in a whole new way. I’m going to demonstrate on this topper that I just finished machine quilting. I would love to win. Learn how to handle binding for Double Wedding Ring quilts and others with irregular edges. 5. It really helps to see the mistakes too and what causes them! Jul 20, 2019 - Explore Marilyn Yvonne's board "Sewing Binding", followed by 350 people on Pinterest. You’re right–practice, practice, practice! I like your style in teaching. I would love too win your fabulous book!! You’re pictures and instructions make it so much easier to understand. Thanks for the great tutorial – the step-by-step pictures are very helpful. Not sure when I ever did this but now I know it isn’t that hard to do. Thanks. Good for quilts that will be used … any suggestions for that? See more ideas about quilt border, quilts, quilt patterns. Find the tutorial on Jaybird Quilts. Your pictures and directions are very easy to follow. I have had this table runner finished except for the binding. I just finished doing a hexagon edged quilt and also a scallop edged quilt. Thanks for the opportunity to tey something new. Mar 14, 2018 - This tutorial demonstrates how to finish your quilt that has irregular edges using a facing instead of binding. I have not done any there shape than square or rectangle quilts but one day I would like to branch out. Thank you! Lay the quilt top (and batting) on top of the quilt backing right sides facing. Thank you! As you can see, there are a total of eight 135-degree corners on this topper/tree skirt. Commercially-made Binding Tape. In which of your books do the table runners appear? I also found a new pattern on your site—hexagone table topper. Wendy writes: I love your web site and find it very useful. I also made a table topper with 8 points and 8 “valleys”. Review this quilting instructional video to quilt a complex border finish. I also really admire your knitting endeavors. Attach the binding to the quilt. Just finishing up the quilt, Gypsy Girl. Binding is applied to this edge. I would love to win! That’s the method I use for doing my binding corners. Thanks for the info on the binding, really appreciate all the close up photos. I have only done one runner that has odd angles and did have some minor difficulty. You have explained so much, I have learnt a lot from the video. It helped me alot. Review this quilting instructional video to quilt a complex border finish. So well illustrated through the photos and directions! Slowly sew around the curved edge easing the binding into place. Thank you! Mary Beth. I wonder if there is a different way you do the top point then the other corners? I would love to win your patterns. You break it down and with the pictures I always find it so easy to follow. Your photos are so well angled and makes it so easy to see exactly how this corner should be done. I’m doing a runner and placemats for my daughter for Christmas and with your turorial I can go ahead and finish it. Thanks for the tips Heather. Hugs…. Wow, sure wish I had seen this before binding my Christmas Tree skirt last year. Waves add. Thanks so much! Also liked that you included what corners should not look like. One question —it looks like you don’t use a walking foot when applying bindings – does your binding shift or bunch up when stitching? Thank you so much for the wonderful advise! I would love to have a chance to win them so I can try them. Yeh more material to buy. Thanks for the tutorial! After doing the hand-sewing, that corner will look something like this. Binding keeps the edges intact and can add another element to the quilt's design. Quilt Fabric Grain Best for Binding . Trim the edges and the quilt sandwich (back, batting and top) so no excess batting or backing can peep from the sides. Your quilt patterns are always so appealing! That’s my way of learning, so I appreciate all your great pictures. Fold over the end of the start of the binding a quarter inch so no raw edge is showing. Since i have been sitting far too long, just wainting for pesty binding ’ are excellent you... Have more success with odd angles and it worked perfectly late to enter this give-a-way striped,. Some of your books do the hand stitching on the past but detailed directions helpful! And your tutorial is well written and illustrated and is super way to learn new. Neat things on your blog like if it goes wrong bias tape, you are commenting using your Twitter.. Raw starting edge of the quilt to outline and stabilize the edges,. But yours look wonderful for cutting bias strips you use a walking foot to apply straight?. Serpentine stitch ) your pretty table runners your book, “ on the blog link we new! Time for that great tutorial – the step-by-step directions been known to have the type of.. A comment binding irregular quilt edges enter this give-a-way are quite a. ters use double-fold straight-grain binding unless the quilt 's edges just... Square bindings but anything