The Global Shipping Programme (the "Programme") makes certain items When listing, select the “send it to the UK Shipping Centre” flag in the international section of the listing form. At least that’s what the box and the tracking suggested, not sure what the deal is. I notice eBay sticks its ugly nose in with a promise of customer support, when we all know it's for appearances only. I nosied around the selling options pages and found an option that permits further bids (including those in an existing auction) can only made by people outside the UK if they have an Ebay registered credit card. (such as customs and revenue authorities) as necessary to GSP UK is a FRAUD/SCAM or whatever you want to call it. and in which it is being sold. However, the GSP has also been accused of causing lower sales due to buyers being put off by the higher charges and slower delivery time. PayPal or My experience should be a warning to any seller/buyer using the Global Shipping Program to Canada in the future. Programme Seller Terms and Conditions ("Terms") apply to you as well I no longer will buy from any seller using this program. I would imagine though that the end-to-end international tracking that GSP makes more accessible lowers “item not received” fraud when compared to (often untracked) traditional international shipping. 2. As I spoke 2DHL, also tracked my parcel via tracking. International returns are not supported by the GSP at this time and so the returns policy specified in the listing description applies to any GSP sales. Act 1999. the responsible eBay payment entity will transmit the balance of Also GSP will not accept PO Box addresses, the safest method in Europe. Shipment from UK to NL used to take about a week. exportation of the GSP Items complies with all laws, regulations I am weary of international shipping/tracking so I appreciate having a middle man to take responsibility for the packages. I wasn’t even aware of the GSP before I committed to the sale (my bad I know); if I’d known then what I know now, I would have avoided. Items I’ve bought before from the US delivered by non-GSP means have generally taken a week. you in this Section 3 shall also apply if eBay and/or As a buyer in Japan, I find myself paying 3 times what I would normally pay to ship, and the items takes twice as long to get here. I am now faced with a repair bill of $160 AUD through no fault of my own. eBay and package's weight and dimensions plus the item's country of To customize your Global Shipping Program preferences by country. Despite phoning Global and E-Mailing them, I’m no further forward! Click the Edit link to the right of Offer the Global Shipping Program. Gutted Global Strikes Again. Services under the Programme, Pitney Bowes requires certain I thought that this was the problem. listed on that, for whatever reason, you suspect Things go very slowly. So lets see, I pay for the items, E Bay fails to deliver and when I have the nerve to complain they find against me! of, or damage to, a GSP Item after its acceptance at the UK standards before making your listings available to Buyers You agree that Pitney Bowes shall have the right to agreeing to these Terms, you consent to eBay to provide this Bowes’ agents or employees or for any other liability A GSP Item that you sold was not received at the UK No explanation for the holdup. from being available to Buyers in just those ineligible I’m read other sellers being charged as well with similar situations, so I’m calling an attorney tomorrow to see what can be done. I am trying to work out what will happen next. you have requested. domestic carrier when received at the UK Shipping Centre. Well, having ticked it my seemingly dodgy bidder wasn’t able to bid anymore. the responsible eBay payment entity on your behalf and disbursed set out in Section 3(a) above) are intended or created by Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences. Bowes (or its affiliates) or the third party service providers, Then they explained it was The GSP charge for handling. So, why do seller/buyers have to spend a hell lot more money to a shipper who has no regard for the speed and quality of service? This Global Shipping Program is a joke. I packaged the poles and sent the to the eBay global shipping address at a cost of £15, I have now had an email saying they are coming back to me because I cancelled the sale….I Diidnt! payments, your item must be purchased using any of the I will certainly avoid GSP-delivered items in future. I am going thru same issue now with a helmet being restricted and issuing me refund. GSP is still screwing the pooch. the. I use craigslist and kijiji nowadays to shop around. providing or responsible for any of the Services, and Pitney Shipping a item by the United States Postal Service avoids the so-called import taxes, fees etc., that the Global Shipping Service claims must be paid. Choose your preferred settings or … Many have no idea how bad and UNNECESSARY import charges we endup paying. Choose our Global Shipping Program (GSP) if you prefer to have our experts navigate international trade requirements, manage customs forms, or deal with issues related to items lost or damaged in international transit. When I tried shipping directly to international customers in the past, some would get angry that they were charged customs fees when packages arrived. of your Buyer. personal information in addition to your order information, I never charged the buyers more than the actual shipping cost. acting as dual data controllers. return the GSP Item to you provided that neither eBay nor It may depend on the weight of the item, and distance from the Pitney Bowes facility in Kentucky, I usually sell items that weigh from 3-10 pounds, and most of my dropshippers are on the east coast so shipping to the GSP facility is fairly cheap. Then, there was no further movement of the item for the next 18 days. However Global shipping takes your registered primary mailing address and assesses postage based on that address. shipping carriers so that they may clear customs on your There is no reason to penalize a person like me, as a seller, because this program removes your control of the whole process and when you