1 synopsis digital marketing name : rakesh kumar raushan roll no. This document contains the Client Questionnaire to facilitate the Digital Marketing Solution for your business/project. The way you phrase each of these questions should definitely vary depending on the person you’re speaking with and the industry they’re in. 9. In push digital marketing the … According to Garder‘s survey … This question is another highly specific inquiry aimed at judging the complexity of the project at hand. Hopefully this marketing client questionnaire helps you on your next sales call! The project … This form collects your name, website, email and phone number so that we can add you to our newsletter list for awesome project updates. Do you have any special offers for new customers? A digital marketing questionnaire is a set of questions which are written and asked from different individuals or companies so as to get a result or common perspective of people on digital marketing … The application of digital marketing strategies to increase profits of the organization 2 It is obvious that small involvement in the social media marketing, by hav-ing a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, does not guarantee a digital marketing success. I’ve compiled a list of 14 pre-templated questions that can, and should, be used on any sales call. Check out our privacy policy for the full story on how we protect and manage your submitted data! This question immediately tells you the price sensitivity of your prospect and their expectations. How many years have you been doing this for? The main thing to look out for in their response is any emotionally charged statements about the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts or the companies they hired. © 2021 Ardent Creative | Web Design Dallas Fort Worth | SEO | Video | Graphic Design All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy. The more you know about their sales process the more you can work to find innovative ways to integrate their internet marketing with the sales side of their business. Please try to give accurate, thoughtful, detailed replies to the questions given below. On average, how many new customers is your team getting per month? Although it is likely you pushed for the call, this question subtly infers the prospect was the one who wanted to jump on call; framing you as the buyer in the relationship. What got you into this business? A broad question like this gets you some high level information while not setting off any walls of resistance in the individual.