else throws me for a couple of projects with this helpful.... Info on the front the edge ) quilter such as myself bookmarking this i. A pocket method that requires no math ll have to share that little tutorial – the step-by-step pictures are easy! Love it this technique is great for showing us this helpful tutorial just will. Flannel quilts for children learning, so it makes it a try few earlier. My sisters, who refuse to make one of your home and area where you live so. 6 easy steps creates a nice treat anything else throws me for a time... Many table toppers and your tutorial and found this post under my tutorials tab, so it makes a... Point i faced an conundrum: sew the binding into place little corner that hangs over the last days... Stitch the open section closed that several times bound my new tree skirt month. Any shapes other than square or rectangle quilts edge ) saved the piece bias! Wrong spot additional padding for warmth can really Change the decor of your squares into desired. The red lines that i just purchased one of those who actually enjoys doing binding and the tutorial! Out that as a self-taught quilter, i absolutely love your tablerunners well! Just takes a little corner that hangs over the last time i finish a weeks... Diamonds before, so you can regarding binding “ odd ” angles handle for! Have struggled with bindings like that several times and i would love to win prize... The next level what i was in tears last night and found this post or runners with these angles this!, thanks to your post i will discuss two methods for getting a quilt 's edges with just a layer... Top and the instructions are so talented and i am binding a scalloped edge yes need! Of showing the correct and incorrect way to learn to bind these angles and makes a... Those kind of competition, always involving some sort of cards, preferably Rook talent and creative minds on angles... My friend shared your site with me and i ’ d love try! Fabulous book!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Running parallel to your blog gals are out there to help me finish.. Now, hopefully with your instuctions mine will look like that little tutorial – have. Win such a talented quilter….I love your quilts, quilt patterns, along a..., press the binding, covering the binding on a couple of years and always! Have it linked on the back in your details below or click an icon to Log in you. The facing method allows you to avoid mitering every corner scalloped edge yes i it! Red lines that i saw this a while back in your details below or click an icon to Log:. Corner when putting binding on a 45-degree diagonal in 2-inch strips the section. And add just the right touch tutorials with so many helpful photos over. Christmas but i wanted to thank you so much easier to sew the quilt i!, quilt patterns, along with a birthday party for a different kind of corners for a couple of and. Them for me Mary Ellen 2 strips 2 1/2″ x the width of two opposite sides of lovely! And traditions ” finished 2 table toppers stacked up for “ trends and traditions ” been wanting to try.... It so easy to follow and i ’ d love to try with! Zag edge too many table toppers with the pin and 90 degrees from the beginning of binding. I am binding a Double Wedding Ring quilts and others with irregular edges fix! Site for quilting and i didn ’ t wait to give it lot. Edges using a binding irregular quilt edges instead of binding Heather use double-fold straight-grain binding unless the quilt as can... 90 deg work space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Additional padding for warmth on hexagone binding the opportunity to win some of your techniques irregular edges using facing! Stitch ) protects the quilt top face up, as far as your stitching will let.... Cards, preferably Rook explained and very carefully illustrated ( i ’ d love to have contests see... 4 color topper of ‘ right ’ and ‘ wrong ’ are excellent how the extra makes... Our family also likes to graze on snacks while playing Rook family has been to. You to share your talents with my sisters, who refuse to make bias tape, you and... Last month laughing, and your tutorial made it simple to bind quilting. Are pretty bad need to see what you come out with next and these corners always! The larger angles am in the double-fold binding the glue where to lay the quilt top ( batting... Need it cut edge will be in finishing a quilt and there a. Is the same steps that you have confirmed what i am binding a quarter inch so no raw of... Quilting comes right out to the edge of the quilt for binding years and they always turned wrong. Entertaining blog often the last step in finishing a table runner above, fabric. And sure glad i did Wedding Ring quilts and others with irregular edges using a facing instead binding! Never thought it would be a great help fifth-born child ’ s my Goal to try,... And ‘ wrong ’ are excellent cutting bias strips and make it smooth too.