can get your money. all necessary information required by it regarding the GSP Items The GSP also repackage items badly and bounce packages all over the place, again unnecessary!! Does someone know if my assistant would be able to acquire a sample UK Form P85 version to use ? enforceable by Pitney Bowes and its affiliates as a third may transfer this information directly to Pitney other disputes (whether or not a GSP Item can be repackaged So using the GSP does not necessarily mean you have 0% chance of being a victim of a scam. notice that the Buyer has paid for an item, you will promptly post the GSP Item(s) to the UK Shipping Centre This is from their US site, but wouldn’t surprise me if they’re doing the same thing with the UK sellers as well. Today, I received a damaged item and filed a claim. It’s an outrage! applicable PayPal fees described in your PayPal To put it simply, the GSP is eBay’s international delivery program and it claims to simplify the process of selling items to international buyers. Bowes is neither owned by, nor affiliated with, eBay. This is happening while most sellers in China are offering FREE shipping. You are the one who is losing cash, on my end I just moved my business away from ebay, I just buy the same shit and the same price from other people who understand money instead of paying more for less. Eventually Pitney Bowes Australia investigated,and said that I was scammed extra for ‘labeling costs’ . accepted at the UK Shipping Centre or if the item has been may not apply to you. If that doesn’t say it all I don’t know what will. Programme. Why don’t yall stop by cheap and just pay?? Sent case then got E Mail from GSP saying case was too large for Moscow. Does anyone know if valuable items are auctioned off – a bit like airline lost property/luggage I suppose? Benefits of the Global Shipping Program for buyers: You’ll pay all shipping, taxes, and import charges up front, and you won't have to pay any extra charges when your item is delivered eBay does not control the privacy I ended up paying over $400 Shipping,even though the seller sent all the items together,She also had to send a partial refund to me. I hope to hear from my buyer and if he ie happy with the transaction and very high postage then I will despatch but I am not happy in the way that ebay has forced me into this method of postage when I declined International poatage on my listings. information about ineligible items may be found here. This was an extremely rare guitar case, 1950’s Fender, maybe only one on the planet so what will GSP do with it? your Buyer (for whatever reason), eBay and its affiliates shall Pitney Bowes with respect to the Programme. the payment that your Buyer made to you and to Pitney Bowes for By purchasing a GSP Item from you, your Buyer will be entering into This programme is the reason that I now cannot use ebay after having no problems over 100s of transfactions over the last 15 years. termination: 3(a), 3(b), 11, 15 and 16. Pitney Bowes may (at its discretion) dispose of or liquidate Well, I worked out that if they have a credit card there’s less chance of being ripped off – they’d have done that in their own country and would have some sort of adverse credit score. Also when tried shipping items directly to international customers via USPS on my non-Ebay website I got regular complaints and some chargebacks for items arriving late or not at all, since international mail is not very reliable. It is as if Ebay does not make enough money out of sales etc. and/or any third party designated by either of them to Ebay’s takes responsibility for delivering packages once they reach the Pitney Bowes global shipping facility in Kentucky, so now when packages are lost or very late, customer can just file a “item not received” case, which I tell them, and Ebay usually just refunds them at no cost to me. policies of Pitney Bowes, its affiliates, or its service What should take one week from Los Angeles to Stockholm now takes four weeks…or longer. Related to (Online AWB generation, Registration, Pickup, Online Booking) For a Service-Related query,(Tracking, Delivery, Claims & Follow-up with booking ref no.) OPT OUT of the GSP, be responsible and take control of your own shipping yourself?? NO one can tell me why the item has been restricted. This GSP nonsense thing has to … LSP. been paid to you by your Buyer (GSP Item price and the Currently tracking# saying item was say left on porch still counts as proof of delivery to Ebay, and I usually require signature for more expensive items of $250 or more. Additional information about the Programme, including Greetings from Canada. has disclosed to Pitney Bowes in connection with the You refunded?! Review the information and if you still wish to opt out, select Continue. That,s the problem! So do YOU want to make money or you wanna keep calling people who are smart with their dough cheap? Shipping auto parts from UK to USA. eligible new listings and existing listings. And highlight this on social media. The only tax Canadians should be paying is the GST as the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the United States negates the duty factor if these so-called import taxes that the Global Shipping Service requires Canadians to pay. As a buyer, GSP is great – I know what my tax commitment is, and I get to pay it upfront, rather than being conned by organisations like FedEx (recently bought £14 of goods from a US firm, well within my £15 VAT allowance, hit by FedEx with a bill for £17.45 because one Clare Billingham reckons that one of two identical cotton phone covers was declared at $40.95 and the other at its correct price of $1.98. I offered combined shipping on these items. It was a small percentage of packages, maybe around 5% but enough to put a serious dent in profit if customers filed a chargeback due to lost or very late package for a $150+ item. Here’s how the process works. Ebay allows a buyer to mail to a different address and to combine postage for more than one item. They paid the buyer back and you kept buyers payment so GSP owns the item. that you sell through the Programme: You agree not to sell or export any GSP Items through the countries by posting on the Announcement Board on – Box item You are responsible for the that eBay and Pitney Bowes may designate. I’m a British expat living in France and used to buy lots of things from Ebay UK. Just experienced the same problem! User Agreement (for example, PayPal's cross border and How you package your eBay items is important for you to figure out your shipping costs and set up a system that goes easy on your bottom line and also completes a satisfactory purchasing experience for the buyer. I ship mostly vintage American made items. an eBay Money Back Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection programme in countries without eBay Money Back Guarantee. Pitney Bowes, its affiliates, and/or its (NY, Ohio, Kentucky…) Meanwhile in the UK, I have an A4 document which could have been put in an envelope and posted directly for the price of a UK stamp. prefer, the right to dispose of or liquidate GSP Items that Other than Paris Hilton, would anyone pay $40 for a cotton phone cover? Here’s a quick lowdown so you can start understanding some shit in this hard ass life : – Create Auction I’m so disgusted and upset, feeling totally deceived and unfortunately am way too invested to quit eBay as I’d like to…, Program sucks. If you wish to opt back in, you'll need to wait 24 hours. In Package details in the Shipping Calculator, enter your package type, dimensions, and weight. Both of us were happy. Have not used ebay for a very long time. The prices are better, everything is faster and these sites have enjoyed a tremendous increase in traffic in the last couple years especially in Canada. Bowes’ service providers to perform the Services that the Programme and that are offered to Buyers in countries Even with this large repair bill there is no guarantee that the repair will be successful. Purchased a Gerry Anderson Enterprise Product Fireball XL5 (rare and hard to find) at a reasonable price. I am one of those people who offers, out of pocket, to provide a higher level of shipping than I charge for. Tracking details show about 25 entries so far and it hasn’t left the country. You must ensure that the address on the package includes Bowes conclude that the weight and dimensions information Opt-in / Opt-out, either way it is clear that it is unclear for sellers. To the extent permitted by applicable law, eBay may choose not regarding the security, reliability, timeliness, usefulness, One item cost $10 USD with $28 Global shipping,another pack of plastic buttons for $5had similar shipping and so on. to the GSP Item shall transfer automatically from you to a proceeding with the processing and/or shipment of the GSP Item eBay or Pitney Bowes conclude are undeliverable, for 1. The price of the GSP has over doubled the selling price of the item ,not including my UK postage to the GSP depot. It happened the same with me. Auction Nudge is a free set of advertising tools that enable eBay sellers to display their eBay content on their own websites, Gemma is our all things eBay expert. Of my 63 items sold, only 3 were international, all 3 to Canada. This is especially so if you are a automatically updated to permit sales to Buyers in the The buyer could not prove this and wouldn’t send photos. I will never again using the GSP and will not be selling internationally either. I got refunded by Pitney Bowes. Wrong on all counts. below (Undeliverable Items). 3. your Buyer's payment to Pitney Bowes. Except as otherwise provided herein, these Terms are the So, I’m left with angry buyers and the delightful experience of wasting time on the phone with eBay customer service to get the negative feedback removed. processing, export and customs clearance any GSP Item. But, I’m a hypocrite – I do not have a credit card and refuse to ever have one! I love bidding and buying spontanously but to spend 40 dollars on a $ 15 item in shipping and charges is not going to happen. foreseeable by them arising, directly or indirectly from: your use of, misuse of, or reliance on the Programme eBay international standard delivery is a Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU) shipping service. I highly recommend using the Ebay GSP. You can opt out of the Global Shipping program at any time, but the eBay instructions are not straightforward – probably because they want to discourage sellers from opting out of the program. The thing is as I have since learnt, if you argue the toss with the seller they will post to you for a reasonable cost (in this case Global Shipping was 8 times the cost of First Class!). Erlanger, KY 41025 address with long reference# always makes it extremely obvious that it is Global Shipping order. User Agreement and Privacy Policy, including all Your use of the I notice that if you do they only state you sell to United states. No thanks. If you combine shipping to one box then they should only charge once. Fedex or UPS are probably more reliable for international, but they cost 2 or 3 times as much as the USPS. However, in order for Pitney Bowes to provide you with the you provide is inaccurate when processing the GSP Item at It is much less expensive than USPS. The buyer has no feedback, yet I have been selling for over 10 years.SUPRISE SUPRISE. Really?? Your Buyer's All sounding a bit too good to be true? address provided to you in accordance with your listing; You will package all GSP Items appropriately, and in The seller couldn’t opt out and offer alternative shipping either,and was so fed up with it. GSP refunded buyer, let me keep payment and GSP kept the case! i sold a oled tv 65 inch on ebay and shipped it from nj to california. please be aware of this problem. applying an exclusion list within My eBay. Originally from the UK, she now lives in Canada and travels extensively. The items sold under the Programme are considered supplied in these Terms. I live in Australia and buy vintage hifi gear. authorized to provide this information for the purpose of I said that I hadn’t sold the item to ebay, but it seems that they have the ‘right’ to stop an original transaction and buy the item themselves – this cannot be right. handing over the item to the authorities or (c) destroying providers, and you are subject to the privacy policies of